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what did you say?
Your mobile phone eight-core processor? 6G running memory? 256G storage? One and a half hours full of electricity?
Very great?
Our mobile phone 16-core processor, 12G running memory, 1T storage, can be fully charged in just 10 minutes!
what did you say?
Your charging treasure 30,000 mAh capacity? Two-way fast charge?
Sorry, our charging treasure has a capacity of 100,000 mAh. As for the two-way fast charging technology… Our 10,000 mAh mobile phone can be fully charged in just ten minutes. Can you tell me two-way fast charging technology?
what did you say? Our products are defective?
Come here! Come over and try, let you see how to kill you in minutes!
Super electronics, super cars, super buildings…
Since Lin Yun acquired the universe trading system, various industries began to get a strong impact…
Money is just a trail, and force is fundamental!
You said that Lin Yun’s goal is to dominate the earth?
Do not! Do not! Do not! You are wrong, his goal is the sea of stars

- Description from uukanshu (translated)


Short Title:CTS
Original Title:宇宙交易系统
Author:Pour the World
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#504
Monthly Rank:#501
All Time Rank:#369
Tags:Male Protagonist, System Administrator,

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  1. please translate it carefully because its hard to understand the story if you just copy and paste it in google.!!

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