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"Please close the door of the meeting room ...", Du Lin lowered his head and looked at the documents on the table, and gave a command. The guard standing by the door closed the door slowly, and no longer accepted the latecomers.


Meetings do not need to be closed, not many people will pay attention to these issues, whether they are closed or not, for these people.


But today, Doolin asked to close the door. Some people suddenly felt a little uneasy. The Minister of Finance looked at the Minister of the Interior. The eyes of the two met in the air, they looked back for a while and then closed them.


At this time, Du Lin seemed to have tidy up the file, raised his head, frowned, and thought for ten seconds, and said, "It was not my whim to initiate this temporary meeting. As you can see, this meeting participated The number of people is not the same. The members of the Bureau are even me alone. We cannot even do something by voting ... "


According to the regulations of xīndǎng dǎngzhāng, if there is a need to vote to decide something, then one of the xīndǎng leader or the chairman of the xīndǎng committee must be present and the number of officers must be more than three.


The other attendees should have more than half of the people qualified for the dinner, and any content that requires voting requires the consent of at least two members of the bureau and the support of two-thirds of the attendees before it can pass.


The seemingly simple requirements are actually quite complicated. Of course, it is not mentioned here. Today ’s meeting is only attended by Du Lin alone. Naturally, it is impossible to initiate any vote to pass some things. This is also disturbing in some people ’s hearts, but also The reason to come.


Even if Du Lin wants to deal with them, it is impossible to do anything to them today. If Du Lin wants to use some problems to embarrass them, it is just embarrassment, and it is far from threatening.


If these people cannot be dismissed, even if Du Lin is terrible, it will not be fatal to them at present.


People were watching Du Lin, and the meeting scene was silent. Du Lin continued, "But I have to ask some questions to let everyone know what happened in the past period, and now and even later, there will be what happened."


He looked around, and there was no resistance wherever he looked. He slightly nodded and said, "In the past period of time, the infiltration and attack of foreign parties on us has caused us to be in a very difficult process. A lot of People have abandoned their original ideals and pursuits and left us. They not only left on their own, but also deeply hurt us. "


"During the departure of these people, the party's order and discipline were severely disrupted. People did not have their minds on their jobs. They were always observing others and observing themselves."


"Even now, there are similar things going on, some people are not interested in their own work, and some people have forgotten to abide by our rules and regulations ..."


This sentence caused some turmoil in the ladder conference hall. Even if some people did not like Du Lin, he had to admit that he was right.


After the awe is destroyed, people become reckless. In the past, people were loyal to their posts and their jobs. They would meticulously complete the tasks assigned to them by their superiors, which would give a serious and orderly working atmosphere.


At present, this atmosphere is neither serious nor orderly. The loose and absent-minded working attitude keeps the speed of the work process in the party at an all-time low, which will affect others.


Although the new leadership class has replaced new members to improve the cohesion of xīndǎng, these problems still exist.


Du Lin gave several examples to illustrate these problems. He also took out a document and enlarged it to the screen behind him. It was a piece of paper that recorded part of the xīndǎng third quarter work summary report.


The above are some descriptive text and some data, but Du Lin separated from these things, and picked out some content and took it out separately. "... Compared to the files I looked through before, we can clearly see that the circled These contents have serious errors and omissions, both in terms of data and descriptions, which are deviated from the actual contents ... "


"We are a political party. We are not a company on the streets of Cheryls. They need to use fake content and data to defraud ordinary shareholders' money, but we don't need it."


"We need more real and more accurate descriptions and data to tell ourselves and the ordinary people outside who want to know something, this empire is moving towards a more brilliant direction, and our xīndǎng is also quickly recovering."


"But these things that are full of errors and uncertainty are ruining them. I don't know what people outside will think when they see them. The specific players may not need to bear any pressure on public opinion for this, but I want to, the Bureau ’s Members want. "


"Mìshūcháng, please stand up and tell me why this happens?"


Most of the people in the ladder conference room focused on the fourth person in the first row. This gentleman is the mìshūcháng of the secretariat of the xīndǎng committee. His terms of reference are similar to those of the executive party of the old party, but there are some differences.


The work of the secretariat is a structure that accepts the leadership of the bureau and performs daily work in accordance with the requirements and opinions of the bureau. If the executive department is a complete person, the secretariat of the commission is responsible for more specific work. Solve some specific issues and feedback the results to the Bureau members.


According to normal circumstances, this department should not have too many problems. After all, there are still people staring at them, and some people are staring at them, but this is the world. As long as there are people, they will definitely make mistakes.


Changes and changes in the power hierarchy also affected the work of the Secretariat early. Some people have a good relationship with Ordega, some have a good relationship with Bowers, some have a good relationship with other leaders, and some have a good relationship with the Emperor Party. The Labour Party has good relations.


Now that the leadership positions related to them have changed, some of them will focus on coping, not work. It may even be that these errors are intentional, just to make Du Lin's face unsightly.


There are too many people who want to lose face in this empire. As long as there are enough interests and proper arrangements for the back road, what else is this species that humans dare not do?


Du Lin did not hesitate to point out that the Secretariat ’s problematic behavior relieved the Minister of Finance. He understood it after thinking about it. The Secretariat is like the arm of the Presidium. It is to hold the Secretariat.


Only when the entire Secretariat is under the control of Du Lin, he can truly obtain a large part of the power.


Power is really not that simple. Regardless of whether it is the leader or the chairman, their control of the party's subordinate institutions and organizations is basically through the secretariat.


The Secretariat is such a very crucial point. In order to avoid making others feel that they are overstepping their powers, everyone in the Bureau is cultivating mountaintopism. Even if it is just a phone call, they will choose to do it through the Secretariat.


Once such a crucial position is controlled by Dulin, his weight and power within the party will further expand terribly.


Mìshūcháng stood up with a very ugly face. He looked at Du Lin, one looked up, the other looked down. After looking at each other for a few seconds, he lowered his head, admitting to people's surprise.


"Mr. Durin ..."


As soon as he raised his head, he was interrupted by Du Lin's voice, "In a formal occasion, please call my Excellency the Vice-Chairman."


mìshūcháng sighed, "Yes, Your Excellency, the problem you pointed out is indeed a neglect of my work. I acknowledge that I made some mistakes in my work. I need to review my paragraph with the Bureau and members of the General Assembly. The practice of time, I should not bring too much personal emotion into my work, so that ... "


A series of reviews made everyone have different thoughts. Of course, as the most important department chief, Mr. Mìshūcháng's review seems to have been reviewing his own faults, but by carefully discerning his taste, his faults are not so serious.


This is a technique of avoidance. If you avoid it, you will find something that is not painful and itching. Du Lin has face and he has steps.


Du Lin nodded with satisfaction. He raised his hand to press mìshūcháng to sit down. Some things were too late. He knew this reason, but this did not prevent him from using this opportunity to continue to expand his influence. "I'm not trying to target anyone, but I want to use it to tell everyone that attitude is important to our business and our work."


"I don't care how the other chairmen managed the party work before that, but starting with me, I no longer accept people who don't follow the rules and can spend one day after another."


"Here we need fighters who are serious about our cause. We will unite and win battle after battle!"


The neat but not too warm applause is like those who spend money to help poor girls. The loving philanthropist smoked cigarettes afterwards and asked "Cool?" Those girls who received some assistance but were far from enough responded politely. Everyone knows clearly that "Shuang" is obviously not very pleasant.


It is impossible for people to think that Du Lin is doing the right thing. Just think that Du Lin cannot think that everyone likes himself.


In the following period, Du Lin talked about some problems in the current disciplinary work and work order. There is not much gimmicky content. Many are dry goods. It may sound boring, but he does n’t There is no nonsense.


Seeing that the time was approaching eleven, everyone felt that Du Lin had already finished what he had to say, and he was also thinking about the purpose of Du Lin's meeting and whether there would need to be some changes in his attitude towards him. Shut up his mouth.


The sudden silence made the staircase conference room quiet again, and people looked at Du Lin with no words, and Du Lin stared at the Minister of Finance tightly.


The sharp eyes made the latter feel a little uneasy. He kept hiding the uneasiness and tension in his heart through some small movements, but the more he did, the more he felt afraid.


After a minute of calm, Du Lin picked up a piece of material on the table and raised it. "Just this morning, someone sent me a piece of material, which involved some special reports ...", He said looking to the Minister of the Interior. "It said that the same materials had been sent to the Ministry of the Interior eleven days ago. The Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, please tell me and all the participants. You have received such a copy. Report material? "


The Minister of the Interior glanced for a moment and glanced at the Finance Minister who was already sweating, and suddenly felt that his hairline was hot.


How should he answer?


After receiving the answer, Du Lin will definitely not let him go. He will definitely ask him how he handled it. As a result, even if he has a very core process that has not been processed, that is, he did not inform Du Lin about this. !!


As the vice chairman of the xīndǎng committee in charge of internal affairs, Du Lin is in charge of the party affairs and chair of the xīndǎng committee of the party, with the help of the secretariat to chair the daily work in xīndǎng.


Of course, this also includes some problems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the requirements of the rules and regulations, once the Ministry of Internal Affairs receives a report from the design department, it must notify the Presidium of the Bureau as soon as possible.


After all, any political group, even an ordinary group, involves high-level issues that are very sensitive and dangerous. It must be reported to the higher levels. This is also to ensure resoluteness and the fairness of the next disposal method.


However, the Minister of the Interior did not report the incident to Du Lin. He concealed it. UU Reading asked the Minister of Finance to spend so much time to smooth out the prosecution issues and then thought about passing. Odgar, the easier-talking old gentleman, came through the crisis.


If the answer is not received ... this is also a trap. What if the informant is not only a member of the xīndǎng organization, but also qualified to participate in today's meeting?


Suddenly Du Lin's questioning made his hair grow up. He realized that ... the recent series of actions may not be to deal with the Minister of Finance, but against himself.


After a period of silence, he licked his slightly dry lips. "Yes, Your Excellency, I have received such a report, but according to my personal judgment, the above is not detailed, Moreover, the reporter did not report it in real name. I think it is more likely to be framed and planted, and it will not be dealt with. "


This answer was a coincidence. I received it, but I suspected it was deceiving. As if he hadn't seen it, Du Lin had to like his wit.


He put his hand down on the file, nodded indifferently, and asked with a smile, "So after you came into contact with this report, did you include the relevant report ...", he glanced at the sweating finances Minister, "What about the Minister of Finance?" 23

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