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Novel Summary

Luo Wei traveled to the world of One Piece and obtained a villain organization system.

As long as he organizes people to establish corresponding villain organizations, he can obtain the abilities and technologies possessed by the members of these organizations.

These organizations include but are not limited to Umbrella, Hydra, Bigfoot, Spectre, Red Ribbon Corps, Winery, Continental Hotel, Syndicate, Phantom Troupe, Kira Star Cross, Assassin League, Hellfire Club , Cobra Organization, Death Eaters, Holy Trinity, Hand, A.I.M., Dark Order, Illuminati, Court of Owls, Evil Six, CIPHER POL, Wayland Corporation, International Genetic Technologies, RDA, Cyberda Systems, OCP, Tyrell Company, Rogue Gang, Liang Shanbo, Salvation Army, Lunatic Cult, Burning Legion, Gourmet Club, Hunter, Templar, Sound Nest, World Society…

Then Rowe found himself severely understaffed and unable to build a large organization.

After some contemplation, he decided to set up a smaller organization, just a few people.

He had already thought of the name, and it was called… Injustice.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:CMFP
Alternate Title:从海贼开始征服多元宇宙
Weekly Rank:#759
Monthly Rank:#751
All Time Rank:#4483
Tags:Based on a TV Show, Conditional Power, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Movies, One Piece, Overpowered Protagonist, Sudden Strength Gain, System, Transmigration,
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24 Comments on “Conquering the Multiverse From Pirates
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  1. MC recruiting people be like: " Hey, I know you are a princess and your country is against our big boss shichibukai.Anyway, wanna join my brand new secret organization? We will help your country free. We may require some money,food and other items from you when I feel like it. Btw, we are conquering the world so we will be against celestial dragons too.so be prepared too. smiley face." Fkin retard author.

  2. Author start bullshiting mode since chapter 1. He dont even know the organizational structure of baroque works. The numbered codes and day codes are only accquired by being atleast frontier angents. Other billions and millions used their name/code name plainly like Akumai, mr mellow, mr. Love , miss catherina, mr.beans ,mr.shimizu (noticed how there is no numbered code or day code.) There is no ridiculous name like mr.1500 or there is no way vivi got a day codename before she become frontier agent. And the way MC persuade people to join him is unbelievable. Overall very ridiculous interaction and people just act out of place.

  3. moreeeee!!! this ff is good if you want to waste time but some people are too greedy for BEST ff. The MC is op but he uses his brain to do things systematically to conquer the world. Well this is how I explain this as for you who will read its up to your own risk.

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