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Conan’s Toast Does Not Eat Fine Wine

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#If Zhu Fujingguang is not dead#

Organization: Scotland, we have a very important plan for you to complete! You have to remember to hide from those colleagues in the organization, such as gin, rye, bourbon, etc.

Public Security: Jing Guang, you did a good job undercover, keep lurking! What, over there Jiang Gu Ling? Oh, he had better not know such a dangerous task.

Jiang Gu Ling (Bourbon):? ? ?


The book is also known as “My vest changed after a shot” and “The only real wine produced by the winery, he has gone bad.”

Two chapters a day, the current rules are added: the total daily reward is 10,000, and the daily limit is one chapter

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Short Title:CT
Alternate Title:柯南之敬酒不吃吃罚酒
Author:Yan Zichen
Weekly Rank:#5700
Monthly Rank:#5112
All Time Rank:#4280
Tags:Cunning Protagonist, Detective, Evil Organizations, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Mystery, Organized Crime, Police, Smart MC,
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  1. Is the mc transmigrated to conan world? There’s no explanation for mc in the first chapter. Kind of confusing. Do anyone know?

  2. Kira8686 the main character of this story is traverser whose reborn as Hiromitsu Morofushi. In original timeline Hiromitsu Morofushi become undercover (fake wine) in black organization (winery) codenamed Scotch, he partnered along with shuichi akai (rye) whose at the same time also infiltrating winery. Unfortunately scotch end up suicide in front of rye due to misunderstanding, and this incindent made his fellow comrade furuya rei (bourbon) hate akai. Well in this story the traverser who knows conan very well end up reborn as scotch 29 years before the plot, with the advantange of holding the knowledge about future he succesfully got the trust of the Big Boss and ordered to falsify his death and change his identity codenamed Mezcal become the deepest nail and the greatest hove destroying winery. In the first chapter we got to know that our MC succesfully become the third most trusted member by the Big boss only below Rum, indicated by the fact that even gin has no power to order mezcal, cause the MC only work under direct order and only obey the word from Big boss. In later chapter is shown that he actually try to change certain fate (plot/storyline) yet failed, including avoid entering police academy or save his other friend in his group that is matsuda jinpei, wataru date, and Kenji hagiwara. Based of his experience there is world will that prevent him to succesfully change certain event or tell certain information (such as telling that akemi Miyano still alive saved by him, or failed to stop matsuda jinpei death by bomb), yet at the same time he succesfully save few victim or change the ending from Conan series of murder case (seiji aso from moonshadow island,or ai Haibara sister akemi miyano) so it speculated that he need to physically attend to prevent murder or to change certain ending yet the more event he changed the more likely the plot changed and even become unrecognizeable. So the book mainly told the MC struggle to destroy organization, maintain his undercover identity, and coping with change of plot brought by his own existence.

  3. Bos.. novel yang tentang live streaming .. mc pulang ke desa mulai jadi jangkar.. terus mc tiba-tiba punya peliharaan ular putih .. ya ular putih bisa cari ginseng.. apa namanya ya bos

  4. lot ppl like it wow is good ? sometimes i wonder why Conan never thinking when he go to school someone die when he go to toilet someone die when he go to park someone die when he go bed someone die when he go to police someone die when he go to mountain someone die when he go to sea someone die why he not go to prison ? he kill lot ppl if he stay home and become hikikomori everybody will be save in his world

  5. I like to look at it in reverse causality, there is going to be a murder, coincidently conan friend invited him on holiday there. Rather than conan is visiting somewhere death is coming.

  6. They may be protected but think about how sad the 3 kids with conan are ever since they associated with conan for the past 20 years they’re still the same age, can’t celebrate they’re birthday because they can’t grow up and by now they should’ve been married or something. ( totally didn’t see this from the next door fanfic gintama)

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