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The real criminal world is not as simple as in the anime at all, blood and darkness are mixed with the ultimate evil in the world.

Detective Conan, a famously modified version of the devil, is a terrifying world where tricks are rampant. Kogoro is carrying the system and is about to be the strongest detective in the world.

What I’ve been looking for is the truth. Of course, money and beauty are also indispensable.

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Short Title:CMK
Alternate Title:柯南之毛利小五郎
Author:passing stream
Weekly Rank:#56
Monthly Rank:#636
All Time Rank:#7194
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Detectives, Harem, Male Protagonist, Police,
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15 Comments on “Conan’s Mouri Kogoro
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  1. Gue udah baca novel ini sampai 600,yang penting semua wanita cantik di Conan die jadikan wanita nya anak saja dia ewe cuma bertahan 5 menit anjirrr,loli legal juga dia ewe..kuat itu loli njirr..dan yang paling lucu Conan dia Kase obat supaya gay sama sy lupa nama nya penting dia detektif dari SMA..jadi mereka main pantat"anying ya bonkar lobang pantat😂😂😂yah kekuatan MC sy baca sampai cp600 karate masi kekuatan fana..dengan robot yang di Marvel yang kuantum itu yg bisa jadi kecil..sampai 600 kekayan MC udah lampau negara..👍👍

  2. Dan untuk memecahkan kasus MC nya punya ingatan baik di adalah fanatik conan jadi semua kasus yg terjadi di Conan dia tau dan ada sistem detektif terkuat jadi kada dia sudah tau pelakunya..

  3. There is no good reasoning for any cases. In first case, he straight up blackmail the idol to have s*x with him in toilet, for 40 minutes, while there are people around investigating. There isnt any resemblence of reasoning, iq or even common sense in this book. MC or rather Author think with his d*ck. Yes, characters are heavily OOC.

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