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The magical girl who made the wish of “destruction of this world” came to Ke Xue’s world, and Kewpie became a little Kewpie.

Being chased by someone holding a knife at the beginning, Shuangyue fell silent.
In a world without witches, how would she purify her soul gem?

Originally, he just wanted to be a good and hard-working employee in the winery, but the old man always liked the whole brainwashing operation. Suppressed by the world consciousness, for her own pure land, Shuangyue decided to go to his red square and black square, she would smash the dog world consciousness.

The protagonist is not a good person (highlighted), the three views have been distorted in the magic circle world, not a red square.

Little Cupid: You are my magical girl, and I am your Cupid.
Rescuing Matsuda Cat and Jingguang Cat, the protagonists directly built a gray empire for Jin Jiu and Sister Bei.
Hagihara and the squad leader are still dead, because the protagonist was not there at the time.
Do not dismantle the original cp, bring your own cp (but there is no obvious emotional line).

Content Label: Teen Conan
Search keywords: Protagonist: Frost Moon Saya ┃ Supporting roles: Gin, Zhufu Jingguang, Matsuda Jinping, Edogawa Conan, Maorilan, Kayao (Shirazawa Nozomi), Little Cupid (Ruby) ┃Others:

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Short Title:KMG
Alternate Title:柯学の魔法少女
Weekly Rank:#8585
Monthly Rank:#7813
All Time Rank:#9124
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Apathetic Protagonist, Celebrities, Dark, Detective Conan, Detectives, Female Protagonist, magical girls, Overpowered Protagonist, Police, Secret Organization, Transmigration,
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  1. So, the MC (Shimodzuki Saya) is a traverser from Madomagi world, to Conan world with 1 QB (this is the only QB and there is no other one). There is no witch here so her soul gem has no replenishment and she has to do some mission from QB in order to get grief seeds. MC's identity is a child that been nurtured and the heir of the black organization. She went to middle school and is the classmate with Shinichi, Sonoko, and Ran.

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