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Comprehensive Manga: The Wandering Ninja World Started From Questioning Payne

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This book is also known as: “The Wandering Ninja World Begins From Answering Questions”, “Escape: When All Naruto Comes to Pirates”, “Me! Naruto! Six Hokage! The sixth emperor of the sea! “, “Comprehensive Comics: Unlimited World Games”, “Comprehensive Comics: Why Is Jia Yi Still Not Dead?” 》

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The supporting actor Jia Yi came to the Ninja world with the examination system, and pulled Xiao to organize everyone into the examination space to answer the questions. After a few rounds of answering, Jia Yi was horrified to find that the Ninja world had changed.

Because of the exam, Xiao organization is determined to rob the child and forms a group to brush Konoha.

Because of the exam, Vortex Nagato, together with Madara Uchiha, vowed to plant the red flag in every corner of the ninja world.

But no one in the ninja world thought that because of the exam, the Otsutsugi family merged all the eyes of reincarnation, triggering the taboo that would destroy the world.

The destruction of the ninja world was imminent. In order to find a way to survive, Jia Yi broke through the world wall and boarded the ship of the world, ready to escape to another world, but was discovered by ninjas in the ninja world by accident.

Helpless, he had to take the entire ninja world to escape, looking for a way to kill the taboo.

The first stop in the wandering ninja world – One Piece.

When the huge world ship came to the world of pirates, it happened to meet in the starry sky and escaped Aini Road on the golden ship.

Looking at the weird-looking Anilu, Nagato narrowed his eyes slightly: “You just said… you are also a god?”

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Alternate Title:综漫:从质问佩恩开始的流浪忍界
Author:my girlfriend is so cute
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Tags:Adultery, comedy, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Female Protagonist, Live broadcast, Male Protagonist, Male to Female, Naruto, Nationalism, One Piece, Question & Answer, System,
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  1. Way too disappointed. Mc is basically background character while the actual main character is naruto. Too disappointed. Although the nationalism isn't directly potrayed and only mentioned, it is already good. But the fact the Mc didn't appear much and also the fact that naruto became the actual MC, I am completely disappointed with the fanfic.

  2. I dont know whats up with this synapsis but here is a link to the translation. *** https://www.webnovel.com/book/shinobi-exam-broadcasting-the-future!-%5Bcompleted%5D_20814134505025305

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