Tang Yu's pupils shrank, and she suddenly remembered a figure.

Hellfire also gritted his teeth and yelled, "It must be that bastard! After he fled from our side, he passed by here, and then rescued the master of the demons.

Damn, I suspect that guy may be the identity of the demons and the trump card of the demons! Otherwise, what does he do for the Demons? "

Nalan Jing and others were also puzzled.

They did not understand what hellfire meant, and they did not know who hellfire was referring to.

"It's really that guy."

Tang Yu said, "Except for him, how could it be possible to rescue the demons of the Mozu by any means?"


Hellfire was shocked: "If it is him, then our people are fine, and it is a blessing in misfortune."

"He's a smart man, but not stupid."

Tang Yu said indifferently: "He certainly will not take the initiative to attack my people, because he has been exposed. If he takes an attack on my people, I will desperately go to his troubles and give up the demons.

He wanted to make me and the Demons fight you, how could he treat himself as a target and ask for trouble? "

Hellfire was clear and focused.

"What the **** is going on?"

Nalan Jingxiu frowned and couldn't help asking: "What kind of master has appeared?"

Tang Yu didn't conceal it and told everything before, very detailed.

When they heard this, everyone couldn't help breathing down.

It is another terrific master who appears and hides his head. He has no idea who the other party is or even the other party ’s ability. This is terrible.

You know, Tang Yu hasn't solved the current demons, let alone this strange master?

If the other party gets involved again, things will go in the worst direction.

"Some things are temporarily ignored!"

Tang Yu said in a deep voice: "This guy, since I want to let me and the Demon Supreme Fish kill the net, it means that he is not really sure that he and I can deal with the Demon Supreme.

Therefore, he will not be against us for the time being. Of course, if he can seize the opportunity and let one side take the absolute advantage, he will definitely do it. Therefore, just take precautions and don't worry too much.

But now I worry about another thing. Since this guy is staring at me and the Supreme Supreme, nothing has been hidden from him. Then, he might not be able to save the soul of the Supreme Supreme. This is troublesome after all, so I need someone to detect it. "

"Master, let me do it."

Menghan said seriously: "I will investigate this matter and try to find some clues."

"Okay, be careful."

Tang Yu Shen said, "Don't be too aggressive as much as possible. Of course, to prevent it, I will let a Supreme One follow you."

"Let's both go."

Chu Yan and Chu Mo said in unison: "We are more familiar with these things. The three worlds of the God Realm, the Demon Race and the Underworld, and the outside world, I think we are more familiar than any of you.

If we can't resist it, no matter how many experts there are, it doesn't make any sense. After all, the Master cannot act rashly. As for the supremacy, it will not work. "

"Okay, trouble you guys!"

Tang Yu focused his head.

This matter must be investigated on the spot.

There are risks, but they must be done.

After everything is explained, Tang Yu is leading everyone back to the world.

The girls all went home, but Tang Yu never went back.

This time, Tang Yu had to go back.

Tang Yu hasn't seen her parents for a long time, and Tang Yu misses it too.

Tong Fanjie and Xiaoyun Tianjing are their roots after all, and Tang Yu will not forget them.

Returning again, Tang Yu feels more and more intense, and even makes him have more understanding and feeling.

Tang Yu's parents, who have lived in Xiaoyun Heaven for a long time, occasionally return to the ordinary world.

After all, Xiaoyun Tianjing is easier to cultivate than the ordinary world.

For martial arts masters, wealth is not so important anymore, what matters is strength.

With strength, you have everything.

"Finally, we can come back, too."

Zhuge Shenzhu could not help but smile at this time: "I think that our original soul-giving reincarnation should be in Xiaoyun Heaven, and it should be time for them to return to our body.

After the return to the ontology, the state of mind is complete, and it may make our strength break through again. "

"You all have it, but unfortunately I don't have a soul."

Eastern smiled bitterly, but said helplessly.

Once the absolute leader of Nether Hell, and the first person to inherit the will of the **** of nothingness, the mind of the East is always so meticulous.

"Your heart is stronger than a few brothers. This is the root reason why Master liked you the most."

Ziyao smiled: "Don't worry about this. In the future, your accomplishments are really higher than those of our brothers."

"Well, don't be humble."

Tang Yu Shen said, "I need to know. Has your soul-splitting already become an independent individual? If so, you should not absorb it back."

"I understand what you mean."

Zhuge God counted a slight smile: "As long as they see us, they will restore their memories, our memories will be shared, and their soul power, energy, and blood power will converge on us.

They and we are still alone after all, and have not grown into separate individuals. "

"That's good."

Tang Yu nodded slightly.

In short, Tang Yu quickly took everyone back to Xiaoyun Heaven.

When Tang Yu returned, I don't know where the news came from. The top masters of Xiaoyun Tianjing were dispatched. Millions of masters appeared one after another. Come and see: "I've met Lord King, and welcome the King King back!"

Tang Yu, among all Xiaoyun's masters, is a mythical figure.

At that time, Xiaoyun Tianjing calmed down the four domains and unified the whole world.

Fight against the demons, the world will change color, completely destroy the demons, and protect Xiaoyun's realm from the chaos of the demons.

In the First World War, many masters were known, but only Tang Yu's confidant really saw and participated in the battle.

After so many years, Tang Yu has become a legend.

Of course, everyone knows that this mythical character soared away, went to the top world, and became the only true god!

Now, the other party is back again, and countless people are very excited.

It is their honor to see this God with your own eyes!

"The Eighteen Dragons, have seen the master!"

Just then, a long-lost voice sounded in Tang Yu's ears, which made Tang Yu's heart tremble.

Looking forward, the figure of eighteen pride appeared in front of Tang Yu.

Seeing each other again, Tang Yu's eyes were actually slightly wet!

At that time, in addition to Chen Chong and other six envoys, the closest to Tang Yu was the eighteen dragon generals!

Just looking at the eighteen dragon generals, Tang Yu's heart trembled, revealing incredible.

This group of men is so strong!

That's right, even the current Tang Yu can feel powerful when he sees the other party!

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