Hearing here, Tang Yu's pupils shrank, and his heart was even more horrified.

What does this guy mean?

Does the other party know that they will re-understand the thirty-three days?

how is this possible?

Is this divination?

No, it's impossible!

The so-called divination, after reaching this state, can't see anything at all.

Because this is close to the realm of the creation god, how can you want to pry into the strongest in the world? That will pay a huge price.

But now, how does the other party know?

"Is it because you deliberately stayed on the thirty-third day?"

Tang Yu whispered, and suddenly thought of something.


The expert smiled and looked at Tang Yu unexpectedly: "You are indeed smarter than I thought. Yes, I did it. I just purposely let you know that the thirty-three days of understanding is not enough. Just walk that way again.

I know that if you walk again, you will waste a lot of time. It's a pity that they are so **** that they cannot be expected. I can't help like this, they can't do it, then they are probably abolished. Hey, people are not as good as the sky. Forget it, I'm gone, so please do it for yourself. "

"Don't think!"

Hellfire yelled coldly: "Here, is this where you want to come, you want to go? If you count us here, you want to leave. Where is this good thing in the world?"


The master smiled and looked at Tang Yu: "Are you letting me go or not letting me go?"

"You go."

Tang Yu's gaze shivered: "This time, I took note of this beam, and I also remember it in my heart. After you pray, don't fall into my hands, otherwise ... you will feel good."

"Tang Yu!"

Hellfire was anxious.

If such a dangerous guy is let go, it will be a huge hidden danger.

If it can be done, it is best to wipe it off.

And he and Tang Yu are united together, it is bound to suppress this guy, there is no need to be afraid.

"Let him go."

Tang Yu said faintly.

What did Hellfire want to say, but looking at Tang Yu's seriousness, he suddenly stopped talking.


The master chuckled, turned slightly, and disappeared directly in front of Tang Yu, as if he never appeared!


Hellfire looked so blue that he couldn't help screaming: "Let him run away. Returning the tiger to the mountain will be a disaster!"

"Can't kill him."

Tang Yu shook his head: "Even if you and I join forces, he can't kill him now. He is very confident, and even knows that I can't shoot him at all.

Of course, this kind of self-confidence is not about understanding me, but about believing in yourself. He was sure that I could not kill him. "


Hellfire froze, silent.

He knew that Tang Yu was right.

After playing against each other, he knew how powerful the other was.

He has to admit that there is still a certain gap between him and the other party.

"Brother Hellfire, do you know who that guy is?"

Tang Yu asked in a deep voice: "Is there really no impression?"

"At that time, I was sure that I had never seen this person."

Hellfire smiled bitterly: "Otherwise, I wouldn't have had no impression at all.

It felt so weird.

This guy seems to appear out of thin air. However, according to the other party ’s understanding of the moves, and the degree of returning to life, it seems that they have lived for 10 billion years. Otherwise, it is impossible that every move is so powerful, so skilled, and even a little energy will not be wasted. "

Fighting against each other, hellfire feels like the feeling of studying with the **** of nothingness.

In short, it's calm and invincible!

Tang Yu's eyes were frozen, and his heart was abnormally heavy.

This sudden master really disrupted all plans and preparations for Tang Yu.

The guy who can deliberately set up the thirty-three days of understanding to delay the pace of his return, is extremely remarkable.

Tang Yu was also heartbroken for such tactics.

If it weren't for the strength of the masters on their side, and at the same time ... the news that the Demon Army division had miscalculated that he was still alive would cause the actions of the Devil to be too procrastinating, then these people around him would probably die.

For a time, Tang Yu felt a little more urgent.

It's not a good thing to go on like this.

This master is far better than the Demon Supreme.

"How many experts have died in this battle?"

Tang Yu asked in a deep voice.

"I do not know."

Hellfire trembled, watching the remnants of the numerous destroyed planets around him, suddenly sweating coldly, drank cool: "Well!"

Thousands of planets have all been destroyed, and how many of them have died, it is impossible to count!

If there are many masters, this is equivalent to the countless masters dying in his own hands!

"Damn, **** it."

Hellfire gritted his teeth: "It's all that guy who deliberately grabs my attention and fights me."

With their strength, breaking a planet is simply not easy.

After all, this is a low-level world, not above the divine realm!

"That guy, the reason for doing this is to mess with your mentality."

Tang Yu Shen said: "Although there may be too many masters killed, there is no way. It has been calculated, and this is the price to pay.

The war has begun, and more people may be killed in the future. You and I must be prepared for this. "

"I know."

Hellfire was shocked and took a hard breath: "But I must report this revenge. The destruction of countless planets, and even the fall of many masters, must not let them die in vain. I want to let that Guys blood debts blood compensation! "

"Follow me first."

Tang Yu's gaze was fixed: "Outside the human world, I don't know what the battle on that side is, let's go immediately!"


When Tang Yu and Hellfire arrived on the other side of the battlefield outside the human realm.

At this point, the peace had been completely restored.

Only Tang Yu's masters are here. However, the masters such as the Chaos patriarch are not badly injured and consume a lot.

"What about people?"

Tang Yu glanced around, Shen Shen asked, "Did the pupil escape?"


The Chaos patriarch gritted his teeth and yelled: "Originally, after Modine came over, we could start to fight back. The Shadow Guard commanded a single person and it was not so easy to deal with our team with Modine.

However, God knew that a special attack suddenly appeared. Instead, we completely suppressed all our attacks, and the Shadow Guard Commander and the Demon Pupil took the opportunity to escape here, and we could not catch up! I'm sure there must be masters to save them, and they are extremely powerful! "

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