Hellfire trembled in his heart. Hearing here, he couldn't help but whispered, "Are you a master of the demons?

No, it's impossible. How could the Demons have two top masters?

Is the evil cherry advanced? No, no, I was in contact with the evil sakura at that time, your breath is completely different from the evil sakura. "

"No need to guess, my identity, whatever you think, but for the time being I can't tell you."

The master smiled slightly: "It's almost time, the battle on that side is over, and I can go."


Hellfire trembled, and Shen said, "You mean, the battle on that side is over?"

Suddenly, Hellfire's face changed dramatically.

Yes, the battle has no years, and he even ignores how long he has fought with this guy in front of him!

If it is really a long time, the battle on that side is now probably over.

Even ... many people are going to die!

Thinking of this, hellfire shuddered.

He was fooled!

If a person really dies, how can he explain to Tang Yu?


The master smiled slightly: "But you don't have to worry.

I thought the Mozu would succeed, but unfortunately, I still underestimated Tang Yu. Tang Yu, still hiding? Do you think it makes sense? Still think that I really can't find you? I'm familiar with your energy. "


Hellfire trembled: "Tang Yu?"

Can't help but hellfire looked in all directions.

Tang Yu, did you chase it down?


At this moment, only one applause sounded.

Sure enough, Tang Yu's figure came out slowly.

But seeing Tang Yu's eyes narrowed, looking at the expert in front of him, he smiled slightly: "It's a bit interesting, you actually found me, it's really a bit of strength. Even in battle, you have such a sensitive perception It is truly extraordinary.

But do we know each other? "

"Tang Yu, it's you!"

Hellfire was shocked and hurriedly said, "Be careful with this guy, this guy is very strong. Nalan Jing how are they? I was calculated by this guy and was led here.

Only when I came here did I know I was fooled, and I have been fighting with him now. "

"Relax, the side I went to first has already solved the demons."

Tang Yu nodded slightly: "Then I came here because I felt the vibration here and thought you might be in danger."

"That's good, that's good!"

Hellfire breathed a sigh of relief, and finally a hanging heart fell.

If Na Lanjing and others really have an accident, then he will be so sorry for Tang Yu, this is his absolute responsibility!

"Oh, do you know me?"

The master laughed at this moment: "You are a rising star, although growing fast, but in the final analysis is also a young man, how could you be qualified to meet me?"

"Oh yes."

After hearing this, Tang Yu also laughed: "I am indeed a small person. But you, a big person, cooperate with the actions of the demons here to do what I do? Is this necessary?

Moreover, you have a thorough mind, you can think so thoroughly, and even attract Hellfire, you are no ordinary master. "

"Compared to the **** of nothingness that year, compared to the current Supreme Supreme of the Clan and the Supreme Supreme of the Demons, I am insignificant."

The master smiled slightly: "In order to avoid being destroyed, I can only survive in the gap.

Otherwise, it was me who was killed. Now the **** of nothingness is dead. And that Supreme Supreme, I never expected that you would be killed by you, alas, I dared to come out. "


As soon as this remark came out, Tang Yu was shocked and shocked.

This guy, actually knew that he had killed the Supreme Supreme?

You know, Tang Yu is well hidden, and the whole underworld is not chaotic. How could the other party know?

Does the other person keep staring at his every move?

"Don't be surprised, this is not hard to find."

The master slowly said: "No matter from which aspect, even if you only infer from the aspect that you are not dead, you can clearly infer that the Supreme Master of the Underworld is dead.

After all, he's not dead and you can't get out. The Supreme Master of the Underworld, I also know a lot. He secretly integrates the underworld, and can achieve the level of the established law. So, in the underworld, you can't get out without killing him. "

Tang Yu's eyes narrowed, and he stared at the master in front of him, turning up a huge wave under his heart.

How could this guy know everything?

Do you even know the power of the underworld?

The Underworld Supreme is a very hidden practice. Who is the sacred person in the end? This is simply not reasonable!

After looking through his memory, Tang Yu couldn't think of who this guy was.

Do you really not know this guy?

But why, it seems that the other person always knows who he is.

Countless thoughts flashed into Tang Yu's head, and finally he took a deep look at the expert in front of him: "Since he is a strong man, then do something that a strong man should do. After living for so many years, use this here This little trick is really too much. "

"No way, who makes me weak?"

Instead, the master smiled innocently: "I know you are not dead, but it helps the demons to catch the people around you, and it's easier to deal with you.

The Underworld Supreme is dead, and the two of you are fighting, I think it is still very interesting. "

Damn, what a pity!

Tang Yu couldn't help scolding.

After all, this guy is intentionally sinister, in order to make himself and the Devil Supreme beat you alive and well, and make good use of himself.

However, Tang Yu wondered, where did this guy come from?

The Demon Supreme lives in the demon world, and the Underworld lives in the underworld, but what about him?


At the highest level of the universe, there are only three realms of the **** realm, the underworld, and the demon realm, and there are only three planets.

As for other planets, I am afraid that they are several light years away from these three realms.

So, in the end, the opponent is the master of that tribe? Or……

Masters from other places come here to occupy this place?

"Well, since you are not dead, there is nothing you can do."

The master smiled slightly: "I thought I could use your understanding on the 33rd heaven to hold you back. Unfortunately, unfortunately, after all, the demons don't fight, and the killing is too slow and slow.

Preparing that series of useless things to make sure they are foolproof will instead give you time to return. Hey, the mud doesn't help the wall. "

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