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Lin Fan travels to the parallel game world and binds the favorability value system——

Ding, host and beauty hold hands, reward: one hundred thousand dollars!

Ding, the host hugs the beautiful woman’s waist, reward: $200,000!

Ding, the host kisses the beauty, reward: 500,000 US dollars!

Ding, the host and the beauty are in love…!

Picking up girls and picking up girls have become Lin Fan’s daily life, as long as the more beauties you have,

The more money you have, the richest man in the world, perhaps only overnight!

In addition to money, you can also earn points for knocking down beautiful women and turn on goodwill points

The mall has all kinds of black technologies, what you want, what you have!

(This story and characters are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated.)

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Short Title:CFVS
Alternate Title:都市之好感值系统
Author:91 concierge
Weekly Rank:#1433
Monthly Rank:#1206
All Time Rank:#807
Tags:Adultery, Alternate World, Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Blackmail, Discrimination, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Incest, Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Orgy, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Sudden Wealth, System, System Administrator, Urban, Wealthy Characters,
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104 Comments on “City Favorability Value System
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  1. these are my comments which i will keep on updating as i read. before you read this, be sure to be ready to be spoilt about some contents. the MC is TRASH. literally trash. he thinks of women as objects. he forces them into sex for any reason he can think of. the women in this novel are also retarded, because the author says they are scientist, managers of big companies, etc etc, but they get blackmailed or tricked by the MC either way. what smart woman? even a 10 year old child is smarter than them. also, fk that girl Tian Ling'er, first she leaked the secrets of the potion, then this bch told everyone what the potion does, then this bch brings in some scientist and roams in restricted areas where the potion is made. does she not learn from her mistakes? why is she still there. this is pissing me off

  2. the potion wasn't supposed to be made and only supposed to be used for MC and his own girls but somehow the potion was made in monacco and detained by the royals which used up the potion? wtf???? how the hell did a potion which was not supposed to be made outside china be delivered to monacco and how the hell did MC start talking about selling it when he himself said he would never sell it.... wtf is going on

  3. the more i read the more trashy MC becomes. he is so self-centred. he thinks that the entire world revolves around him. i do know that he is the MC but this character is really trashy. he forces women left and right, is completely unreasonable to other people, gives 0 fks about anyone, doesn't care about his women's feelings, is only superficial to them by giving them money. there is so much more but its useless to type anymore and one word is enough to describe him; TRASH.

  4. por lo que e leído en muchas novelas, parece que si la mujer no es virgen no sirve, es como que están obsesionados con hacer sangrar a todas las mujeres con las que se acuestan, aun no logro entender cual es la ventaja de las vírgenes.

  5. Alguien que conozca de una historia similar, normalmente leo libros físicos y este me pareció muy diferente pues en las librerías no hay libros así jaja

  6. I won't say much about this novel just shut your brain before you start or bad stuff will happen to you be warned this is not a joke

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