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This novel is also known as The Legend

That year, he came in first in the Imperial Examinations; the Emperor, Lian Yu, personally conferred his title, praising him virtuous and benevolent.

That year, he became drunk after the imperial banquets and fell asleep next to the Emperor, his head resting on the Emperor’s robes; the next morning, the Emperor chose to cut his sleeves in order to go to Court rather than disturb his rest.

That year, he was revealed to be the descendant of a traitor; defying the entreaties of all his ministers, the Emperor chose to spare his life.

Later, the woman, Gu Shuangcheng, disguised herself as a man to take part in the Imperial Examinations, becoming the next scholar to rank first place.

Later, Gu Shuangcheng was conferred the title of an imperial consort, her beauty stunning the world.

Later, he was accused of poisoning the Emperor’s favoured consort, Gu Shuangcheng; though he did not succeed, the Emperor, in his wrath, ordered for him to be flogged to his death.

Later, four of the highest-ranking palace servants were secretly summoned to the Emperor’s Jinluan Hall, and their task was to castrate and bury him. Yet, to their horror, they discovered only a female corpse, a jade stone within her mouth, her body covered with the Emperor’s dragon-embroidered robes.

‘He’ was actually a woman, and what was most shocking was that ‘he’ was not a virgin…

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Short Title:CQ
Alternate Title:传奇 / The Legend
Author:Mo Wu Bi Ge
Weekly Rank:#7251
Monthly Rank:#7391
All Time Rank:#9008
Tags:Ancient China, Ancient Times, Cross-dressing, Cruel Characters, Female Protagonist, Second Chance,
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  1. In the last life, after the fall of the Hou Mansion, Wanwan was given to the third prince by his second uncle. She has since become his caged sparrow, allowing her to insult and play. When she returned from rebirth, she returned to the day she was given away. It was too late to be pleasantly surprised. When she faced the face of the third prince, she was already terrified, and she tremblingly threw herself into the arms of King Yu. The beauty has tears in her eyes, her eyebrows are slender, and her trembling appearance is like a small beast falling into a trap. It is the king of Yu who has always been cold-blooded and cold. When she was planning to find a good home for her, she threw herself into his arms again without fear of death, begging him not to drive her with tears in her eyes. Does anyone know this novel? I don't know her name. I found a promotion for her in one of the novels without a name

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