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Child Bride’s Peaches and Plums Are All Over the World

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Li Baolu was stupid for three years. Once she woke up, her home was gone. Both her grandfather and parents died in a shipwreck. In order to survive, her grandmother gave her as a child bride. She was already mentally prepared to face the loess and turn her back to the sky, but what if she was held in the palm of her hand when she arrived at someone’s house?

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Short Title:CBPPAAOW
Alternate Title:童养媳之桃李满天下
Author:Yu Yuzhu
Weekly Rank:#1068
Monthly Rank:#1475
All Time Rank:#4527
Tags:Ancient Times, Family, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Multiple Protagonists, Reborn,
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11 Comments on “Child Bride’s Peaches and Plums Are All Over the World
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  1. That this is tagged "female protagonist" is a bit misleading even if it is technically true i guess. The story is not about the female protagonist even though she is the pov character. She is basically a support character, and the main character is her husband. The story revolves around him, his wants & desires, his purpose and goals. She just follows him along as a good little housewife and has no real purpose or goals of her own. She is an extension of her husband.

  2. She does not even have any real female friends. Her world revolves around her husband. Her closest relationships are HIS family, and the male friends they meet can help her husband achieve HIS goals. She does have one female friend as a child but as a teen that friend falls "in love" with the FL's husband for some reason despite him being an arsehole to everyone who is not the FL throughout their childhood for an absolutely pointless couple of chapters. Even the FL's inheritance - (medical books) it feels more like her husband's inheritance as he is the one who decides who can access them. She actually feels like an appendage of her husband; no different from his arm or his leg. In fact she often functions as his arms and legs.

  3. There is a very discordant dichotomy going on in the story. The author constantly has the Female Lead pontificating about the sexism of the era; BUT the female lead exemplifies sexism. Sure she is a master of martial arts, but everywhere else she is subservient to her husband. Her only friends are her husbands male acquaintances, she is always standing behind her husband, keeps her head bowed whilst her husbands is always raised, she retreats when he entertains guests, hides her abilities whilst her husband is out and proud about his, she is passive whilst he is active (she is not even reactive, just passive as every plotpoint and action is driven by the husband). She is a little victorian style housewife. Her husband makes ALL the decisions. Even the FL's maiden family, it is the husband who a) makes the decision to try and rescue them, and b) rescues them. I like both the leads but their relationship is suffocatingly master/servant.

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