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Centennial Family, Rising From Hong Kong Island

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In the 1980s, a man came to Hong Kong Island and rose from chaos and darkness.

Establish a mercenary group, acquire a power media company, intervene in the international oil trade, call the shots in the financial world, and stand as a tripartite in the real estate industry.

He established a symbol of an era, the Galactic Empire!

He established a family chaebol that spanned the century, the Su family!

A hundred years later, a world masterpiece “Economic War” was published, and for the first time people deeply realized the mystery and horror of this family.

“In the 100 years since the establishment of the Galaxy Group in the 1980s, it can be seen behind almost every major change in the world.”

The world-renowned economist Lawrence wrote in his book “The Invisible Black Hand”: “When the voice of money resounds, the power of power emerges, the world will bow before this family…

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Short Title:CFRFHKI
Alternate Title:家族百年,从港岛开始崛起
Author:Cang Xue Fei Ya
Weekly Rank:#963
Monthly Rank:#904
All Time Rank:#3232
Tags:Absent Parents, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Celebrities, Cheats, Crime, Discrimination, Family Business, Fanaticism, Firearms, Gangs, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Netori, Organized Crime, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, Racism, Rebirth, Ruthless Protagonist, Shameless Protagonist,
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  1. A completely spineless protagonist who thinks only with his penis. As soon as a woman's name appears in the story, you know: she will lie under the main character

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