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Carry a Ride-and-slash System with You

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jj Key words, riding and chopping, riding and chopping, riding a horse to chop and chop, riding a horse to be chopped and chopped, riding a horse to chop, and riding a horse to be chopped to death, that’s all.

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Short Title:CRSY
Alternate Title:随身一个骑砍系统
Author:may have no
Weekly Rank:#3801
Monthly Rank:#5256
All Time Rank:#7055
Tags:Aristocrat, Army Building, Fantasy World, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Nobles, Slaves, System, Transported into a Game World,
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16 Comments on “Carry a Ride-and-slash System with You
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  1. As of CH. 232 - Not a bad story, in all honesty. Decent world building, decent characters, just all-around decent in general. I will say that I don't personally like the main character, but he does seem a little more interesting than a lot of the protagonists I see on this site. If I had to describe him in two words, I'd say... ambitious scumbag. You'll know why if you read up to a certain point. It was so weird to see a friendly king who's a total bro in one of these, no scheming against the main character or anything, only for the MC to be the scheming one. That said, if you like Territory Building and Systems, then this one is for you. The rating might seem a little low at the moment - currently 6 reviews - but it's not poison.

  2. Summary is: MC has a ride and slash system.(I never 👎 read before but guessing the plot from tag 🏷) If you ride a horse 🐴 🐎 and slash down with anything, you gain rewards. Basically ride horse 🐎, slash down with sword 🗡 and gain rewards. Rinse and repeat 🔁 and you get a barbarian MC. This should be the plot. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Ride and slash is basically mount and blade ( its a game about being a commander in the middle quite popular in china too and world wide)

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