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Card Creator: My Cards Unlimited Chain

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This is a world where soul card masters manipulate soul cards to fight

Originally, everyone was honestly combining card decks and high-level summons according to card abilities, until Yu Cang awakened the entry recorder, and the painting style of the whole world became strange.

Whether it is a high-level card group, a dangerous secret place, or even a dream or an event, you can extract exclusive entries and build soul cards based on the entries!

Your Jedi doesn’t eat any milk? Tap a “Yingcao” entry directly, triggering a chain effect and slowly recovering life.

You got a top-quality fire-type dragon card, but your natal deck is water-type? Easy to handle, let me know about this “water storage” entry?

What? The summoning conditions for the Alien Chuanghuang Dragon are too difficult, and it is almost impossible to use it in single combat. It can only be used as a war-specific soul card?

Then… Learn about ritual magic? Or simply extract the “Alien” entry directly and create a card group tailored for you!

The magic soul card is not laid out, can’t you prevent it from sticking to your face? The “permanent” entry becomes a turret in seconds, and the infinite fireball method brutally kills!

Encountered strange sea tactics, can’t get in? Directly paste the “resonance” entry, showing textbook-like blasphemy!

“I’ve never seen a card maker like Yu Cang. Have you ever seen a soul card that requires three pages of ability introduction? His hands are full of such cards!”

And it all started with Yu Cang being bullied by academics.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:CCMCUC
Alternate Title:制卡师:我的卡牌无限连锁
Author:to the side is right
Weekly Rank:#1911
Monthly Rank:#1130
All Time Rank:#5108
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