The door of Yunfu opened, and the luxurious atmosphere that rushed towards him was vaguely mixed with a few traces of inexplicable gloom, which made Wei Heng stop involuntarily.

Yun Jinghuan strode into the mansion, took two steps before realizing that Wei Heng hadn't followed, turned around and said, "Brother Wei, what's wrong?"

Wei Heng's steady gaze swept across the spacious courtyard in front of him. The luxurious mansion looked even more resplendent in the twilight, but in the shadows before the sunset, there was a trace of coolness.

"Second Master Yun, I heard that not long ago your mansion captured a monster that caused harm to you. I wonder if it is still in the mansion?" Wei Heng asked.

Yun Jinghuan replied: "That corpse monster? If there were no accidents, the eminent monk from Yuchan Temple should have taken it away yesterday! Why did Brother Wei ask about this beast?"

"I just stepped into the mansion, and I felt a sinister corpse." Wei Heng said.

"So that's how it is." Yun Jinghuan said with a smile: "It must be that the breath of the corpse is still there! Little brother, I can't even feel half of the corpse, Brother Wei is really well-cultivated!"

"you flatter me."

"But speaking of that's really difficult to deal with! Looking back on the scene of capturing it that day, it still makes people shudder! If it wasn't for Brother Jiang's help that time, I'm afraid..." Yun Jinghuan shook his head with lingering fear.

Wei Heng said, "Brother Jiang?"

"Brother Jiang is a wandering violinist. My eldest brother and I met him by chance two years ago on the Tonghua River. A while ago, corpse monsters were making trouble in Huai'an City. He happened to travel here and offered to come to Yun Mansion to help. Later, he went out of business. Dali!" Speaking of this person, Yun Jinghuan admired him all over his face: "Brother Wei, you probably haven't heard of Brother Jiang's name, but Brother Jiang, no matter his knowledge or cultivation, is no better than those of the third family of the Four Immortals. Inferior to peers!"

"Oh? If that's the case, Wei would really like to see this person's demeanor." Wei Heng was quite interested.

While talking, the two stepped into the garden, and vaguely heard the faint sound of the piano, Yun Jinghuan smiled "ha": "Everyone is here, go out from the north gate of the garden to the Centrifuge Pavilion, it seems that Brother Jiang is playing the piano in the pavilion !"

The player who played the qin seemed to find someone talking about him from a long distance away, and the sound of the qin suddenly stopped, but after a while, a gentle and elegant man came to the garden with a nanmu guqin in his arms.

Yun Jinghuan smiled: "Brother Jiang, it was you who was playing the piano just now! Why didn't you play it? Did we bother you?"

"Not really, I'm a little tired after playing the whole afternoon." The man's gentle gaze shifted from Yun Jinghuan to Wei Heng.

"Oh, Brother Wei, this is Brother Jiang, Jiang Yan that I mentioned just now! Brother Jiang, this is Wei Heng, one of the eldest disciples of Qingyang Mountain, the head of the Three Great Families of the Four Immortals." Yun Jinghuan said enthusiastically. Introducing the two, it seems that they didn't notice the subtleties in their expressions.

Jiang Yan—that is, Liu Nanqin— nodded politely, "It turns out that he is a chivalrous man from Qingyang Mountain. Jiang Yan has met him here."

Yun Jinghuan was smiling and was about to say something to eliminate the unfamiliarity between the two of them when they first met, when suddenly he saw Wei Heng frowning with a serious expression on his face. He was surprised in his heart, he got along with Wei Heng for a few days, Wei Heng didn't have the airs of a member of the famous sect at all, he was not picky, he was very easy to get along with, why did he show his anger at this moment? Doesn't Wei Heng like Jiang Yan, a wandering magician with no family or school?

"Brother Wei..."

Wei Heng grabbed Liu Nanqin's hand that was not holding the piano, Yun Jinghuan was stunned, and Liu Nanqin seemed unable to react to this situation for a while.

"Second Master Yun wait for a while, Wei will come as soon as he goes." Wei Heng didn't even look at Yun Jinghuan, staring at Liu Nanqin and said: "You, come with me." Then he dragged him away without looking back.

What is this for? A duel if there is a disagreement? ?

Yun Jinghuan panicked and followed, only to see Liu Nanqin turning around with an apologetic smile, only to be belatedly aware...So these two people...know each other?

Wei Heng dragged Liu Nanqin out of the garden all the way and walked for a long distance, without saying a word, until Liu Nanqin sighed helplessly behind him: "Second Senior Brother, Senior Brother realizes his mistake, can you let me go?"

"Hmph." Wei Heng let go of his hand, "Why do you pretend you don't recognize me?"

Liu Nanqin said innocently: "Junior brother didn't deliberately hide it, but if everyone came to ask why I met you, wouldn't it be too troublesome if everyone had to explain it?"

Liu Nanqin once killed his brother and threw away his body when he was young, and was expelled from Qingyang Mountain. Although the head of Qiu strictly ordered that no rumors be allowed in the sect, Liu Nanqin's outstanding performance among his peers in various immortal families in the past has attracted the attention of various sects. How to keep it secret? Wei Heng just now thought that he was pretending to be ignorant because he didn't mind being known about his identity. Looking at it now, although it has only been a few short years, he has taken those pasts seriously.

Wei Heng secretly let go of his worries in his heart, but his face was still serious and intimidating, "Hmph."

Liu Nanqin made an expression of sticking out her tongue, and when Wei Heng sternly swept over, she hurriedly said, "Second Senior Brother, why did you come to the Yun Family's Huai'an to separate the family?"

The Yun Family ranks high in the family of the Three Immortals and the Third Family, but the Yun Mansion in Huai'an is just a small branch family that cannot be smaller, and cannot be equal to the main family, let alone contact the core of the main family. The masters, brothers Yun Jingyu and Yun Jinghuan, didn't even recognize Wei Heng and Liu Nanqin, who were well-known among their peers in the immortal families.

"I went on a trip. A few days ago at Fengyandu, I met that Mr. Yuner and his party were surrounded by giant spiders in the mountain, so I rescued them. Mr. Yuner invited me to be a guest in the mansion as a token of gratitude. I ran away recently. I was really tired in many places, so I came back with him."

"So that's how it is..." Liu Nanqin nodded.

Wei Heng was keenly aware that he was thinking, "What do you think?"

But Liu Nanqin smiled: "Second senior brother, these two young masters of the Yun family really have unique physiques, and they are very popular with evil monsters. I came to Huai'an City about seven or eight days ago, and heard that the corpses around were making trouble, but finally captured the corpses Afterwards, I found out that the target of the corpse monster was only this Yun Mansion. Only two days later, Master Yun Er went out and was targeted by the giant spider in the mountain again."

"Speaking of this matter, how is the corpse monster's cultivation? It is no longer in the mansion, but there is still obvious corpse energy left." Wei Heng asked.

Liu Nanqin said: "It's really hard to deal with."

"Really..." Wei Heng narrowed his eyes slightly.

After all, as a guest at someone else's house, it would be impolite to leave the host alone for too long. The misunderstanding was resolved, and the two returned to the garden. Yun Jinghuan was squatting by the flower bed doing nothing to tease the ants, seeing them coming back, he didn't blame him, he greeted them with a smile and said, "Have you two finished talking about the old days? Just now, my younger brother has ordered the servants to prepare dinner, and there will be a big banquet in the flower hall tonight. Brother is exhausted, so I will take you to the guest room to rest, okay?"

Wei Heng thanked, and said: "I'll go to the guest room later. When Wei comes to the house as a guest, he should inform the master, and ask the second son to take me to meet the eldest son first."

Yun Jinghuan's smile froze instantly, and Wei Heng and Liu Nanqin exchanged glances.

The other master of the branch of the Yun family, the eldest son Yun Jingyu, Liu Nanqin has not seen each other for so many days in the Yun residence. He helped so much in catching the corpse, and as the head of the family, Yun Jingyu should thank him in person, but in fact Yun Jingyu never showed his face from the beginning to the end, and Yun Jinghuan was always in Zhang Luo's house. affairs.

This is the real reason why Liu Nanqin stayed in Yun Mansion. Although he observed that Yun Mansion was peaceful these days, he had a premonition that something was wrong.

Yun Jinghuan said to himself in frustration: "That's right, I should also go to pay my respects to elder brother when I go home. If that's the case, the two of you can come with me."

On the way to the courtyard where Young Master Yun lives, Yun Jinghuan solemnly described what happened to Yun Jingyu.

Yun Jingyu is now in her thirties, and it is the age to carry on the family line. A year ago, Yun Jingyu married a beautiful wife who is well-matched. The husband and wife are childhood sweethearts, naturally they are deeply in love, this is a great thing, but after only two months of marriage, this new young lady got a strange disease.

"A strange illness?" Liu Nanqin was puzzled.

Yun Jinghuan sighed: "Sister-in-law, she can't see the sun, otherwise her skin will be festered! My brother and I have visited many famous doctors, even some experts from the Xian family, but there is nothing we can do! We had to seal the windows in the room with paper , but the festering skin was difficult to recover when the cause was not found before, and the sister-in-law's face...has left a scar! Who doesn't care about her appearance? And the sister-in-law is a beauty who is ashamed of the moon. She can't accept such a gap, and her temperament has changed drastically , becoming silent day by day, no matter how much elder brother enlightened him, he still couldn't get better, as time went on, even elder brother became much gloomy, staying with her in the room all day long, never seeing anyone again..."

After the young lady of the Yun family suddenly fell ill, Yun Jingyu moved her residence to a very remote courtyard in the mansion. The tall tree covers cast thick tree shadows, covering the clouds and blocking out the sun, and the lighting in the entire courtyard was very poor. But even so, Madam Yun Shao refused to leave the bedroom.

The three came outside the courtyard, Yun Jinghuan pushed the closed courtyard door open without knocking.

Seeing this, Wei Heng said: "Since the eldest son has closed the gate, he must not want to be disturbed. I'm afraid it would be too rude for us to go in without asking for instructions."

"I won't let people go in after I've asked Brother for instructions. Isn't this a waste of time? I haven't seen you for a long time, and I'm actually very worried about the situation of Brother and Sister-in-law!" Yun Jinghuan shook his head, leading Wei and Liu through the shady room In the yard, he knocked on the door and shouted inside: "Brother, there is a visitor from the house, come out and meet him!"

After waiting for a long time, there was no response from the room. Just when the three of them thought that they would return in vain today, the door squeaked open, and a tall man stood at the door.

Yun Jinghuan called the man and said: "...Brother!"

Liu Nanqin hugged the piano and bowed: "Brother Jingyu."

Yun Jingyu, the eldest son of the Yun family, looks strong and mighty, and his facial features are originally born with sword eyebrows and star eyes, but perhaps it is the influence of his beloved wife's strange disease, there is a gloomy and cold aura between his brows. He glanced at the three people outside the door with unkind eyes, and he didn't look any kind to his own brother, and said coldly: "What's the matter?"

Yun Jinghuan couldn't help feeling wronged, angry and sad: "Brother, Brother Jiang, do you still remember? We went boating and drinking together on the Tonghua River two years ago! He has been a guest at the house for many days, your family Don’t you think it’s rude that the master didn’t even come out to receive you? Don’t you care that I almost died in the mouth of a giant spider when I went out this time? This is Wei Heng, the big disciple of Qingyang Mountain. He saved my life the day before yesterday. Have you not seen my savior?"

Wei Heng and Liu Nanqin greeted each other in turn according to Yun Jinghuan's words, Yun Jingyu looked at Liu Nanqin, and then at Wei Heng for a moment.

Wei Heng's brows furrowed indistinctly, and at that moment, like an illusion, he felt that Yun Jingyu's eyes were full of vigilance and sharpness.

Probably because of the younger brother's repeated reprimands that aroused a sense of guilt, Yun Jingyu's face softened a little, he returned the salute to Wei and Liu, and said: "A while ago, I was responsible for important matters in my lower body and neglected the honorable guest, Brother Jiang, please don't worry about it." Strange. And this...Brother Wei, thank you for saving Xiao Huan’s life! Yun is so grateful, if there is anything Yun Manor can do for you in the future, just ask, everyone in Yun Manor will go through fire and water, and will not hesitate!"

Liu Nanqin shook her head with a smile to show she didn't mind. Wei Heng said: "It's a little effort, it's too serious."

"Brother, I asked my servants to prepare a dinner for Brother Wei and Brother Jiang. It's in the flower hall, will you attend?" Yun Jinghuan struck while the iron was hot.

Yun Jingyu didn't look at Yun Jinghuan, but frowned, as if hesitating.

Liu Nanqin thought of how bold Yun Jingyu was when he first met these two brothers in the Tonghua River two years ago, and couldn't help sighing in his heart. Back then, the two brothers could be said to be as close as one person. Yun Jingyu took good care of the only younger brother, who was so unfamiliar as he is now... He looked at Yun Jinghuan, and saw that the young man with delicate features, red lips and white teeth had a pale face at the moment, and his depression was beyond words. Especially the deep ink-like sadness and...resentment...?

Liu Nanqin was stunned, at this time Yun Jinghuan changed his calm expression and said to Yun Jingyu: "Brother, sister-in-law is not healthy if she is bored in the room all day long, I have asked people to make many scarves with expensive silk yarn Well, if sister-in-law doesn't want to see people, she can leave the room with her face covered, and it won't affect her vision. Let her come to the dinner, maybe it will help improve her mood!"

Yun Jingyu's anger surged, and he couldn't hide his intensity at all, but it took only a moment for him to adjust to that indifferent look, and said in a deep voice, "It's enough for me to go."

Yun Jinghuan didn't seem to feel his anger, and responded lightly: "The dinner is at Xushi, brother, remember not to be late."

"Understood. Brother Jiang, Brother Wei, my wife can't see the sun, please leave with Xiao Huan first, and Yun will apologize for the poor greeting at the dinner." Yun Jingyu simply saw the guests off.

But Wei Heng said: "Since we've come, the two of us should say hello to Madam Yun. Don't worry, Eldest Young Master, we will never offend Madam."

Yun Jingyu's expression was already extremely impatient, but he was worried about Wei Heng's status as a major disciple of Qingyang Mountain, so he couldn't forcefully chase him away, so he looked back into the room and let the door open: "Come in, both of you, but please don't go in." Go inside. In addition, my wife has been ill for a long time and is in a gloomy mood. If there is any disrespect, I invite you two, Haihan, don't worry about it!"

"That's natural." Wei Heng responded, and at the same time swept the room calmly.

The bedroom of the eldest son of the Yun family is much darker than the courtyard. Although it is only dusk, the light in the room is extremely dim because the windows are sealed with paper, and there is no lamp. Madam Yun is sitting in front of the dressing table in the corner, emaciated. Almost all of his figure merged with the shadow, making people feel a sense of gloom when they saw it.

"Mrs. Yun, I'm under Wei Heng. I've come to the house with my righteous brother Jiang Yan to bother you for two days. Thank you for your hospitality." Wei Heng clasped his fists at the back of Mrs. Yun.

Mrs. Yun didn't respond, Yun Jingyu walked over and whispered something in her ear, the three people standing at the door vaguely heard the words "perfunctory" and "leave tomorrow".

Helplessly, Mrs. Yun seemed too lazy to deal with it, Yun Jingyu sighed, and looked over: "My wife is not feeling well, please forgive me. We have already met, can you let Yun and my wife be alone for a while?"

Now Wei Heng couldn't find a reason to stay, so he could only leave with fists in his hands. Liu Nanqin suddenly asked: "Brother Jing Yu, the screen in your room is very exquisite, which famous craftsman made it?"

In an inconspicuous corner of the room stands a mahogany screen that is taller than a person. On the front of the screen is a relief picture of a beauty. The whole body is not painted, it can definitely be called unparalleled beauty!

The eyes of several men were all focused on the mahogany relief screen, and Yun Jingyu replied: "This is custom-made by my wife from a carpenter's shop in the city. , and moved out of Huai'an City."

"Really? That's a pity for such a good skill." Liu Nanqin smiled regretfully.

The author has something to say: I thought I could finish Wei Liu's episode, but now it seems that this episode is longer than I expected

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