——I was resurrected from the pile of bones, and I was destined to wander on the edge of the world in this life, alone, with no redemption.

In the morning, the sunlight is bright but not dazzling, passing through the gaps between the flowers and trees swaying in the breeze, and finely sprinkled on Cang Shuiyao's body, as if she is located in another world, crystal clear like a dream. This glance made Gu Jue clearly see for the first time how far away the road to her was. It was a world completely unfamiliar to him. Years and memories created a distance that he would never be able to overcome.

The surroundings are still peaceful and peaceful, this is just like an ordinary morning in the past, when he stepped into Fanghua Garden, he saw her sitting quietly under the peach blossom tree.

How much he hopes that today is really no different from yesterday.

Cang Shuiyao's mahogany yueqin, which has always been in her hand, disappeared without a trace, and lost the melody hovering among the lush flowers and trees in the past, and the whole courtyard was completely silent.

"Come and sit down." Her voice calmed down Gu Jue's panic at this moment.

Gu Jue came under the peach blossom tree and asked, "Where is Miss Wuyue?"

Cang Shuiyao was silent for a moment, then said softly: "Young master Lu is right, those who leave should let their souls embark on a new journey, and force them to stay in the world, just deceiving themselves and others."

"You gave up..." Gu Jue blurted out.

Cang Shuiyao looked at him in the blink of an eye, and raised the corner of her lips to him: "You really know everything."

Gu Jue explained: "Yesterday I used Legilimency on the old lady. I didn't expect it to be successful. The old lady told me where she went the night she disappeared, and I found it there..." Taking out the two crumpled animal skin papers, "The second half of the story. And... the secret of Qianque Yemo."

Cang Shuiyao's eyes moved over the messy graphics on the two pieces of animal skin paper, and the long but extremely familiar scenes seemed to reappear in front of her eyes.

Gu Jue couldn't help asking: "Since you have given up on resurrecting Miss Wuyue, then, you... are you... going to be fine?" His voice couldn't help but soften, "Mother... doesn't exist, yes Is it?"

Cang Shuiyao raised her eyes from the animal skin paper, and returned with a calm smile.

Gu Jue's high-hanging heart finally fell silently.


"Do you also think that person is a bold, cruel and ruthless lunatic?" Cang Shuiyao asked him suddenly.

Gu Jue was startled, and vaguely guessed: "That person? You mean... Patriarch Qinghuo?"

Qing Huo, the patriarch of the Ghost Mirror Clan, was obsessed with the art of bringing the dead back to life, and even killed the whole clan for it! From anyone's point of view, this person is an unforgivable sinner.

Cang Shuiyao lowered her pitch-black eyelashes, "Who in this world is born cruel? If he hadn't experienced hopeless loss, who would be willing to pin his whole life on a vague hope..."

"...Shui Yao?"

"Actually... I am the one who committed the crime."

"Shuiyao..." Gu Jue's heart beat uneasy again.

Cang Shuiyao stretched out a hand to him, "My Ghost Mirror Clan is the 'Yin' lineage among the many branches of the Wuyue Clan. The way of heaven is like a majestic kingship. The domineering never allows small human beings to be involved in the hands of the heavens. We have never dared to interfere with the life and death of the world, but God still took away everything from us... That divine punishment was... the starting point of sin."

Her eyes were pitch-black and endless, containing a bottomless vortex that sucked people's hearts into them. Gu Jue's body was dominated by an unknown force, he raised his arm and held her hand.

The vortex rotates rapidly, and everything in front of me becomes a messed up picture scroll, blurred and distorted. After the world spun, a strange world became clear.

The crisp laughter echoed in his ears, accompanied by the dingdong of water jade, it became more and more clear. The sun is like fire, spreading dazzling and warm colors all over the world. A huge peach blossom tree is full of peach blossoms in pink and light pink, reflecting the brilliant spring light, flashing a dreamlike crystal.

The two melodious singing and dancing girls under the peach blossom tree are the most brilliant colors in the world.

Although she was wearing a peculiar national costume and looked a few years younger than the familiar one, Gu Jue recognized at a glance that one of the two girls was Cang Shuiyao.

And the other... the silk puppet that is inseparable from Cang Shuiyao's appearance is almost the same, it must be her younger sister, the former Cang Wuyue.

The sun was quickly covered by the clouds, and the dancing figure under the peach blossom tree faded out of the picture, and the peach blossom tree returned to the tranquility. The moon hangs high in the night sky, and the moonlight is like a wide net, softly spreading on the tops of rocks and trees stretching far and near, and the paths intersecting with rice paddies are full of vibrant flowers and plants, and glowing bugs are swimming among the grass leaves, scattering fine particles. Qingmang.

The old wooden houses opened one by one, and people ran out. They were dressed in strange clothes, greeted each other in an incomprehensible language, and headed in the same direction with excitement.

A large stone platform was built on the vast open space. More than a dozen young people covered their faces with ghostly masks and leaned on their strong upper bodies. breath, rough and masculine dance.

The stone platform was surrounded by men, women and children, people were talking and laughing, and the children cheered and danced along with the Nuo dance on the stone platform. Gradually, Gu Jue seemed to be able to understand their language. Some cognition was poured into his mind, and he vaguely understood that this was a sacrifice.

After the Nuo dance was over, a tall, middle-aged man with sharp features came to the altar. Although he didn't say a word, his majesty spread like an invisible ocean wave, and the noisy people stopped their voices in unison, looking at the altar respectfully and intently.

That person... is Qing Huo.

The world fell into silence. Gu Jue saw Qinghuo opened his mouth and said something, and then he backed away. The young people who performed the Nuo dance played various ancient musical instruments that had been lost for thousands of years, and the one that made his soul tremble appeared on the altar. figure.

Cang Shuiyao faced the audience full of people, and gracefully made a gesture that looked like the etiquette of the Ghost Mirror Clan, and then danced lightly in the mysterious and solemn rhythm.

Pale pink peach blossom petals fell from the sky out of thin air as the sacrificial dance progressed, and surrounded the dancing **** the altar in the colorful flower rain, which was too beautiful to behold. Cang Shuiyao always showed a bright and clear smile on her face, that kind of smile from the heart, which Gu Jue had never seen before. In his memory, although Cang Shuiyao often had a soft and gentle smile, she could always capture the boundless sadness of loss at a certain moment when she lowered her eyes and lowered her eyebrows.

She smiled so carefreely in front of her eyes that people couldn't help but feel happy after seeing her.

It would be great if she could keep smiling like this...

Gu Jue couldn't help thinking this way, but at this moment, as if the heavens were mercilessly mocking his heartfelt voice, a dazzling sea of ​​flames suddenly exploded in the depths of the night sky without warning, and then, the heavenly flames raged down.

The thatch on the wooden house and the trees in the forest were instantly ignited. People were crying and screaming in panic, animals screaming, the tree house collapsed and the earth cracked... All the sounds mixed together and turned into an erupting torrent. Drowned at night!

Amidst the chaos, Gu Jue saw the slender figure of the young Cang Shuiyao kneeling on the altar, staring at all this in a daze...

The picture dimmed and fell into pitch blackness. When the light came on again, the scene presented was quite different from before.

Gu Jue could barely tell that this place was still the same place as before, but the original paradise-like village was covered with huge ancient plants at some point, and the iconic ancient peach blossom tree was gone. Covered and exuded, forming the most natural barrier, as if isolating this place in another world.

Still on the altar, Qinghuo chanted something loudly with red eyes. The dilapidated altar was decorated with scarlet blood and cold white bones in an ominous manner. There was a wide gap in the middle of the altar, and the thick black The air is rising from it.

Under the altar, the people of the Ghost Mirror Clan were restrained by invisible forces, crying and begging in despair. Gu Jue immediately found Cang Shuiyao in it. She was a few years older than when she danced the sacrificial dance, and she probably looked like she is now. And her younger sister, Cang Wuyue, was hugging Cang Shuiyao's waist tightly, crying in her arms tremblingly.

Gu Jue subconsciously predicted what was going to happen next, and his first thought was to stop it, but he forgot that he was in empathy at the moment, and he had no entity, not even a phantom.

He is just a ray of consciousness. Through Cang Shuiyao's memory, he can see the most profound and emotional past in the depths of her memory, and he can't change any history...

He saw that the crack on the altar was getting wider and wider, and with the blowout-like explosion of Yin Qi and hellfire coming to the human world, there were also a large number of night moths flashing purple light of varying shades.

The altar, and the people of the Ghost Mirror Clan under the altar, were all shrouded in black mist, and there were screams from the black mist, which lasted for a long time...

After a long time, this nightmarish suffering finally came to an end.

The world fell into a deadly silence, there was no wind in the air, the black mist gradually dissipated, the fire of **** was extinguished, the Qinghuo on the altar and the ghost mirror clansmen under the altar had become horrible corpses, bleeding Chenghe, the dead night moths are densely attached to the body, and the purple light is dimmed...

Looking at this purgatory-like picture, Gu Jue's thoughts seemed to have been interrupted. Even though he already knew this result, the scene was so clearly presented before him, which still made him unable to calm down.

He has not returned to reality, which means that everything is not over yet.

Surrounded by the cold breath of death, a question rang in his ear: "Do you... want to come back to life?"

Before he could react, he heard Cang Shuiyao's voice: "Can you... make everyone come back to life?"

"I can only resurrect you alone."

"...Am I already...dead? My sister Wuyue...is also dead? Father...Amother...Grandma Yao, brother Shui Sheng...are you... all dead?"

"Yes, you are all dead. But I can bring you back to life and make you immortal. In a long life, maybe you can find a way to resurrect the people you love most."

"…Who are you?"

"I am the mother. The one and only, the real Qianque. At the same time, I am also...a person who has been resurrected from the dead. I was resurrected from the previous mother and became a new mother. Perhaps... I can no longer be called a human being. "

"Why...you choose me?"

"Mother needs inheritance, and I don't want to live anymore. It takes a person to become a new mother and open the door from the underworld to the underworld, so that Qianque can continue to reproduce, and you are the most suitable person. "

"...If I come back to life, I will also...become a mother? When I come back to life...will I no longer be a human?"


"But... I will gain a long lifespan and have a chance to revive Wuyue?"



"When a new mother is born, it is always accompanied by the death of the previous mother, and she will always be free from reincarnation. When this life comes to an end, you will not have another life. Have you considered it clearly?"

"I accept…"

After the long silence of the mother, the cool voice sounded again: "Then... go to the altar. Open the gap between Yin and Yang, and take over the inheritance from me. Before the next mother is born, you will be the only one left in the world. Yes, the only moth mother."

Night, sinking into silent darkness, as dark as if dawn would never come again.

Among the corpses piled up under the altar, a thin figure trembled and struggled to get up.

In the gloomy night, Cang Shuiyao dragged her scarred body, stepped on the blood-stained footprints step by step, stepped over the bones of the clansmen, and stepped onto the altar. The crack connecting the underworld was opened again, as if the sealed taboo was opened again, her figure was submerged in the surging purple light...

Suddenly, the world spun again, and when he opened his eyes again, the dark night had been replaced by the bright morning light.

Gu Jue stroked his forehead, only to realize that he was sweating and breathing quickly.

The hand in his hand was withdrawn, and he raised his eyes to see that Cang Shuiyao's pale face overlapped with the girl standing helplessly and firmly at the crack of the underworld on the altar at this moment.

She showed him a touching smile: "...I lied to you."

Blood overflowed from the corner of her lips, and Gu Jue's beating heart suddenly sank into the bottomless abyss. He grabbed her hand, opened the palm, and there was a small ice sculpture of Yueqin in her palm. Half of Yueqin's body had penetrated into the flesh and blood, freezing her arm into ice-like coldness, and the severe cold air even immediately Spread the whole body along his hands!

"This is…!"

"The extremely cold thing that I have worked so hard to obtain many years ago... Only the magic weapon of the extremely cold in the world can kill the night moth."

"This is your Yueqin? You always carry the weapon to kill yourself?" Gu Jue's heart ached like a knife.

"The power of this magic weapon...can only kill me at most. If you want to kill the mother...you need to add the extremely cold flame in my soul." Cang Shuiyao tried her best to pull out the ice Yueqin pierced into her palm, The ice sculpture Yueqin turned into a dagger frozen with ice.

She took Gu Jue's hand and put the dagger into his hand, "There is no time... My soul has already merged with the mother, and my consciousness will be assimilated by it, preventing any harm to this body. Only I die Only then will I have a chance to kill the mother, I need you...help me."

Gu Jue whispered with difficulty: "... help you?"

She said it so easily, but to him it was extremely painful! Help her, that is to let him kill her with his own hands!

"Why...you treat me...so cruel?" Gu Jue looked at her fiercely.

Cang Shuiyao, who always treated people with a gentle smile, showed a sad expression for the first time in front of people, "I... beg you."

Pain flooded Gu Jue's eyes, he bit his lips for a moment, then suddenly wrapped one hand around Cang Shuiyao's shoulders and pressed her tightly in his arms, while holding the icy dagger tightly with the other hand, he pierced her back. heart!

The gushing blood was all splashed on his blue clothes, a few drops of hot liquid even splashed on his cheeks, and the smell of blood filled his nostrils.

Cang Shuiyao's body seemed to convulse violently, and her head fell heavily on his shoulders, and the sound of chaotic and intermittent breathing echoed between the two of them.

"...The Wuyue Clan... from the line of prophets, someone once predicted for me today...I don't believe it, but I still listened to what he said, and left what happened that night on two rolls of animal skin paper, and when the time came, Came to Zhuri Mountain...I want to revive Wuyue, and deceive myself to integrate my own soul into her body, so that she will occasionally show the emotions of a living person in front of me...I imagine that we have returned to the past, there is no divine punishment, all Disasters have never happened... The longer I live, the less I dare to face the facts... Now, I finally have the courage... to give up..."

Gu Jue didn't let go of Cang Shuiyao, nor did he turn his head to look at her, he didn't want her to see the surging tears on his face at this moment.

He felt her head leaning on her shoulders getting heavier and heavier, her breath getting weaker and weaker, each stroke was like the sharpest needle in the world, piercing deeply into the most vulnerable part of her heart, and blood flowed horizontally.

"I am the real sinner. It was me... who once again opened the taboo seal, allowing Ye Mo Qianque to harm the world... This is my sin that deserves atonement. I have liberated the remnant soul in Wu Yue's body... She is free Well, maybe at this moment she has entered reincarnation... The legend of Ye Mo Qianque... is finally coming to an end. Thank you... and... I'm sorry..."

Gu Jue asked in a hoarse voice, "Are you...doing anything to me..."

Cang Shuiyao was silent for a long time, then slowly closed her eyes, her anger was as thin as silk: "This life is too long, Haoshou has been chasing a vague dream, my heart... is too tired... so tired... there is no room to bear it Anything...if...if...comes...to be born..."

A long wind suddenly blows from the sky, the branches and leaves whirling, blowing down a tree with rain of flowers.

A half-opened flower bud landed on the pale palm, but then fell to the ground with that slender hand, rolling to the crystal fingertips.

The figures under the tree disappeared, only Yu Luoying swayed in the breeze.

Gu Jue stood by the door with his hands behind his back, and his eyes stayed there for a long time. Gu Qingyan did not know how many times he called: "Uncle Fourteen!"

Gu Jue finally came to his senses, "What did you just say?"

Gu Qingyan's eyes were full of doubts, but he never talked much, discussing business matters: "I just said that this year's Xianmeng Dabi has a lot of people from various immortal families, and the house may not be able to arrange it. There are still more than two months left Time to prepare, some courtyards in the mansion can be remodeled. As for the Fanghua Garden, I plan to saw down the peach blossom tree and build a few more guest rooms. What do you think, Uncle Fourteen?"

"...Indeed, this place needs to be remodeled." Gu Jue said after a moment of contemplation.

Gu Qingyan said: "That's the decision." He turned his head and told Gu Qingfeng and Gu Qingce, "It will be more troublesome to start construction in this garden, let's arrange someone to saw the peach blossom tree..."

"It's not cutting off the peach blossom tree to rebuild the guest room here, but converting the guest room here into my house." Gu Jue said over Gu Qingyan's voice, and then, under the surprised expressions of the three, they didn't look back "The courtyard where I live has many rooms, which can be used as guest rooms. From now on, Fanghua Garden will be my residence. That's it."

He came under the peach blossom tree and raised his hand to gently caress the rough trunk. The huge peach blossom tree swayed in the wind and made a soft "rustling" sound, as if singing a melodious and melodious song to welcome his arrival.

He listened to the voice quietly, his thin lips gradually curved.

Twenty years, tens of thousands of days and nights.

Years like water flowed by silently, and now he can finally stand under this peach blossom tree with a peaceful mood, facing the sunny morning twenty years ago, and her voice and smile that day.

If there is...to...be born...

If there is an afterlife...

What about the afterlife...?

A hundred years is but a moment, and no one can escape the established destination. Some memories are heart-wrenching, and some people will never forget them. Since they cannot be forgotten, it is better to cherish them for a lifetime. From now on, the peach blossoms will be burning every year, accompanied by the breeze. For him, it may not be a kind of fulfillment.

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