Boy... the last time he used the razor used by his mother to shave his legs to shave pigs, he hadn't had time to educate him. If he comes back one day, his mother will serve him first! "

Zhou Ziruo stared at the iron pot in his mother's hand, shaking its flowers and branches. His eyes were about to burst, and his mother, who was describing a tricky plan to destroy flowers, suddenly turned around, and then held the big iron pot that touched Zhou Ziruo's heart. stride!

The moment the bottom of the black oily iron pot was buckled, Zhou Ziruo finally broke down and shouted: "I told you I don't have time to pluck the pig hairs for you, but you want me to pluck the pig hairs for you? How can you be so vicious after using the knife on the leg hair? The bottom of the pot is so dirty and oily, I am your own son!!"

After the "boom", Zhou Ziruo fell into the boundless darkness again, and his last thought before he lost consciousness was: There seems to be something wrong with what he said just now...

Waking up again, the orange-thick lavender twilight at dusk has dragged across the sky.

Zhou Ziruo was lying on the ground with his limbs stretched out, his eyes reflected the thick clouds that swirled in the sky, and it took half a moment before he finally focused. He sat upright like a carp, felt and looked left and right, and after confirming that he was still the body of this male vixen, he let out a long breath for the rest of his life.

Although it was a dream, but now my head hurts as if it really blossomed! All the gates of yin and yang of the night moth, Qianque, are out of the way, so weak! His mother doesn't need to be a Rakshasa ghost mother, she can overwhelm the ultimate boss with a single pot! !

Lu Lixiao collapsed not far away, Zhou Ziruo dragged his exhausted limbs to crawl over, grinning and gasping as he pushed him.

My whole body felt sore, sore, and weak as if it had fallen apart, and the most frightening thing was that my stomach was deflated! Is it true that time coincides with normal space? The tiredness and hunger of the body came out all at once!

"Wake up, wake up..."

Lu Lixiao's eyes were tightly closed and there was no response, Zhou Ziruo suddenly had a terrible thought. He reached under Lu Lixiao's nose with trembling hands, but he didn't know whether he was too nervous or Lu Lixiao's breathing was too weak, he couldn't feel whether Lu Lixiao was breathing in or out.

"Don't scare me..."

Zhou Ziruo pressed his ear to Lu Lixiao's heart, and the sound of "thumping, booming" heartbeat rang in his ears, but it was his own.

He had never been so scared before, he didn't dare to think about what his life would be like after this person was gone forever after all these experiences! Compared with this, what are all those hurdles of anger and reluctance to compromise in the past?

—If I was about to die tomorrow, would you still deny me completely today because of the mistakes I made in the past, and would not even give me a chance to make up for it—

Lu Lixiao told him long ago to let him think clearly about what is the most important.

This man would give up his life for him, isn't that worthy of his trust in his sincerity?

Zhou Ziruo buried his face in Lu Lixiao's neck, and made a clear promise: "I forgive you, let's start again, as long as you wake up, I will never leave you again."

It was as if a spell to lift the seal had been uttered, he felt the subtle and trembling vibrations in the chest of the person below him, and then his wide and warm palms gently touched the back of his neck, and his deep and dark eyes like night curtains slowly opened, In the room, the light that shines like a star shines.

"Are you...really back?" Lu Lixiao was still a bit confused as if he didn't know if it was a dream or real.

Zhou Ziruo bowed his head and kissed his lips, Lu Lixiao seemed to be stunned for a moment, moved his palms up to cover the back of his head, and stuck his long tongue into his mouth, turning it into a deep, fiery and lingering kiss.

"Really back?" After parting his lips and tongue, Lu Lixiao breathed out a hot breath to confirm again.

Zhou Ziruo took his face with both hands and pressed it against his forehead, the corners of his lips curled up in peace of mind: "As you said, it doesn't matter how far I go, as long as you find me, I come back to your side. I left You are gone, and I have traveled far alone, and I have read and understood everything that should be seen and understood, so now I am back."

Lu Lixiao smiled lazily and softly, "...if that's the case, then it's really the best gift after waking up from a long dream."

The sunset glow spreads across the entire sky, the pearly light flows into the picturesque landscape, and a soaring western dragon sings and leaves a majestic silhouette in the setting sun...

Uh, this picture does seem to be a bit inconsistent.

Under the twilight, Zhou Ziruo adjusted his starting position and called to Lu Lixiao, "Are you ready? I'm coming?"

Lu Lixiao stood a few feet away with his back to him, folded his arms helplessly and replied without turning his head: "Get ready, come on."

Zhou Ziruo sprinted forward at the speed of a 100-meter sprint, and when he came behind Lu Lixiao, he suddenly lifted his feet off the ground and opened his arms, jumping onto his back like an octopus.

Lu Lixiao took advantage of the situation to support his two thighs, his rock-steady body picked him up without even shaking, and walked away. Zhou Ziruo made a "cut" sound in his heart, and secretly decided that the next run-up distance should be farther, and he would definitely be thrown to the ground!

When passing through the Gate of Yin and Yang, Zhou Ziruo was stunned by the coercion at the junction of Yin and Yang, so he didn't know that there was a little accident at that time, and he and Lu Lixiao appeared on the mountainside of Zhuri Mountain. Since they woke up, the figure of the little dragon baby kept running around in the sky. Zhou Ziruo waved his hand several times but it didn't respond, so it probably didn't find them yet, so the two could only walk back home bitterly.

"Benyue Ridge collapsed unexpectedly, maybe Lu Qianfan also escaped."

"Even if he escapes, he won't live long. Twenty years ago, the Blood Forbidden Formation was not considered a success. I think he and Gu Qi worked together because the stolen lifespan was about to run out. He jumped over the wall and wanted to go to the underworld to find a way to continue his life." .”

Zhou Ziruo heard Lu Lixiao mention Lu Qianfan in a flat tone, and his faint worries dissipated.

Lu Lixiao really never regarded this man as his father, but even though he was extremely resistant to the fact and refused to admit it in every possible way, Lu Lixiao did not kill Lu Qianfan himself after all.

Regardless of Lu Qianfan's ending, the current situation is already the most suitable for Lu Lixiao.

Zhou Ziruo breathed in the fragrance of the surrounding flowers and plants to his heart's content, rested his head on Lu Lixiao's shoulder comfortably, and sighed, "It's finally over..."

"Yeah, it's finally over." Lu Lixiao said.

Zhou Ziruo leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

Lu Lixiao tilted his head: "What?"

"You really wanted to send me away, and then stay in the underworld forever?"

Lu Lixiao said softly, "At that time, I didn't think so long-term, I just wanted you to return to the mortal world."

"Because you killed me once?" Zhou Ziruo asked.

Lu Lixiao said: "Because of my selfishness. In fact, I had a very strange idea at that time. I thought that you would return to the original world after passing through that door. I thought that if I sent you back to the previous life, maybe You won't hate me anymore. Do you want to go back?"

Zhou Ziruo's head hurts when he thought of his mother's black pot: "I, I don't think so!"

Lu Lixiao:?

Zhou Ziruo: You don’t understand that dutiful sons come from under the spatula! ! Sad reminder! !

Although Zhou Ziruo's head grew up with the size of his mother's milk pan, frying pan, and frying pan, Zhou Ziruo knew that his mother loved him very much. If it wasn't a dream, it would be fine if the original Zhou Zi of this world passed through and entered his body to honor the elders instead of him. Instead, he hoped that it was a fact of another world. Of course, the part of serving at the bottom of the pot can be saved as much as possible!

That dream that seemed real and illusory smoothed away the deepest worries buried in his heart, Zhou Ziruo suddenly felt extremely light, "Hehe" smiled and hooked Lu Lixiao's neck tightly, "Hey, when I can't let go, you are Isn't it very, very touching?"

Lu Lixiao smiled: "Yeah, I'm so moved that I wish I could beat you to death."

Zhou Ziruo: "Hmph, I still don't admit it!" The system has calculated that the favorability value has broken through the sky!

Lu Lixiao said again: "Actually, I vaguely knew that you would do that."


"I have always known that no matter how far you go, you will eventually come back to me."

"Ah? Why is that?" For a long time, he was determined not to have any contact with him!

Lu Lixiao chuckled twice, "Did you forget?"

"Forget what?"

"What you said."

"What did I say?"

Lu Lixiao smiled and said nothing, Zhou Ziruo was confused, but no matter how much he asked, Lu Lixiao refused to say anything, just carried him on his back without complaint, and walked steadily forward step by step through the mountain road scattered with rays of light.

The afterglow sprinkles the mountains and rivers, the flying dragons swim in the sky, and the long wind reverberates.

Colorful clouds filled the sky, and the figures of the two people overlapped closely in the orange-red sunset, completely blending together.

(text · end)

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Xiao Zhou: No!

Xiao Lu: Understood.

As a result, someone was eaten up and wiped out. . .

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