The collapse of the mountain body became more and more intense. The originally solid stone cave was now like a hollowed-out net, suspended half-dead in the air by a few broken network cables, sinking rapidly!

Zhou Ziruo's joy just now vanished. He realized that the bankruptcy and death of Gu Qi's plot did not mean the disaster was over. Their ending might still be to go to the underworld, and finally become evil ghosts and monsters due to lack of yang energy!

He didn't know what to do, he couldn't react except to hold Lu Lixiao's hand tightly.

Lu Lixiao seemed to sense the helplessness and fear in his heart from his palm, and held his hand firmly, promising in a steady and forceful low voice: "Don't be afraid, I will send you back!"

Zhou Ziruo couldn't tell whether he believed it or not, he just clung to Lu Lixiao even tighter. Although Lu Lixiao has always saved him from fire and water like an omnipotent god, there are always too many difficulties in this world that even Lu Lixiao cannot solve.


The ground in front of Siqin Jiangyue collapsed on a large scale, separating him and Lu Chenzhou from the others on both sides of a river that was tens of feet wide. If this distance is changed to a normal space, anyone except Zhou Ziruo can fly there, but as the Yin Qi in the space where the mountain is located becomes more and more obvious, several people obviously feel that the functions of all aspects of the body are also rapidly declining. I'm afraid I can't even do the ordinary flying over the wall.

Gu Jue searched around for a way to reach Siqin Jiangyue. During the successive deaths of Chimu and Gu Qi, Siqin Jiangyue, who had always stayed out of the way, suddenly asked him: "You got Chimu, then she has already died. ..."

Gu Jue's eager figure froze suddenly, and after a while, he said in a barely audible voice, "She's gone."

Siqin Jiangyue took a deep breath of the cool air, "It's fine if you're here, but I left too hastily that day, and I haven't had time to explain the affairs of Jiangyue Palace to Wu Sheng..."

"Master..." Gu Jue keenly knew it.

"Perhaps they are right...the six realms are vast, except for the moth mother, maybe there really are other ways to resurrect the dead in the underworld..."


"Jiangyue Palace...disbanded. I used to have all the killings on my own mind, so I arranged for everyone. I don't want them to be revenged by those hypocritical and decent families because of me. As for you and Wu Sheng...the main altar collection has me If you are interested in the exercises and medicines that have been researched over the years, share them. You two have followed me for many years and are loyal. When we part, we should always do something to you..." Siqin Jiangyue said calmly.

Gu Jue fell to his knees, "If it wasn't for the master back then, the subordinates would be as filthy and disgusting as the mud on the roadside in this life! It is the master who gave the subordinates a new life, and the subordinates are willing to follow the master forever..."

"I saved you casually back then, but because your eyes at that time made me think that saving this child might be a good decision. You have never let me down these years. You don't have to follow me anymore, I'm going to No matter where you are, or Wu Sheng, you cannot follow them. After you go back, I will convey my meaning, understand?"

Gu Jue bit her lips tightly, and said after a while: "Subordinate...Understood!"

Satisfied, Siqin Jiangyue leaned her head into Lu Chenzhou's neck. Scattered sparks appeared around the two of them, connecting point by point, quickly forming a circle of flames surrounding the two of them in the center. The fiery red flames were blazing, which dispelled a lot of the cold surroundings. Not only that, the flames brought up the rising airflow and dragged the mountain where the other four people were, and the falling mountain had a faint upward trend!

"What are you doing stupid again!?"


Yun Hao and Lu Lixiao flew to the edge of the mountain, one side descended and the other ascended, the two parts of the mountain were slightly staggered by the obvious height difference.

"Siqin, come up!" Yun Hao stretched out his hand and said sternly.

Si Qin Jiangyue leaned quietly in Lu Chenzhou's arms, Lu Chenzhou still unconditionally obeyed his decision, and put his arms around his shoulders. The two cuddled quietly, as if there was no one else around.

Lu Lixiao suddenly said: "My he dead?"

It took a while for Siqin Jiangyue to reply: "That day in Lujia Village, he didn't listen to my explanation... Maybe he regretted bringing me back to the Central Plains. He thought he killed those people and clansmen of the immortal family... He pierced his chest with Buli, and I went to grab the sword...but he broke the sword..."

The bond that would last forever was cut off by him at that moment.

Yesterday seemed to reappear, Siqin Jiangyue couldn't help but grasped the cloth on Lu Chenzhou's arm to confirm that he was by her side.

"I have used all methods to keep only one soul of him, which is in this body. But after all, the other two souls and seven souls have dissipated, he can only listen to me, and there are many other things that I don't remember For so many years, I have been collecting evil and resentment to stabilize the soul in his body, and at the same time looking for a way to revive him...I just want to tell him after he comes back alive...I have never hurt his relatives, classmates, friends...I Wanted to tell him...he's always misunderstood me...I may have done a lot of things he didn't agree with, but I didn't...have hurt people he cared about..."

The collapse of the mountain body did not know when it stopped, and there was no wind around, and it was as quiet as death.

As the needle fell, Lu Lixiao said, "Father... is not my biological father."

Si Qin Jiangyue's tightly closed eyelashes visibly trembled, and Yun Hao looked over in surprise.

Zhou Ziruo patted Lu Lixiao's arm comfortingly, and sighed silently, feeling "it really is so".

"Back then, my mother followed my father to Lujiacun, and was humiliated by Lu Qianfan..."

"That beast actually treats Junior Sister...!" Yun Hao gritted his teeth, his eyes full of murderous intent.

Lu Lixiao said: "Father blamed himself for failing to protect his junior sister, together with the elders he listed dozens of major family rules that Lu Qianfan had violated, and insisted on expelling Lu Qianfan from the Lu family. Later, my mother became pregnant with me and was unwilling to kill me. , my father pretended to be married after discussing with my mother for the sake of my mother's name. If you went into the house that day and took a look, you would know that there are two bedrooms in the house, my mother and I live in one, and my father has always lived in the other."

"And..." Lu Lixiao paused, before continuing, "Father probably knew all along that you didn't kill the tribe."

Not only Yun Hao was shocked, but even Zhou Ziruo was puzzled.

"The phoenix flower tree in the yard was planted by my father for you. Your favorite flower is the phoenix flower, right? In order to let the tree grow quickly and be full of fiery red phoenix flowers, when I was young, my father had once I went away for half a year and traveled all over the country just to find a bottle of the legendary spiritual spring that gave birth to the flower tree. In my impression, my father always stood alone under the Phoenix flower tree, sometimes sleeping against the tree root until early morning ...Since father thinks you are worthy of such treatment, he must understand that you will not make him bear eternal pain. The magic weapon is connected with the master's three souls and seven souls. Since father still has one soul alive, how can I use it? Not to mention Ziruo's hand The half inseparable has completely lifted the recognition of the master, have you never thought about the reason for this?" Lu Lixiao asked.

Siqin Jiangyue repeated: "...the reason..."

"Father... should have really passed away that day, especially with the Blood Forbidden Formation secretly set up by Lu Qianfan. That's why Buli became unowned again. After I completed the recognition ceremony, I was recognized as the new master. But due to some kind of obsession, one of the three souls and seven souls that my father was about to dissipate returned to his body, and that soul only carried the memory of you, or it should be said that that soul made my father, from now on, only Obeying the belief of accompanying you and protecting you, the responsibilities for other people and things have been paid off when he killed himself. When he returns to you, he only wants to belong to you alone."

"I just want to... belong to me alone..."

Siqin Jiangyue's shoulders trembled, tears kept streaming down her cheeks, but a heartfelt smile spread from the corner of her lips.

The pure smile made people ignore the blood and embarrassment all over his body, and he seemed to be that handsome man with a charming smile.

He leaned back into Lu Chenzhou's arms again, couldn't help laughing and trembling all over, the serious injuries and blood stains all over his body seemed to disappear suddenly, and the madness and fearlessness that belonged to him returned to him.

"While I was doing the things you rejected, I was afraid that one day I would no longer be accepted by you, so that I didn't even dare to raise the courage to wishful thinking. It turns out that you have always believed in me...meeting such a person in this life, this life is suffering The hard all worth it."

The burning flames rose several feet high and gathered into a huge flaming palm, dragging the mountain body up rapidly. The four people on the mountain looked down in shock, only the fiery red waves raging wildly, and they could no longer see half of the scene below the sea of ​​flames!

The dazzling fire light illuminated the different expressions on the faces of several people. After a long time, Zhou Ziruo sighed: "Returning from the dead...does it really exist?"

Is there a technique of bringing the dead back to life that does not turn into any bizarre monsters in this world, but actually makes the dead come back to life exactly as before?

Lu Lixiao said in a low voice: "...Maybe there really is."

Zhou Ziruo raised his eyes in surprise, Lu Lixiao never believed in the so-called resurrection from the dead, and he was very repulsed by such things that violated the law of heaven and disturbed the world. He thought he would categorically say no.

"The six realms are vast, and there are too many possibilities beyond our current cognition. If you insist on denying it just because you don't want to accept it, you'd be looking at the sky from the bottom of a well." Lu Lixiao saw his thoughts, smiled, and then his eyes became deep, "But Even if there is a real way to bring the dead back to life, it must have to pay a huge price, it will test people's will, and it will discourage most people. People who are determined to move forward knowing that they are about to step into Asura Purgatory, In the whole world... there won't be many."

"It's true..." Zhou Ziruo nodded, there are probably not many people in the world who are as persistent as Siqin Jiangyue.

He couldn't tell how he felt about Si Qin Jiangyue.

Siqin Jiangyue has done many other insane and bad things in order to refine the soul dish and destroy Lengmo's family. She is an out-and-out bad person. But this villain never hurt Zhou Ziruo, even when he mistakenly believed that Lu Lixiao was the child Lu Chenzhou betrayed him, he never hurt Lu Lixiao. He saved Zhou Ziruo's life more than once, and now he Use the last strength to send them back to the world...

Perhaps when Yun Hao in Tongyang City said Siqin Jiangyue did not distinguish between good and evil, he was not simply reprimanding him. That man must have grown up in a world that ordinary people can't imagine. In that world, there are iron rules of survival that they don't understand, so he has created a deep-rooted maverick.

If Zhou Zi couldn't figure out such a complicated thing, he didn't plan to think about it anymore. After today's farewell, Siqin Jiangyue either died in the dark in an instant, or just disappeared without a word, no matter what, he had a premonition that this person would never appear in their lives again.

That's all, that's it.

"Don't stand here, be careful of the fire."

Zhou Ziruo pulled Lu Lixiao down, Lu Lixiao said "Okay" and pulled him back. Seeing this, Gu Jue also walked towards the center of the mountain. Zhou Ziruo found that Yun Hao was still standing on the edge of the mountain like a dried stone statue, so he called out, "Master?"

Yun Hao stood quietly for a moment, not knowing what he was looking at or thinking about, then turned around and walked over without saying a word.

A black hole opened high in the sky, reminiscent of the legend of Nu Wa mending the sky. Of course, it's not that the sky that Nvwa repaired has leaked again, that hole is the gate of Yin and Yang.

The rising speed of the mountain is not slow, but the door is farther than imagined. During the ascent, the mountain was still collapsing slightly, falling off from the edge from the outside to the inside, but Yun Hao estimated that he should be able to barely hold on until reaching the height of the Gate of Yin and Yang.

Then there was a silent wait.

Zhou Ziruo and Lu Lixiao leaned together, Gu Jue sat alone on one side, and Yun Hao sat on the other side to meditate and adjust his breath. No one spoke.

After an unknown amount of time, Zhou Ziruo's stomach let out a "gurgling" sound to break the silence, and he rubbed his belly in embarrassment: "I'm hungry..."

"This means that the time of the different space is slowly overlapping with the normal space, and we are getting closer to the world of the sun. There will be something to eat soon." Lu Lixiao touched the top of his head.

Zhou Ziruo nodded, and said to himself: "I don't know how many days have passed outside..."

Because the mountain was getting smaller and smaller, the distance between the four of them was not too far. When Yun Hao and Gu Jue heard their words, they couldn't help looking up at the Gate of Yin and Yang. After a while, Gu Jue suddenly stood up, "Look... the door seems to be closing!"

Zhou Ziruo and Lu Lixiao hurriedly looked at the words, and were shocked to find that the black hole in the sky was much smaller than before, and seemed to be shrinking continuously!

On Mount Sun Chasing, it was the darkest time before dawn.

Leng Mo looked at the straight Benyue Ridge in the distance, and the quiet breath diffused from the silent mountain peak under the vast night sky.

He exhaled slowly, and a concerned voice immediately sounded in his arms: "Mo? Are you tired? Go to sleep for a while, and I'll take care of it!"

"It's okay, I'm not tired." Leng Mo stroked the thick feathers of the big rooster on his lap, and looked at Ben Yueling without blinking, "You said the fourth brother and the others are there, I have to keep an eye on it , can't relax for a moment."

"I'm right to say so, but..."

But he can't guarantee it either. Mu Qijun hangs his chicken head with guilt, not knowing how to explain that he took advantage of the loopholes of the system to change the data to roughly locate Zhou Ziruo's location, which is very likely to be wrong.

Lu Lixiao and Zhou Ziruo have been missing for three days. Even Gu Jue and Gu Qi are gone. There were casualties, but the Benyue Ridge on the back mountain was completely separated from the back mountain.

The mountain wind was raging, and it surrounded Benyue Ridge like a tornado from bottom to top. Since then, that mountain can only be seen from a distance, and no one can reach it safely. Because they were afraid that Lu Lixiao and the others would be swept away by the mountain wind after they came out of Benyue Ridge, Mu Qijun and Leng Mo stayed here without closing their eyes for the past two days. They are all full of the loss of not being able to see the lighthouse, but just last night, a cloud of dark clouds floated in the sky above Benyue Ridge.

The dark clouds were so thick that even the strong wind couldn't blow them away, and there wasn't even a single raindrop falling. This strange scene made the two feel unreasonably that the dark clouds seemed to be urgently related to when the people in Benyue Ridge came out!

Mu Qijun covered his mouth with chicken wings and yawned secretly. He is just a good-for-nothing goblin, without the energy of a cultivator. He has been sleepless for two days and nights, and he is worried and anxious. He is already very tired.

"If you are too sleepy, go to sleep." Leng Mo noticed.

Mu Qijun took a bite of his chicken wing cruelly, and immediately became agitated, "Sleepiness? What is that thing? How can a big monster like me who has cultivated to change form be sleepy?"

Leng Mo looked expressionlessly at the black ink and flowers hanging on his chest, and Mu Qijun hurriedly covered Lingyu pretending not to know.

Leng Mo said, "When will you recover your human form?"

Mu Qijun rubbed the spirit jade on his chest pitifully, "It won't be long, I feel that the spiritual energy in the black and white jade has almost recovered..." Before he finished speaking, light suddenly surged on the dark green jade.

Leng Mo couldn't help turning his eyes away, his body sank suddenly, and a heavy object fell down out of thin air, directly pushing him down on the grass! The light dissipated, and the big **** on his leg disappeared, replaced by a delighted face at close range!

"Mo! I've changed back!" Mu Qijun pressed against Leng Mo's face and rubbed furiously.

Leng Mo blushed in an instant, and pushed him away fiercely, "If you change back, you will change back, why are you holding me down? Why don't you get up!"

Mu Qijun was pushed by him and turned over on the ground, almost twisted his neck. He stood up slowly and accused Leng Mo of being ruthless with his eyes wronged. guilt.

Fortunately, the rescuer came at this time, Gu Qingyan ran through the woods, saw the transformed Mu Qijun obviously not happy for him, and asked anxiously: "Can you still turn back into a chicken?"

"Why?" Of course Mu Qijun refused.

"Guests are going down the mountain at dawn, is there still no movement in Benyue Ridge?"

Leng Mo was surprised: "Didn't you agree to stay for a few more days? Why did you suddenly leave again?"

Gu Qingyan said: "It was the elder Beisu of Xuanyangmen who first proposed that Xuanyangmen is one of the three families of the Four Immortals, and the elder Beisu is currently the most prestigious senior on Zhuri Mountain, so people from other sects and aristocratic families gathered together. Qi responded. There have been so many incidents in the Gu family recently, and the third uncle and the others don't want to show jokes to outsiders anymore. I have no suitable reason to keep the guests, so I can only come to Mr. Mu, who knows you..."

Mu Qijun said helplessly: "I'm not the same as Ruoruo, I can't transform on my own. Why don't you two beat me up? When Mo Qinghuajue consumes enough spiritual power to protect me, I won't be able to maintain my human form anymore." , and then I will pretend to be a three-legged golden crow to deceive them..."

"Those are the elders and elite disciples of the Xianmen family. The first time they were fooled was because of the shock. How could they be fooled so easily again?" Leng Mo rejected the proposal.

"But there is no better way..." Mu Qijun turned his eyes to Benyue Ridge, his face suddenly paled in shock, "That cloud, that cloud is going to disappear!"

The dark cloud above Benyue Ridge changed from a peaceful mass to a black cotton candy struggling with teeth and claws, as if countless invisible sharp claws stretched out from all directions were tearing at it. Under the watchful eyes began to gradually dissipate!

"Did something happen to the fourth senior brother?"

"Don't hesitate any longer, hurry up and find the elders of those immortal families, and ask them to help hold the cloud in place!" Mu Qijun pulled Leng Mo up with one hand and pushed Gu Qinghuan with the other.

Gu Qinghuan staggered two steps, glanced at Ben Yueling, turned around and ran away without saying a word, and in the direction he came, a group of dark figures appeared.

Leng Mo was shocked and said: "Master, Uncle Ouyang, Uncle Miaoyin, Second Senior are here so soon!"

Gu Qinghuan also said: "Third Uncle, Senior Beisu..."

The group of people who were striding towards them were all the people in Qingyang Mountain and the elders of the immortal family who were staying in the Gu family.

Leng Mo hurriedly dragged Mu Qijun to salute, and the head of the sect Qiu swept his sleeves, and the half-bowed bodies of the two were pushed straight by a strong force.

"You juniors, why didn't you make it clear earlier when such a big thing happened?" Elder Beisu of Xuanyang Gate reprimanded him while taking out a compass from his sleeve.

Qiu Xigui gestured to Ouyang Yi, "Brother."

Ouyang Yi neatly handed Elder Beisu a piece of black stone the size of a fingernail, and Elder Beisu pressed it into the groove in the center of the compass.

Mu Qijun asked doubtfully, "That's..."

Wei Heng happened to be standing next to the three of them, and explained in a low voice: "That is Wujing, the main material for forging Buli. When the father of the fourth junior brother made the sword, the piece of stone was originally on the body of Buli's sword. The sharpness that hindered Buli removed it. But after all, the stone piece was originally one with Buli, so there has always been a magical connection between the two. Elder Beixiu's astrology disk and derivation technique can indicate Not far from where it is precisely at this moment."

"That would be great." Gu Qingyan said.

Wei Heng reprimanded Leng Mo in a deep voice: "After you send out the talisman bird and return to the door, you should unite with the Gu family and people from other sects to prevent the situation from getting worse!"

"Senior Brother knew his mistake, Second Senior Brother taught me the lesson." Leng Mo lowered his head reproachfully.

Mu Qijun couldn't help but said: "This can't be blamed on Mo. Before disappearing, Daxia Lu and Ruoruo only told us that the Gu family had infiltrated criminals, and didn't say anything else. We don't know where they went or what they went to do. Even if they go to the Gu family and other sects We don’t even know what happened, so no one would believe us! And... we have already tried our best to drag the guests to Sun Chasing Mountain, just in case!”

"...Aren't you the cook in the door? Why are you here?" Wei Heng looked at Mu Qijun for a while, and finally remembered who he was.

Mu Qijun: "..."

Fortunately, Gu Qingyan spoke for Leng Mo: "Senior Brother Wei, the fact is that I didn't think carefully, so don't blame Junior Brother Leng again."

Wei Heng glanced at the three of them, and said no more.

The pointers on the upper layers of Beisu Zhenren's astrological disk turned, and finally all pointed in one direction - the dark clouds above Benyue Ridge. Master Beisu nodded, returned the stone piece to Ouyang Yi, put away the astrology disk and said, "Although it seems unbelievable, it can't be wrong. Brother Qiu, your apprentice is there!"

"In that cloud?" Headmaster Qiu carefully stroked his beard slowly.

Ouyang Yi said: "You can really feel the yin energy leaking from the clouds."

"Yin Qi..." Head Qiu frowned.

"No matter what, the cloud must not disperse. Fortunately, there are still many old friends present, and everyone will work together to bind it here first, and then make plans!" After the words of Master Beisu, everyone present will look solemnly, Throwing into the dense dark clouds in the distant night sky.

Among the dark clouds, another space is being connected—

Since the gates of the Yin and Yang realms closed, the collapse of the mountain began to accelerate again. At this moment, only a stone platform with a radius of two feet was left floating in the air.

The three beams of light are connected to form a triangle with the center of the stone platform as the center. It is completely different from the calm inside the triangle area. The mountain outside the triangle area is raging and collapsing.

Suddenly, a beam of light flickered twice and then dimmed. At the same moment, Yun Hao's shoulders shook and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, Lu Lixiao and Gu Jue opened their eyes together, the cold sweat dripping from their foreheads showed the heavy heart.

"Master!" Zhou Ziruo quickly supported Yun Hao.

Yun Hao was originally the one with the highest cultivation base and the deepest magic power among the four people present, but he was injured too badly and had no time to take care of it. In order to keep the mountain from completely collapsing before reaching the gate of the Yin and Yang realms, he forced the remaining All the power was taken out. Supported until now, finally reached the limit!

Yun Hao quickly sealed several big holes on his body, "I can still..."

"Uncle, go and adjust your breath, this disciple and Mr. Gu can hold on for a while," Lu Lixiao said.

Gu Jue forced a smile, "Senior Yun Hao's body is the most important thing, I will do my best to cooperate with Mr. Lu."

Zhou Ziruo couldn't help but pushed Yun Hao to the side of the stone and sat down, "Master, don't be brave. You haven't taught me the peerless magic skills yet. If there are any troubles, don't blame me if I lose your reputation in the future!"

Yun Hao pulled the corners of his mouth into a smirk: "Don't worry, before that, the teacher will beat you, a worthless apprentice, eighty times, and drive you out of the teacher's door."

Zhou Ziruo was in the mood to prove that the situation was not too bad. He breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked up at the black hole high in the sky worriedly. I don't know if it was because of his desire or other reasons. At this moment, he felt that the shrinking speed of the black hole was slowing down. up.

"The closing trend of the Yin-Yang Gate has indeed slowed down, although I don't know the reason for the time being." Yun Hao said after observing for a while.

This is good news, but the four people present were not happy. Although they have tried their best to delay the collapse of the mountain, no one is sure that they can persist to the Gate of Yin and Yang!

"Zi Ruo," Lu Lixiao called out, "Come here."

Zhou Ziruo walked over to him and asked, "What's the matter?"

Lu Lixiao said: "There seems to be something in my eyes, help me look."

Zhou Ziruo used to suffer from losing an eyelash to his eyes, thanks to Lu Lixiao being so calm!

He hurriedly and carefully opened Lu Lixiao's eyelids, noticing the cold sweat on his face, Lu Lixiao couldn't move easily, so he wiped it off for him. At this time, Lu Lixiao lowered his voice and said to him: "Gu Jue and I have already exhausted our strength, this platform cannot reach the Gate of Yin and Yang."

Zhou Ziruo was stunned.

Lu Lixiao continued: "Don't worry, I have a way to send you out."

"What does it mean to send 'me' out? What about the others?"

"Only you. I can't care about anyone else."

Zhou Ziruo felt that his heart was getting cold, "...What about you?"

Lu Lixiao looked at him, and suddenly smiled faintly at him.

Zhou Ziruo blurted out: "I don't..."

"You have to go." Lu Lixiao interrupted him sternly, "You are not from this world. It is I who summoned you here and you are in danger today. I have already caused you to lose your life once, and this time I must save you." You. That's my duty...and my selfishness."

Zhou Ziruo's eye sockets suddenly became hot.

Lu Lixiao stared at him seriously for a while, then softened his voice: "Go back. Don't let Uncle Yun Hao or Gu Jue notice the difference, although I believe they are not greedy for life and fear of death, but it is about your life and death. I can't take the slightest risk."

Zhou Ziruo went back to Yun Hao and sat down absent-mindedly. Yun Hao had entered meditation with his eyes closed, without even raising his eyebrows.

He thought back to Lu Lixiao's words over and over again, the meaning of farewell in just a few words was so strong!

Lu Lixiao had been waiting for him to change his mind, but just now he didn't mention a word. Has he made up his mind? After today, we will always be separated from him on both sides of the door at the junction of yin and yang!

Zhou Ziruo was shaking violently all over, as if being poured by a basin of ice water in midsummer, every nerve was drenched with biting cold.

At this time, the sound of "Ka Ka Ka" sounded one after another, and countless cracks crawled on the platform, forming thousands of cracks in an instant!

Yun Hao got up and wanted to pull Zhou Ziruo away, but someone was faster than him, Lu Lixiao pulled Zhou Ziruo into his arms and retreated to a distance, pulled out the dagger from Zhou Ziruo's boots and put the two cut swords together in a cross shape Together, and then he muttered something in a low voice, and he saw a beam of golden light shining on Buli, like crazy overgrown branches rising into the Gate of Yin and Yang!

"That's right! Just now I felt that there is a connection with Buli on the other side of the Gate of Yin-Yang!" Lu Lixiao wrapped Zhou Ziruo's hand, making him hold Buli tightly, "Don't let go, Buli will take you out !"

Zhou Ziruo stared at him in a daze, and following the huge pulling force from Bulixiao, his hand slipped out of Lu Lixiao's palm little by little, and the familiar warm touch was lost little by little.

Lu Lixiao showed a relieved smile.

But the next moment, Zhou Ziruo loosened his five fingers.

The golden light dragged on and flew into the sky, and in the blink of an eye, it reached a height that was beyond reach. Under Lu Lixiao's gloomy and furious aura that was about to come, Zhou Ziruo said calmly, "Ah, my hand slipped."

"You..." Lu Lixiao gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. A certain string in his body finally broke, and he no longer cared about the current dangerous situation. He carried Zhou Ziruo on his shoulders and patted his **** with all his strength!

Zhou Ziruo immediately burst into tears for him: "Mal Gobi's surname is Lu! The young master is so overwhelmed by lard that he won't even go back to the world for you!"

Ordinary people shouldn't be moved to cry bitterly at such a time? ? How come he was beaten and wept bitterly when he came here? ? ?

【Ding! The achievement of "Love is stronger than gold" has been achieved, and the male lead's favorability has broken through the sky! Congratulations, master, you have warmed the hatching egg of the divine beast with the power of love, and the baby of the divine beast is about to break out of its shell ahead of schedule! 】

God Beast!

Zhou Ziruo hastily slapped Lu Lixiao on the back wildly: "Put me down! Let me down quickly! The baby of the beast is born, there is salvation! Oye! How do you say that sentence? When God closes a door for you, it must be at the same time!" Open a window for you? No, no, no, only if you give up can you die and live again..."

Lu Lixiao: Spanking also affects the brain?

The crowd of onlookers in a daze Yun Hao: Disciple talking nonsense, could it be that he was frightened and stupid?

Gu Jue, another bewildered onlooker: ...Life is so difficult...

[Please host the birth of the beast in an open place, so as not to cause major damage to the building! 】

The mother eggs are floating in the air, isn't it spacious enough?

[Master, please sincerely look forward to the arrival of the baby beast, so that the baby can feel your abyss-like love! 】

Can you not look forward to it? The last straw, if it doesn't come out, they will really fall into the bottomless abyss!

[Countdown 5 seconds! 5—4—3—2—1—]

The loud "boom" exploded in the air, and then the surging white light illuminated the entire space as bright as day, making people blind!

After the dazzling white light dissipated, Zhou Ziruo opened his eyes with the excitement of becoming a father for the first time—

Nothing at all.

He is flying to the sky, V587, the second breath is bursting, what about the beast that can open the sky and the earth with a single head, and take him to the ground? ? ?

"Young Xia Zhou..." Gu Jue motioned to Zhou Ziruo for his chest.

Zhou Ziruo lowered his head and realized that there was a big and heavy thing stuck on his chest. He held the little thing in front of his eyes, and his raised eyebrows tangled into a character horoscope.

That's right, this thing is definitely a baby dragon, because it is a dragon, strictly speaking, it should be a baby dragon.

As for why "head" is used instead of "tiao" to describe it, because this is a baby dragon from the West.

Nima, who can tell him why there was a western dragon in ancient China? ? ? And this baby western dragon—

"...It's too fat." Zhou Ziruo commented truthfully, and pinched its bubble meat by the way.

Xiaolong's big bright eyes were full of anger, and he opened his mouth and bit Zhou Ziruo's hand hard. Zhou Ziruo gritted his teeth in pain, and as soon as he let go of his hand, the baby dragon fell down like a giant. He hurriedly bent over to pick it up, but the arrogant little dragon didn't appreciate it, so he swept his hand away with his chubby tail, and then The chubby body swelled rapidly, and the fat and short limbs stretched out, and the baby fat faded away in an instant, turning into a graceful and vigorous dragon with a head and a white dragon scale!

Zhou Ziruo got the appearance of his little dragon baby at this moment! It doesn't matter whether he is an Eastern dragon or a Western dragon, his appearance is justice, and his face is king!

"Little Bailong, I am your master Tang Sanzang! Take us back to the world!"

Baby Xiaolong snorted with his nostrils in distaste, picked up Zhou Ziruo neatly and threw it on his back, Lu Lixiao and the other three spontaneously flew up upon seeing this. The little dragon baby spread out its huge dragon wings, looked up to the sky and let out a resounding dragon chant that pierced through the heavens, and quickly moved towards the black hole in the sky.

In just a few moments, the gate of yin and yang, which is as far away as the sky, is close in front of you, and the vitality of the yang world is blowing towards you, making you feel refreshed.

The little dragon baby penetrated into the black hole without hesitation, and Zhou Ziruo turned his head to look at the dead and dark world below, and his heart that had been hanging high finally slowly returned to its original place.

The next moment, he fell into a deep sleep.

The dream was so long that the alarm rang for a long time, and Zhou Ziruo couldn't recover.

My mother kicked in the door with a pan in her left hand and a shovel in her right. She shouted loudly, "The alarm has been going off for so long? Are you afraid you will be late for work today?"

The familiar scenes played out every morning brought tears to Zhou Ziruo's eyes instantly, but what entangled with ecstasy and spread in his heart was the deep pain and bitterness, almost suffocating.

"Mom..." Before Zhou Ziruo could yell out, he was horrified to see a person sitting up from his body, getting off the bed and putting on his shoes!

That person was lying where he was lying just now, in the same posture as him, and his figure overlapped, as if the two of them shared the same body!

That person...was him at all! He before time travel!

"Auntie, I'm sorry, I fell asleep..." the former him blamed himself.

My mother laughed boldly: "It's okay, it's okay! I still call you aunt, and I said I want to call mother!"

"Well... But, I'm not your real son after all, I'm afraid you're not used to it..." The former him lowered his head pitifully, full of weakness.

So Zhou Ziruo's eyelids twitched when he saw the honest mother who cleaned up the father and son with a spatula, and sighed lovingly: "You child has been here for so long, why are you still thinking about it? Everyone has everyone. Good luck, you are the son of our old couple when you come here! You see, you are also called Zhou Ziruo, and you have a lot of fate with our family! As for the death

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