The appearance of the black-armored man stayed in his early thirties, and his outline was as tough and sharp as Lu Qianfan and Lu Lixiao's uncle and nephew, but he didn't look like them both in terms of appearance.

There was Lu Qianfan, who looked a lot like Lu Lixiao, present. Lu Lixiao called the black-armored man his father, which should have seemed weird, but the calm and dignified appearance of the black-armored man made people see Lu Lixiao's shadow, or Said that Lu Lixiao has his shadow on his body.

For example, some twins are almost 90% identical in appearance, but their completely different temperaments make them look like two different people. On the contrary, sometimes two people with the slightest difference in facial features can give people a kind of "uniqueness". The breath of "similar" is probably the reason of temperament.

Although this black-armored man is far from Lu Qianfan and Lu Lixiao, the same majesty and majesty on both of them will not make people doubt that Lu Lixiao calls him his father. What makes people concerned is another thing - Lu Lixiao's father, Lu Chenzhou, died 20 years ago in the robbery of Lujia Village. After that, his body disappeared without a trace, but now he appeared here, and saved Siqin Jiangyue …

Zhou Ziruo's eyebrows twitched into an incredible arc, and he kept walking back and forth between Lu Chenzhou, Lu Lixiao and the Buli in his hands.

Lu Chenzhou is definitely not a puppet, nor is he like Ye Mo Qianque. Could it be...he has been alive all this time?

Several other people who were born and bred in this world were more troubled than Zhou Ziruo. A magic weapon can only be recognized by at most one person at any time. Although many big families have family magic weapons that have been handed down for hundreds of years, when the current owner of the magic weapon is alive, the next generation heir of the magic weapon cannot use it. For the magic weapon, because the bond between the magic weapon and its master is the connection of three souls and seven spirits!

Lu Lixiao's ability to fully possess Buli is the most powerful proof that Lu Chenzhou is dead. Besides, Buli has now been divided into two parts. The half-cut sword in Zhou Ziruo's hand has never recognized anyone as its master. From another perspective, it is in a state of complete separation from its previous master and released its attachment relationship, which once again proves its true identity. The previous owner has long passed away!

The bond of the soul is the most reliable bond in the world, so headmaster Qiu and others found the young Lu Lixiao 20 years ago, and firmly concluded that Lu Chenzhou could not survive.

But why, in front of...

"Impossible... Impossible! How could you be alive? How could you be alive!?" Compared to the shock of the other three, Lu Qianfan was obviously more frightened when he saw his younger brother.

Still as if Lu Chenzhou hadn't heard of it, he tore off his black gloves, pinched Siqin Jiangyue's chin with his wide palm and gently lifted his face, and then the pulp of his thumb ran across his closed eyes. When he felt the empty depression under the eyelids, his thick brows furrowed deeply, and the indifferent aura around him became even colder.

"It doesn't hurt anymore. These eyes have seen too many dirty and ugly things. It's fine if they don't. I just need to remember your appearance..." Si Qin Jiangyue comforted Lu Chenzhou and lingered in her eyes Zhou's hand leaned into his arms calmly, and all the flamboyance and arrogance of the past turned into the indifference of calm water and light clouds in the broad embrace.

If the relationship between these two people still cannot be seen by now, then the head on the neck can be stuffed back into the mother's womb and remade.

Zhou Ziruo took a peek at Lu Lixiao, afraid that his fragile heart would not be able to withstand the blow.

Emma's turning point is too eye-popping...

Lu Lixiao has hated Si Qin Jiangyue for killing his father and enemy all these years, who knows that when the whole family was slaughtered in the nest, it has nothing to do with Si Qin Jiangyue's half a dime, the straight father he knows He even got together with that evildoer!

Will he hate Lu Chenzhou because of his dead mother?

But having said that, Lu Chenzhou is crooked and obviously in love with the evildoer, why did he provoke Meng Ruoying in the first place? I remember that Head Qiu said that it was Lu Lixiao's mother, Meng Ruoying, who chased after Lu Chenzhou after he left Qingyang Mountain, but even so, why did Lu Chenzhou marry a wife and have children if he wanted to belong? To carry on the family line? Although he didn't know Lu Chenzhou, Zhou Ziruo instinctively felt that Lu Chenzhou was not that kind of person just because he could teach Lu Lixiao's son who regarded ethics like dirt.

The benefits of being a modern person who has read all the Lei dramas are fully reflected at this time. Zhou Ziruo thought of a vulgar but very reasonable explanation almost without any twists and turns. He carefully glanced at Lu Lixiao and Lu Qianfan, and agreed with his guess even more.

Lu Chenzhou's eyes finally turned away from Siqin Jiangyue's face. He clasped Siqin Jiangyue's shoulder firmly with one hand to protect him in his arms. With the other hand, he raised his sword and pointed it at Gu Qi in the corner. Feng slowly shifted and pointed at Lu Qianfan.

Lu Qianfan's composure and arrogance that never feared the world completely collapsed the moment he looked at his own brother!

He pointed to Siqin Jiangyue who was leaning on Lu Chenzhou, "I clearly saw this monster hugging your corpse and screaming up to the sky! I saw him go berserk and almost razed the entire village to the ground! How could you still be alive?! Impossible, impossible..."

Lu Qianfan shook his head violently, stepped back again and again, and finally his mind collapsed as if facing something extremely terrifying, he turned around and rushed out of the cave.

Lu Lixiao looked at Lu Qianfan's fleeing direction with deep eyes, unexpectedly he didn't go after him, and after two moments, he put away his feet and flew back.

Zhou Ziruo hastily stepped forward to grab his arm, hesitated, and comforted him: "The past... is over." Lu Qianfan's behavior of taking the lives of his clansmen for his own life is not as good as a beast, but it would be too much for Lu Lixiao to personally sanction him. cruel. Lu Qianfan's escape today may not be entirely a bad thing.

But Lu Lixiao said coldly: "Just now when I fought with him, I noticed that he was seriously injured. Not only that, even he himself has not noticed that his mana and energy are constantly losing. He can't wait until he escapes." After leaving this underground palace, the body will be completely exhausted, and then the ghosts in the underground palace will follow his breath of the living."

Although he didn't speak clearly, referring to what happened to Mrs. Gu who entered the underground palace by mistake, Lu Qianfan's fate is self-evident!

Zhou Ziruo sighed softly, and had no other thoughts about this except the word "retribution".

"Fourth senior brother?" After observing Lu Chenzhou for a long time, Yun Hao called in a low voice hesitantly.

Lu Chenzhou's dark eyes turned to him lightly, and then moved away without stopping, as if he didn't know him.

Yun Hao frowned.

Lu Lixiao said: "Father..."

Lu Chenzhou still had no special reaction.

Zhou Ziruo felt something was wrong at this moment. Although Lu Chenzhou's movements are nimble and his mind seems clear, but since he appeared, all his attention has been on Siqin Jiangyue alone. Facing his brothers and sisters who are like brothers and the children who have been raised for eight years, he has not shown the slightest Emotional swings!

It was as if... In this world, he only knew Si Qin Jiangyue! More precisely, in his cognition, in his life, there is only Siqin Jiangyue alone!

"Siqin Jiangyue, what did you do to my father?" Lu Lixiao pointed Buli at Siqin Jiangyue, and Lu Chenzhou immediately turned his sword towards him without concealing his hostility.

Yun Hao pressed Lu Lixiao's arm, and asked Si Qin Jiangyue: "What happened to Fourth Senior Brother on the day when the accident happened in Lu's Village twenty years ago?"

Si Qin Jiangyue was silent, but after a while, she "looked" at Gu Qi who was almost ignored by others: "Xuan Mingzhu, hand it over."

It's not that Gu Qi has no chance to escape, but he is unwilling to leave, "Tell me how to revive your respected view, I will not only give you the Xuanming Pearl, but also let the night moth Qianque in the underground palace enshrine Lu Qianfan's head immediately." superior!"

"There is no way." Siqin Jiangyue did not hesitate.

Gu Qidao: "You lied to me!"

Si Qin Jiangyue's expression was cold: "I managed to kill that woman at the beginning, how could I help others to revive her hundreds of years later? Stop daydreaming! I don't have the patience to deal with you. Come out, let me spare you today!"

"Impossible! You are lying to me! If you don't tell the truth, I will destroy this thing!"

Gu Qi squeezed a gray bead the size of an egg tightly in his hand. If Zhou Zi heard Lu Lixiao whisper "Xuanming Bead!" and looked carefully, he saw that the small bead was faintly surrounded by black silk. Yin Qi.

Si Qin Jiangyue's expression changed when she saw it: "How dare you!"

"Why don't you dare? If you can't be resurrected, what's the point of seeing me alive? It's a big deal!" Gu Qi was full of fear, and Si Qin Jiangyue's already pale face was even more bloodless.

Zhou Ziruo couldn't help whispering to himself: "Who is that respected person?"

I only heard Yun Hao whispering next to me: "I heard Si Qin mention to the fourth senior brother by chance in the past on Qingyang Mountain, that the woman named Zunjian... should be Si Qin's mother."

Zhou Ziruo's face was filled with disbelief, even Lu Lixiao raised his eyebrows in surprise.

The person who Gu Qi has worked so hard for decades to be resurrected is Si Qin Jiangyue's mother? Instead, Siqin Jiangyue, the son, is trying to stop him? ?

What kind of account is this? ? ?

Zhou Ziruo shook his head, leaned into Lu Lixiao's ear and whispered, "Shall we tie up Gu Qi and take him home?"

"Did you forget that this is no longer Yangjian?" Lu Lixiao shook his head.

"I'm going! I really forgot! Will there be any adverse reactions if I stay here for a long time?"

Lu Lixiao looked unusually cautious, "Although this is not the underworld, it is not the yang world after all. Without yang energy, it must not be a good thing for a living person to stay for a long time."

Zhou Ziruo couldn't help being a little flustered, Gu Qi was clearly possessed, if Siqin Jiangyue didn't help him revive the woman named Zunjian, maybe he would really be able to drag everyone to die together!

"Then, what should we do then? Brother Xiao? Master? You don't want to think of a way?"

Yun Hao shook his head seriously, and Lu Lixiao said, "Let's wait for the opportunity." Then he cast suspicious and focused eyes on Lu Chenzhou.

Siqin Jiangyue has never been a person who is obediently threatened by others, and within two moments of Gu Qi's words, a small fiery red moon wheel flew out of his sleeve with lightning speed. In an instant, the little moon wheel grew to the size of the ring and came to Gu Qi's side, binding his arms and torso tightly!

The Xuanming Pearl in Gu Qi's hand flew over as if being pulled by a string, Si Qin Jiangyue waved her sleeves to take it away, caressing her heart and coughing softly. Lu Chenzhou immediately grabbed his wrist, Siqin Jiangyue said in a low voice: "No problem." Then he took out a small round bowl and threw the Xuanming Pearl into the bowl.

The small round bowl seemed to be about the size of a bowl, but after the Xuanming Pearl fell into it, it didn't make any echo as if it had fallen into a bottomless pit.

Yun Hao stared at the round bowl and said, "Soul refining vessel!"

"Is that a soul refining vessel?" Zhou Ziruo and Lu Lixiao looked at each other, and thought of Leng Mo at the same time. Back then, Siqin Jiangyue led Jiangyue Palace to destroy the entire Leng family in order to **** the soul-refining dish! According to Leng Mo, the combination of the soul refining vessel with the Xuanming Pearl and some other rare and rare items is related to the legendary method of resurrection!

"Who is the person he wants to resurrect?" Zhou Ziruo murmured.

Yun Hao's eyes moved from the soul refining vessel to Lu Chenzhou, his thick eyebrows frowned, and he said to himself: "I thought...but...!"

Siqin Jiangyue once again gushed out thick black air from all over his body, and poured it all into the soul refining vessel. As his face became weaker, a lavender light lit up on the soul refining vessel, getting thicker and thicker, and finally the entire round bowl was Surrounded by purple-black light.

The soul-refining dish was lifted out of Siqin Jiangyue's hand, and suddenly it swelled to the size of the pot lid. A purple-black beam of light erupted from the mouth of the round bowl, rushing out of the cave above the cave like a purple waterfall, and piercing into the full moon high in the sky!

The quietly suspended moon began to gradually lose its fiery red color. At the same time, there was a tiny "rumbling" sound, and several people felt that the ground under their feet seemed to be shaking.

Lu Lixiao put his arms around Zhou Ziruo's shoulders, just as Zhou Ziruo was about to say that he wouldn't lose his footing due to the vibration, the shaking of the ground became more and more obvious before he could speak. He looked up and accidentally found that the moon in the sky seemed to grow bigger too, and the crimson and clear light flickered like a huge red crystal ball.

...The bright red is so beautiful...

Zhou Ziruo, a science student, didn't have much to say about artistic germs. At this time, he heard Lu Lixiao say in his ear: "We are getting closer and closer to the moon!"


"Haven't you noticed that Benyue Ridge broke away from the mountain and flew towards the moon. Have you heard of the legend of Hang'e? Hang'e ascended to the Moon Palace in exchange for Houyi's resurrection."

"The legend of Hang'e in our place is different from yours!" Besides, they are not Hang'e, even if they fly to the Moon Palace, they will not be resurrected without the help of Queen Mother Xi! The most important thing is that the legend of Heng'e is just a legend, who would take it seriously! !

Siqin Jiangyue, who had finished performing the spell, seemed to have heard his complaints, and leaned on Lu Chenzhou's shoulder to explain kindly: "This trip is not the Moon Palace, but the tomb of the gods and demons in the ancestor spirit tomb of my Wuyue clan. Soul refining dish , Xuanming Pearl, and many other treasures that I have searched for over the years... These things were originally refined by our Wuyue Clan, and they are the keys to open the ancestral tomb. In the oldest records of the Wuyue Clan, The true law of death and resurrection is recorded on the tomb of the gods and demons in the ancestral tomb."

Speaking of which, he raised his head and "looked" at the full moon in the night sky, which was gradually returning to white under the influx of purple light. Finally, he sighed in relief, and tightly held Lu Chenzhou beside him with his slender five fingers. hands, and whispered excitedly in a voice that only the two of them could hear: "It's coming soon,'s coming soon..."

The route to the ancestral tomb coincides with the route to the moon, which is amazing! In addition, there is a resurrection technique on the tomb of gods and demons... They are really similar to the legendary Heng'e now!

"Then are we leaving the gap between Yin and Yang?"

Siqin Jiangyue seemed to be in a good mood, she curled her blood-stained lips charmingly, "Exactly."

"Can we go back to Yangjian?" Zhou Ziruo said happily.

"Little boy, not yet. Although the ancestral tomb does not exist between the Yin and Yang worlds, it is not located in the Yang world. But don't worry, the time is overlapping with the time in the Yang world. When I finish my work, I will let you Safely returned to the world of the sun."

Although Zhou Ziruo was a little disappointed, but what Siqin Jiangyue said was at most just a waste of time to run a new map, and there was no danger, so he didn't say anything else.

Si Qin Jiangyue seemed to be afraid that they would be overwhelmed, and said again: "You guys wait patiently, it won't be too long, I promise to let you go back safe and sound."

"Father, do you remember your child?" Lu Lixiao asked Lu Chenzhou suddenly.

Lu Chenzhou raised his hand to wipe away the blood from the corner of Si Qin Jiangyue's lips, but did not respond.

Lu Lixiao said to himself: "After the accident happened in Lujia Village, the boy, master and uncle searched the whole village but couldn't find you. Only mother... mother has already..."

"Don't mention that woman!" Si Qin Jiangyue interrupted suddenly angrily.

Lu Lixiao ignored him and continued: "Master and uncles helped the child bury the corpses of his mother and clan members. When the child woke up that day, the whole village was destroyed, with corpses everywhere, houses collapsed, and fire the yard Your favorite phoenix flower tree also caught fire, like a huge ball of fire..."

Lu Chenzhou's eyes moved slightly in the words "Phoenix Flower Tree", but before the others noticed this change, Si Qin Jiangyue threw a burning moon wheel angrily, "Shut up! "

Fortunately, at this moment, he was seriously injured and his mana was severely depleted, so Lu Lixiao pulled out the inseparable moon wheel easily and flew away, and glanced at it coldly.

There was a sense of imminent danger and tension between the two of them. Zhou Ziruo was about to hold Lu Lixiao, and Yun Hao was about to speak out to dissuade him. At this moment, the slight swaying in the cave suddenly became violent! The loud noise of "Boom" and "Boom" rose up, the cave wall cracked, sand and rocks flew, and the ground quickly twisted and opened cracks like lightning!

Lu Lixiao and Yun Hao grabbed his shoulders in time, Lu Lixiao grabbed his belt and he flew onto a huge boulder. The three of them left the ground and stood up a moment ago. The place where it fell collapsed into a big hole with a radius of more than ten feet!

"How could this be? Could it be..." Siqin Jiangyue "looked" into the sky in disbelief—

At some point, the moon, which had almost completely faded from blood red and returned to pure white, turned **** red again! But the purple light in the soul refining dish was so weak that it almost disappeared!

"Hahahahaha...hahahahahaha..." Gu Qi suddenly burst into a smug laugh.

Si Qin Jiangyue said angrily: "It's you...? What did you do to the Xuanming Pearl?!"

Gu Qi was not afraid of him being full of rage, "Your view is indeed omniscient! Hahahahaha..."

"It's's her again!" Si Qin Jiangyue gritted her teeth, her eyes were bloodshot.

"Hahahahaha... Do you think you are Zunjian's opponent? Do you think you can hinder her? Hahaha... You go to the underworld with me to find Zunjian's soul and a way to revive her! Maybe she will read in The love between mother and child, let me let you go! Hahahaha..."

"Shut up!" Si Qin Jiangyue swept her sleeves angrily, and Gu Qi's legs exploded into a blood mist, gushing blood and kneeling on the ground.

" doesn't matter...even if you kill me, you will revive me in the future..." Gu Qichi laughed.

Si Qin Jiangyue said contemptuously: "Who do you think you are? The hero who resurrected that woman? The predestined person whom that woman had confided in God? Don't dream! You are just an insignificant pawn, a servant! You think you are the only one that woman is looking for Resurrecting her puppet? She has sought countless people in the past few hundred years, but only you, a lunatic, have been deceived by her ghostly technique! Her body was nailed to the bone monument with ghost bone nails by me, and her soul was I personally tore it up and threw it into Shura Hell, never to be reborn! She has no possibility of resurrection, and you—you are just a wishful fool who was deluded by the trace of her resentment and remnants left in the world! Do you understand? ? The respectful views you have known and known for so many years are just a trace of a curse that stays in the world and refuses to dissipate!"

The crazy smile on Gu Qi's face froze, coupled with the dirt and blood all over his face, it was very funny.

Siqin Jiangyue seemed to be recalling the past that was extremely joyful and made his blood boil, "Of course her grievance will not dissipate...I tortured her for ninety-nine and eighty-one days back then. Her eyes seemed to eat my flesh, crush my bones, and drink my blood... After her death, the strong resentment permeated the air for a long time, forming a thick cloud. Such a strong resentment , presumably she herself did not believe that she had died a long time ago, she did not believe that it was impossible for her to be resurrected at all... The respect that once sent me to purgatory, leaving only a trace of resentment lingering on, deceiving herself like a clown..."

"Don't say it! You can't say it anymore! Don't say it anymore!"

Gu Qi's heart-piercing roar, Si Qin Jiangyue's ruthless voice as she narrated the past, the loud sound of the cave collapsing...all the voices were intertwined and gathered into an extremely disturbing panic.

Zhou Ziruo tightly grasped Lu Lixiao's lapel, and asked him in a low voice, "What should we do now?"

Lu Lixiao involuntarily looked at the soul refining vessel, the round bowl that had grown to the size of a pot lid was shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Obviously he was not the only one who noticed this change, and everyone knew what it meant.

Si Qin Jiangyue asked Gu Qi in a cold voice: "Tell me what you did to the Xuanming Pearl, and I will spare you!"

Gu Qi was stunned for a moment, then he suddenly smiled desperately and crazily: "So what if you have great powers? Even if you have killed Zunjian, you will never be able to get out of her cage! Xuan Mingzhu can no longer recover, and you , there is no chance to open the ancestral tomb to resurrect the person you want to resurrect... and I... countless people will go to the underworld with me to find the real way to resurrect the dead..."

Yun Hao and Lu Lixiao heard what he was alluding to, "What do you mean?"

Gu Qidao: "Hey... I have asked Lu Qianfan to put the medicinal liquid I refined into the well water and food used for the daily diet of Zhuri Mountain, and everyone will become a night moth and follow me as the master. Underworld...Unfortunately, there is not enough time, these slaves I have prepared for the respect...are still too few..."

"You lunatic!" Zhou Ziruo scolded angrily, turning pale to Lu Lixiao and Yun Hao who were also shocked.

Although some of the guests from the immortal families on Zhuri Mountain have already left, there are still hundreds of people staying in the Gu mansion, including the Gu family! That's hundreds of lives, let alone their fellow disciples among them!

Thinking that Mu Qijun and Leng Mo were about to become the same night moth Qianque as Han Ziyi and Qianyun, Zhou Ziruo was so terrified that his whole body was cold and his heart was going to explode!

At this time, Siqin Jiangyue had taken back the Xuanming Pearl in the soul refining dish and made a careful inspection, confirming what Gu Qi said, the Xuanming Pearl could no longer be recovered.

The luster of the gray beads dimmed, turning into a pile of powder and scattered with the wind, the last trace of purple light on the soul refining vessel suspended in mid-air dissipated, revealing a body covered with cracks at some point. The sensation of landslides and ground cracks resounded all around clearly, but the sound of "bang" when the small round bowl completely collapsed fell into everyone's ears very clearly.

At that moment, it seemed that a certain hope and sustenance collapsed.

Siqin Jiangyue's body softened and she slid on the ground. Lu Chenzhou bent his knees to support him, he turned his head to face his silent face, his slightly parted lips trembled slightly, and two lines of blood and tears flowed from the corners of his closed eyes!

The breath of despair emanated from this man who had always been arrogant and dared to fight the sky, just like the spreading epidemic infecting other people, making people anxious and panicked, but at the same time clearly felt the meaning of judgment.

Zhou Ziruo whispered to himself: "We can't go to the ancestral tomb... So now, are we sinking into the underworld?"

Neither Lu Lixiao nor Yun Hao answered.

"...You still lost in her hands, and you will never struggle to escape the fate she bestowed on, and others...will all go to the purgatory...becoming night moths, becoming me Servant of eternity...go to the underworld with me...welcome the return of the honored view..." Gu Qi spitting out a big mouthful of blood while laughing foolishly, "We the end...we won..."

"Is that so?"

In the cave that was collapsing, a voice that did not belong to anyone present sounded quietly. The cold and soft words were full of disdain and deep-seated malice.

Gu Qi looked surprised at the visitor: "It'"

"...Is that man the fourteenth son of the Gu family?" Yun Hao asked uncertainly.

Lu Lixiao said, "How did he find this place?"

Gu Jue stood tall and tall in the cave, his long gown as blue as the sky was stained with bright red blood, but he himself could not see the slightest sign of injury or violent fighting, only his handsome face was pale and bloodless. The soft smile that was always on the brows and eyes has completely disappeared without a trace, and there is silence and condensation.

He roughly glanced at the scene at this moment, stretched out his right hand, and slowly opened his clenched palm under everyone's gaze.

A mass of purple light slowly rose from his palm, like a firefly shining brightly in purple light. There is something wrapped in the light, that thing is struggling, but in the deafening chaos, paradoxically, you can almost hear the sound of that thing flapping its wings in despair.

The crazy look on Gu Qi's face was replaced by great fear, "That's...could it be that..."

"Seventh Brother is worthy of chasing Ye Mo Qianque for half his life, and he recognized him so quickly." Gu Jue said softly.

Zhou Ziruo whispered, "What is that?"

Lu Lixiao took a closer look and whispered, "If I guessed correctly, it should be—"

"Mother." Yun Hao said, "The only true night moth in the world is Qianque, mother."

Zhou Ziruo stared wide-eyed at the purple light, "The mother of a locust actually exists? And... how did it fall into Gu Jue's hands?"

"These are not important. The important thing is that Siqin Jiangyue said that there is only one moth mother, and there will only be one moth mother in the same time and space. According to my guess, the moth mother is like a moth in an ant's nest. The queen ant is different from other ants, even though Gu Qi created a new night moth Qianque, compared to him as the master, the mother is the real core and leader of all night moth Qianque." Lu Lixiao's eyes darkened, "If the moth mother is destroyed, the strange insect from the underworld like the night moth Qianque may be completely extinct! Then the medicinal liquid refined by Gu Qi—"

— Those liquid medicines will be completely ineffective!

Zhou Ziruo was overjoyed, "We snatched the mother and killed them, maybe we can save the people on Zhuri Mountain in time!"

Yun Hao said: "We don't need to worry about this matter. The purple light outside the moth mother is the remnant soul burning with cold fire. Even I can only say that I have only seen the power of the cold fire in my life. It is not easy to classify it as the top in the world It’s too much! The moth wrapped in it is only lingering on its last breath, and will soon disappear. This kid really wanted to **** Gu Qi to death, so he came here to let him see the scene of the moth’s death.”

After speaking, his inquiring eyes shifted from the indifferent Gu Jue to the purple light above Gu Jue's palm, and he murmured suspiciously: "Although the cold fire is powerful, it is thanks to the fusion of the remnant soul that it can burn the mother to ashes." Power. Whose remnant soul is that actually possesses the power of icy cold that is no less than that of an extremely cold spiritual creature..."

Gu Qi was obviously also aware of Gu Jue's intentions, and shouted maniacally: "No, no..."

The corners of Gu Jue's lips curled up slightly, which could almost be called a cruel arc, but the smile didn't reach his eyes at all.

A sharp and piercing cry of pain could be heard clearly in the purple light. Zhou Ziruo, who was as low as Zhou Ziruo, even covered his ears tightly during the cry, still felt a splitting headache! Lu Lixiao pressed his head to his chest, and poured spiritual power into his body continuously through the palms attached to his back, only then did he relieve the unbearable sadness and torment.

The cry of the mother borer lasted for half an hour before it gradually weakened, and finally stopped. As the sound disappeared completely, Gu Qiye fell to the ground bleeding from all seven orifices, his eyes were wide open unwillingly, and he was full of resentment Died out of breath.

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