Zhou Ziruo lost his job.

Oh, no, it should mean that Zhou Ziruo fired his boss.

Zhou Ziruo has graduated from university for less than a year, and works as a real estate consultant in a real estate agency. Tonight, he went to entertain a big client with his boss.

The boss turned a blind eye, so Zhou Ziruo had no choice but to endure the humiliation and insist on a contract with a smiling face. The customer received the wrong message, the sausage mouth made a wicked smile, and the soybean eye threw an autumn spinach, boldly touched Zhou Ziruo's ass, and pinched it a handful.

Xiao Zhou couldn't bear it any longer, jumped on the case, beat the client into a pig's head, and then went on and on, before the boss asked the teacher for the crime, he first slapped the boss head and face, and finally left an extremely irregular letter. Handwritten resignation letter, waved his sleeves and left gracefully.

Zhou Ziruo went to the ATM machine on the side of the road to check his deposits, and found that he was still very competitive after working for more than half a year, so he planned to let go for a few days before looking for a new job.

The game store on the side of the road is closing its doors, and a large poster of a domestic game is posted on the door of the store. As a 23-year-old single young man, Zhou Ziruo directly ignored the handsome face of the hero of the game, and drooled at the girl behind him who was dressed cooler than the other, and happily took the game back Family.

If Zhou Zi has no experience in games, the spiritual grass that grows on the side of the road will not be harvested, the treasure box will not be opened, the protagonist will upgrade slowly, and the handsome figure on the screen will rush to the street again and again, and the hero will start again.

This aroused his unwillingness to be defeated, and he took the initiative to compete with his opponents for customers, and began his perfect journey from a well-dressed and positive career-oriented young man to an Internet-addicted boy squatting on a chair and yelling with a mouse in his hand. change.

Zhou Ziruo fought day and night, gritted his teeth, and won the achievement of "King of the Streets". Finally, he was exhausted physically and mentally, and fell asleep on the desk.

After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, a mechanical voice said in a daze: [Are you awake? 】

Zhou Ziruo complained about this badly used line in his heart, wouldn't he know if he woke up or not?

However, when he opened his eyes, he didn't see the speaker. In fact, he couldn't even see himself, because he was in the darkness where he couldn't see his fingers.

[You have died 5,000 times in the game "Jianao Cangqiong" in total, and you have obtained the hidden achievement "King of Fighting the Street", and the system has been successfully activated. 】

Zhou Ziruo: "Wait, wait! What do you mean?"

[User name: Zhou Ziruo. 】

"Don't call me by my name, thank you!"

Zhou Ziruo's father is a fan of Jin Yong, especially "Yi Tian Shou Long Ji", so insanely named his son Zhou Ziruo, homophonic Zhou Zhiruo. Zhou Ziruo has never stopped being teased about his name by his classmates since he graduated from elementary school, especially no matter how he transfers or changes classes, there will always be someone in his class named "Zhao Min", "Zhao Min", "Zhang Wuji", "Zhang Cuishan", "Zhou Ziruo". The guy of Yin Susu, every day, "Ruo Ruo, your rivals/your husband/your father -in -law ...", caused him to fall, which caused him to hear his name.

[Gender: Male. 】

Zhou Ziruo frowned: "I'm a man, thank you!"

The voice was ignored, [hidden achievements are activated, the activation method is destroyed, and the system starts to operate. The user is about to enter the world of Jianao Sky, replacing Zhou Ziruo in the Central Plains of the world...]

"What do you mean?"

The voice finally stopped mercifully, […]

Zhou Ziruo was full of hope, but suddenly felt empty under his feet.

It turned out that the voice was silent, because it was planning to speak with facts.

Zhou Ziruo uttered a series of horrifying long screams and fell into the bottomless abyss.

His face was stabbed, as if someone was poking his face with a sharp object.

He raised his hand to slap the thing away, and the thing poked it up again relentlessly. If Zhou Zi was angry, he opened his eyes and saw two little boys in brocade clothes and jade robes squatting in front of him. If they didn't hold a branch in each hand, he would definitely think that they are pink and tender.

Before he had time to be amazed by the retro looks of the two children, he was startled by the sound he made, and he heard him making a "woo-woo" sound when a small animal was angry!

"Hey... the little fox is awake!"

"Strike it to death, stab it to death!"

This time the branch poked towards the eyes, Zhou Ziruo hurriedly backed away, and the two children stood up, as if two mountains cast a heavy shadow on Zhou Ziruo's head.

Zhou Ziruo thought to himself, and broke out in a cold sweat, is this the son of a giant?

"Kill it! Kill the fox!"

The two little kids picked up stones and threw them at them. Zhou Ziruo looked down while dodging around, and a breath of cold air shot up from the soles of his feet to his forehead: What's the matter with this fluffy body! !

He strokes the top of his head with his furry paws and has two furry ears.

He touches his **** with his furry paws and has a fluffy tail.

In Zhou Ziruo's mind, tens of thousands of mud horses galloped by in an instant, and they were all fluffy. That's when he realized that he hadn't strayed into the kingdom of giants, but that he himself had grown smaller—he had become a little furry animal! As for the breed, these two brats had already told him—fox!

【Ding! The account login is successful, and the account binding is successful. 】

The mechanical voice sounded in his mind again, and Zhou Ziruo shouted: "Brother, what is your mother's last name? Why did I become like this when I woke up?"

[Welcome to the world of Jianao Cangqiong, where you will replace the original character Zhou Ziruo and complete the road to cannon fodder counterattack. I am the game system, and I will provide you with all the help on your counterattack road. I hope we will have a happy cooperation! 】

Sword proud of the sky? ? Isn't that the game he bought back and hit the street 5,000 times? ?

Oh, it's so cheating!

After the two little kids finished throwing the stones, they lifted a big broom together and chopped it down at Zhou Ziruo. Is it better to be flexible? Then it "chiliu" disappeared under the shadow of the broom.

He jumped on an old wooden barrel and shook his buttocks and tail proudly at the two little kids. After showing off his power enough, he swaggered and prepared to leave, but when he turned around, someone grabbed the back of his neck and lifted him up.

The field of vision was filled with a face full of flesh. The man in front of him was burly, tall and glaring, a bit like Master Xing's version of Tang Bohu's Dian Qiuxiang, the chief executive of Washington Wu Zhuangyuan. Zhou Ziruo was hurt even by his belt, and his four claws fluttered in the air. Taking advantage of Wu Zhuangyuan's unpreparedness, he bit his hand hard. Wu Zhuangyuan shook him away in pain, and he rolled on the spot. He ran away with four short legs.

"Little beast! Court death!"

Wu Zhuangyuan chased after him in a rage, but Zhou Ziruo panicked and scrambled among the pavilions on the rockery. He didn't know where he went. As soon as he got out of the flowers, there was an open black wooden box waiting for him in front of him.

Wu Zhuangyuan, who was patronizing behind him, didn't expect that there was a trap ahead. Zhou Ziruo's four paws were firmly on the ground, but he ran too fast and had too much inertia to brake, so he slammed into the box. He turned it over in a daze, only to hear a "pop", a piece of blue sleeves swayed by the box, the bright sky outside was covered by the cover, and his eyes went dark.

A clear and pleasant male voice said with a soft smile, "Little fox, stay here for a while."

"Young master..."

Wu Zhuangyuan's voice sounded outside the box, and Zhou Ziruo, who was scratching the inner wall of the box to get out, didn't move.

The clear and pleasant voice said: "Head Wu, what are you doing?"

puff! It turns out that Wu Zhuangyuan's real surname is Wu.

"The little one just found a fox slipping into the mansion in the north garden and ran towards the east garden."

"Fox? Oh, I've been here to enjoy the flowers, and no fox has passed by."

"The little one will look elsewhere first, so as not to offend the masters of the family."

"You go."

There was a sound of footsteps, probably Wu Zhuangyuan retreated.

The lid of the box lifted a gap, revealing a gleam of light, and then a pair of slender hands hugged Zhou Ziruo out.

"Are you bored?" This is a young man whose brows and eyes are as warm as water, as if the genialest ray of sunlight in spring brightens people's eyes. He was wearing an azure long gown, although the style was simple, it was printed with exquisite dark patterns, which must be affordable for wealthy families.

Zhou Ziruo struggled a bit, but the young man didn't let go of him, and coaxed with a smile, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, it doesn't hurt~" Then he suddenly pulled out a bunch of his hair, put him on the ground, and touched his head, "Get out quickly!" Come on, don’t come around here again.”

How does it feel to be plucked? It's almost like plucking leg hair. But it's not a stick, it's a pinch! Zhou Ziruo burst into tears from pain.

The young man took out a small piece of dark blue rag, carefully wrapped Zhou Ziruo's clump of fox fur, then lifted the black wooden box, and after walking a few steps, he turned around and waved at Zhou Ziruo: "Get out of here quickly, don't come back again !"

Under the benevolent gaze of the young man, Zhou Ziruo was really embarrassed to continue squatting where he was, so he got behind a rockery. The young man was relieved, and walked away along the path in the garden without looking back.

I don't know whose mansion this is, it's so big that it looks like a labyrinth, and the houses are all similar in appearance, so I can't tell where they are. But Zhou Ziruo wasn't in the mood to find his way, he just walked around the corner dejectedly.

Zhou Ziruo was depressed and sad.

He still can't believe that he has worn it, even if he wears it, he has turned into a beast. Thinking of this, he suddenly realized a matter of life and death, and hurriedly looked between his legs.

Fortunately, okay, only the wrong race is worn, not even the gender is wrong! He could only comfort himself like this.

Zhou Ziruo saw a person.

A 28-year-old girl in a blue satin skirt was picking a flower and sniffing it lightly at the tip of her nose. Her posture was playful and nimble, just like a picture of a beauty drawn by a famous artist. He rushed to the girl in a flash.

Such a beautiful girl must be full of love for small animals. Zhou Ziruo is hungry and tired, staring at the girl pitifully with a pair of watery fox eyes, sticking out his small tongue to lick his paws, showing off his cuteness.

The girl looked at him in amazement. Zhou Ziruo felt that there was something going on, so he tried his best to show off his cuteness, and even planned to show her a few rolls, but the girl squeezed her fists and screamed: "There is a fox! Come on, come on me!" Miss, beat it to death!" A large number of servants came to him with sticks in their hands, "Where is the fox? Where is the fox?"

Zhou Ziruo ran away, but the servants had already seen him, waving the "weapon" in their hands and yelling, they chased after him. People along the road were all yelling and making a fuss, Zhou Ziruo was sweating profusely from running and looked dazed, what happened to the people here? Isn't it just a fox? How about being so ignorant!

The roads in the mansion are criss-crossed, with seven bends and eight turns. Zhou Ziruo bypassed the nine-curved corridor, passed through the well-designed garden, and came to a small courtyard. He had just entered through the moon arch when he bumped into a hard object and fell to the ground. With all four feet in the air, someone grabbed one leg and lifted it upside down.


A deep voice fell into the ear, and at the same time the system sound "ding" sounded.

[Main protagonist Lu Lixiao makes an appearance, and the plot of Fox Killing Castle is unlocked and activated! 】

Depend on! Kill Fox Fort! Can this name be simpler and ruder! Can it be better!

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