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At first, when he learned that he was forced to go to many different routine worlds and be reborn into all kinds of cannon fodder, he was against it.

Because villains usually all only have a moment of satisfaction, the endings of cannon fodder are also frequently quite miserable.

But the man who gave him the system told him that this system not only has all types of powerful functions, but he can also break the routine lives of the cannon fodder. If he achieves this satisfactorily for each world, he can even become a god.

He’s already experienced over a thousand reincarnations, but hasn’t yet been a god. Since it sounds pretty great, why not just try it out.

From that moment on, he began the irreversible path of tyrannically oppressing people, while conveniently tearing open those white moonlights and so-called righteous people’s hypocritical masks.

His goal: wearing the villain’s role to walk other people’s righteous paths, leaving them no path to follow.

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Short Title:CFCS
Alternate Title:炮灰作弊系统[快穿]
Author:Tangerine Boat
Weekly Rank:#987
Monthly Rank:#1224
All Time Rank:#823
Tags:Amnesia, Apocalypse, Artificial Intelligence, Artists, Black Belly, Calm Protagonist, Celebrities, Charismatic Protagonist, Cheats, Cooking, Cunning Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Episodic, Famous Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Interdimensional Travel, Jack of All Trades, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Mob Protagonist, Models, Modern Day, Mpreg, Multiple Realms, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Mysterious Past, Overpowered Protagonist, Politics, Possessive Characters, Post-apocalyptic, Power Couple, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Rape, Revenge, Royalty, Shounen-Ai Subplot, Showbiz, Strong Love Interests, System Administrator, Transmigration, Unconditional Love, Virtual Reality, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping, Zombies,
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  1. First of all, why are you here? And if you didn't like it, then just ignore it. Why bother commenting on it in the comments? Don't you feel even a bit tired writing down your opinion to others? I know it's your opinion, but do you have to say it in here, where most people in here just want to read yaoi? So what if they read yaoi? It's not like we'll die if we read them. And at least we are honest about what we like, so please, if you ever end up realizing that the novel you were reading is yaoi or shounen ai -there is literally something called tags and genres, for the love of god you have eyes to read-, then get off of this place, and continue doing whatever you were doing as if nothing happened. Please keep it peaceful with others, and others will do the same, if you start being ignorant, then others will treat you likewise. I think you already knew this, and thank you for having the time of your life to read this comment.

  2. I feel like this is literally everyone every time there’s a harem novel !!! 😂😂😂but literally there’s like one yaoi for every four or more harem or generic face slapping cultivation urban novels

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