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But She’s So Charming

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Tang Wu is the top card of Jingcheng Junmeng Court, and a jewel held in the palm of her eldest mother (Gu Jiuniang).

The day when she first saw her, it happened to be the day when she first appeared in the cabinet.

He sat in the box and stared at her, she raised her white arm and poured wine for him carefully.

His face is like a crown jade, his demeanor is handsome, and he looks like a noble and modest gentleman.

She thought, rather than being sold to the one in front of the man in front of him, instead of being sold to Amber Cheng, who stayed in the ecstasy cave every day.
So, she plucked up the courage and timidly hooked the palm of his hand with her little finger…

Song Ling (xi) quietly raised the wine goblet, and drank it immediately.

Heart sigh, really.

The night is sultry and charming.

【small theater】:

Tang Wu when I first saw her: His Majesty felt that her status as a concubine was humble, so she was disgusted when she said that she was disgusted?

Song Lin frowned and said nothing.

Tang Wu in the house fighting: If your Royal Highness feels that the concubine is unreasonable to make trouble, the concubine might as well leave now.

Song Ling had a dull pain in her chest, so she reached out and stopped her.

Tang Wu when she was pregnant: If your Royal Highness feels that your concubine is not worthy of your Royal Highness, then…

Song Xin stretched out his hand to cover her mouth, and said in a low voice, “I am unworthy, okay?”

# When a pure-hearted person eats his heart and knows his taste #

# Mary Su’s heroine naturally cannot have only one identity #

The beautiful and charming Jingzhong top card vs. the forbidden and domineering prince.

Edible guide:
2. The relationship line must go through the kidneys first, and then the heart. The mid-to-late period cookies are too sweet for money.
3. Those who attack the author himself will be bald in the Mediterranean. If you want thick roots, you should pay attention to the message.
4. This article is fictitious and goes up to the sky. Everything is for falling in love.
5. Decline to pick up the list, don’t tell if you discard the article.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BSSC
Alternate Title:奈何她媚色撩人
Author:Well-developed lacrimal gland
Weekly Rank:#7175
Monthly Rank:#7433
All Time Rank:#8422
Tags:Ancient China, Ancient Times, Drama, Female Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Josei, Love Triangles, Rebirth, Second Chance, Tragedy,
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