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Terrible and ferocious monsters, cruel and ferocious zombies, plump and enchanting demon girls, supernatural beings with all kinds of strange abilities, wonderful and magical secrets, colorful and different time and space, and bizarre end times!

Wang Mang, who lived in the last days for six years, discovered the real secret before he died, but he could only die with regret. Fortunately, he opened his eyes and found that he was reborn in the third year of high school. How about Wang Mang who valued his life? Use the power of the insect master to build a group of insects and dominate the world!

Dear eschatology…I am coming!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:BMID
Alternate Title:末法虫师
Author:Xia Lou Chuan Qiu Ku
Weekly Rank:#1602
Monthly Rank:#1475
All Time Rank:#1895
Tags:Absent Parents, Action, Apocalypse, Artifacts Cultivation, Assassins, Criminals, Cultivation, Demons, Harem, Insects, Monster Tamer, Monsters, Rebirth, Second Chance, System Administrator, Wars, Zombies,
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17 Comments on “Bug Master In Doomsday
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  1. This is so disappointing I thought the MC's powers will mainly be focusing on bug controlling with maybe some long range attack from mc why the duck does he have a spear and a fucking sword and still practices body tempering techniques fuck.

  2. Es un renacido de un apocalipsis, en cada batalla o progreso de fuerza se ve gravemente herido inconsciente lo tiene que salvar la trama de alguna forma, tiene que siempre irse a morir para tener algun tesoro o mejorar fuerza cuando esa en su mejor momento repentinamente saltan personajes al azar mejor que el y es una y otra vez

  3. Novel is super awesome, so good writing, such a good plot, just that it is very similar to other doomsday zombie novels and i am bored, and i Dont want to read after 50 chapter, its just normal mc reborn at the day of doomsday and get a ability then go kill all the zombies and get strong or similiar plot

  4. Mother fucker you didn't even read it and you are commenting on it that it is not a good novel. Guys don't listen to this basterd the novel is ok. If you wanna pass you time its fine but you see it is tragic novel as mc every time gets seriously injured which cases him to pay high price in every battel.

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