Let Sapphire himself use a word to describe his feelings, he can't describe it, he has a short learning time, and he has no ability to remember him.

   He thinks his Datang is good, just like the people in Duojing Zhaofu.

   At this time, the weather in Chang'an is later than that in the country, and the lights in the south of the city are the brightest.

   When some shops are closed, I take the lights to the unclosed places and use them for the students.

   Including glass lamps with candles inside. Kerosene, gasoline, and diesel have other uses, and paraffin wax is a by-product.

  Most of the paraffin wax is bought by merchants. It is much cheaper to light oil lamps in other places.

   There are few students coming by car, it takes a lot of money to live in the city, and the price of the inn is high.

   The settlement area behind Baqiao is not allowed to enter. It was allowed before.

   They either live in other counties, which is cheap and it is not convenient to communicate.

   More people live in the southern part of Chang'an. They have a certificate, a separate small house, no toilet or kitchen, and only one day for living.

   They prepare night buckets by themselves, and carry them to a fixed place during the day to dump them, call them to pour Yexiang, and wash them by the way.

   Like the old Shanghai in Li Yi’s time, there was a collection car in the morning. After dumping it in, it was washed with water in a concentrated place, and there was a queue.

   If any student says that he can't stand this kind of pickling, he will find it dirty and refuse.

   Then there is no need to take the imperial examination. If you fail to pass the exam, you can't get all the correct answers.

   Li Yi can jump into the discharge port of the biogas digester to get something, and others have to deal with it as well. Can't you learn? Why are you so delicate?

  Students, all the forty-two and two hundred and twenty students before Lijiazhuangzi have to help deal with the livestock shed and chicken coop.

   Then all people in the imperial examination are ranked first, indicating that there is an extra state when doing dirty and exhausting work in the imperial examination.

   "Brother Fengshuo, did you go to the cesspit again during the day? Smell, there is no smell on your body."

   A few students were reading under the lights of the south of the city, and some were talking to the classmates next to them.

   The surname of the person called Fengshuo is Shi, and his name is Yongqiu.

   The work he does makes a lot of money, mainly because he is careful.

   Before digging around the dungpit, he would first spread a layer of sand. After sprinkling it, he put the sand into the big bucket of the car.

   What's even more powerful is that he prepared water soaked in perilla leaves and sprayed it to cover up the smell.

  He can make more than fifty dollars a day, take a shower for free, and provide a lunch.

   For a meal in the morning, it depends on which workshop he goes to. After going in, the director of the workshop is also willing to give him a meal.

   He didn't eat at night. He went to study here. After he finished his studies, he ate a bowl of noodles and walked over to memorizing what he had learned.

   "Wash it, I will do this job, and use soap for bathing." Shi Yongqiu also smelled it himself, making sure that there was no bad smell.

   "Which workshop to go to tomorrow?" Another person asked casually.

   "Tomorrow...Tomorrow the birthday of King Xue's eldest son, I..." Shi Yongqiu said and stopped, expressing his meaning.

   "Brother Fengshuo, did you get the invitation?" The person who asked before was surprised, and at the same time it was sour in the snack.

   "It was recommended by Vice Chairman Zhong. My results in the calligraphy and painting competition are still good." Shi Yongqiu gave the answer, and he followed Zhong Shaojing's path.

   Zhong Shaojing was sponsored by Lijiazhuangzi to organize the competition, and he picked them and took them to celebrate the birthday of the eldest son of Xue Wang and Liye.

   "Brother Fengshuo, in this case, it's going to be flat." Others were equally jealous, but could not ridicule.

   "Where is there a peaceful pace? You guys don't know. If you want to go on the road of advocacy, you must pass the test of Doctor Li.

   People who can get into the first class were recommended when they didn't take the imperial examination, but Dr. Li disagreed, and later passed the imperial examination.

  The ranking is lower, and those who are passed by Dr. Li must be ranked first in the imperial examination. "

   Shi Yongqiu gently shook his head, it is too difficult to take the road of recommendation!

   No matter how many things you know, Li Yi promises to ask what you are best at.

   How many book notes did Li Yi write? What everyone learns is what he wrote.

   What is amazing, amazing, amazing, isn't it just reading the notes written by Li Yi?

  The key to these existing books, all the answers are correct only to prove that you have worked hard to memorize, and the subsequent current affairs policies are so difficult to make people doubt life.

   The key recommendation is that Li Yi's failed. He was admitted to the first place in the imperial examination by himself, and couldn't raise his eyebrows, saying that you Li Yi didn't like me, so I came up with my own skills.

   It's useless, the most indispensable thing for Lijiazhuangzi is the first class.

   You can get into the first class, but you can’t pass the level of Doctor Li. Isn’t it normal?

   After passing the test, they are directly awarded officials, and then the imperial examinations are taken, and the rankings are all in the first place.

   After finishing the exam by myself, waiting for the officer to be appointed, it may not be the real power.

   It was obviously to walk through the back door to fight, and the result was the same as that of Xiucai.

   I have to directly arrange for the official, OK, the county chief, the county lieutenant, and the county chief in the state capital outside Jingzhaofu, to follow the door of a certain king.

   Then a group of people stared, not only can't make mistakes, but also show political achievements, recommending your king to bear the pressure.

  What kind of relationship and talent do you have to make a certain king do this for you?

   Knowing that you don’t make any political achievements, how much loss will the king suffer?

  Of course, the other kind of intervention is different, talented and learned, and without imperial examination qualifications, the requirements will be lowered, and the official will be the first to do it, and the way to select foreign officials will be used.

  All the students are in a good mood again. Yes, you Shi Yongqiu want to be recommended, it is difficult, I guess it won’t work.


   "Brother Yi, do you have any good wine? I will bring you someone for my brother. You know that the regular script is good. My brother will show you the painting today."

   Li Yi was grilling skewers outside, and Li Chengqi chased him, and he also brought a man who was about forty years old.

   "I didn't bring wine and liquor to eating skewers. UU reading www.uukanshu.com. Drinking liquor at night is not good. Only beer and rice wine are used for skewers."

   Li Yi first gave the palace maid a lot of skewers and let them eat with others. He left some and put them on the tray and walked over.

   put down the tray, he clasped his fist at the man: "My dear man, please, it's hot, how about a cold beer?"

   "Good!" The opponent also clasped his fists.

   Li Yi pours three draught beer glasses and takes a sip first.

   As a result, the man directly raised his head and gurgled to dry it, a two-liter cup!

   It was replaced by Li Yi’s small beer in the karaoke hall at that time, a bottle of more than 300 ml, two liters can hold six cups.

   Five hundred milliliters of beer is four cans, let alone drinking, drinking water like this...

   Li Yi took a deep breath and put the cup in front of his mouth again, grunting, we can't lose.

   "Why is this drink better than before? It's a bit dizzy! Uh!" The man who killed a large glass of wine burped at this moment.

   Li Yi: "..."

   He turned and left, and went to a place where no one was there, wow~~ I vomited all over, I had a stomach up, and I hadn't eaten skewers. I kept grilling for others. Can I still eat it after drinking so much beer?

   When he went back, he took a detour and took the edamame.

   "Just now I... it's cold, right?" Li Yigang wanted to say that he was going to get something, only to see the gurgling beer drinker vomiting in front of the barrel.

   "He had just eaten when he came, and he hadn't drunk. There was too much stuff in his stomach." Li Chengqi helped explain.

   "Okay, let's drink slowly."

   Li Yi is fortunate that, thanks to my empty stomach, I vomited after eating and it was very uncomfortable.