People in the Nantian family don't care what the two families think, they are the happiest.

   There are laborers who don’t need to pay, just give me a meal, and save other money.

   At the same time, the biggest crisis is lifted, and people who come to change things in the future will not be robbed or killed.

   "Dang Changan’s night is like this every day. When the night is over, it becomes morning, and you can go out to eat at any time during the night."

   "Women there are looking for them, but unfortunately we can't find them. Without money, Kazuko won't give us money."

   "Their boat doesn't use oars, and it walks on foot."

   "It is hot and there are many people at night. At night, you are not allowed to carry burdens and carts are sold in other places. Others have to sleep."

   "They have a lot of cows, horses, donkeys and mules. They have a pocket behind their buttocks, and their feces go into the pocket."

   People who have been to Datang began to tell others that they should compare Datang Chang'an to a bonfire party.

   "You have said it twice." Someone was eating and I was tired of listening.

   "I'm afraid you won't remember, do you know how wide the road in Chang'an is? From here to there..." the man continued.

  Some people like to listen, and they like to listen to it several times.

   For example, the wives and children of people who go to Datang have extra gifts to bring back to their families.

   Everyone has gifts from other people, and Li Yi gave them, hoping to open a breakthrough here and become a stable stronghold.

   Sapphire is painting with the smell of toilet water. He is good at painting and learned it when he was an apprentice.

   I can’t draw a picture, how can I make things with various patterns?

   Nantian Kazuko handed tools and various rulers by the side.

   Sapphire designs large warehouses, drainage, cesspit, internal structure, and materials used.

   He was afraid that things would be ruined by heavy rain or typhoon, so he piled up rocks out of the sturdy warehouse. Isn't this manpowered?

  His old husband was drinking with people with identities in the clan, and now the people with identities were not taken care of by him. He was deprived of power and locked up if he wanted to challenge his status.

   Waiting for the next level, and then released, must stabilize his position as the patriarch.

  The wine they drink is white wine mixed with cold boiled water. The degree is very low. For people who have never drunk white wine, they can still be confused after drinking a few glasses.

  The people in the Nantian clan are very respectful to the patriarch. Who can let people have a good daughter?

   "Sapphire is busy again, writing and painting, Datang's good knowledge, I will go and see." Nantian Daokang took a sip of wine, got up and went to the side.

   In fact, the distance is only five steps. He is sitting here and talking.

   "Yue Zhang!" Sapphire heard the voice, put down the pen, and moved a stool over.

   "Don't eat some skewers?" Nantian Daoyao saw that his son-in-law was satisfied, he sat down and asked caringly.

   "Eat some, wait for a few more mouthfuls after drawing, don't drink too much Yuezhang wine, it is uncomfortable to sleep at night."

   Sapphire responded, picking up the unfinished drawing by the way.

  "Please look at Mr. Yue. Several scattered stone warehouses are to be built. Drains are dug outside to distinguish open channels and culverts.

   There should also be water next to the food storage, in case the water goes out, it can be used to extinguish the fire.

   Leave four doors open. When something happens, all four doors open together..."

   Sapphire introduced in the simplest terms, Nantian Inacon said the word ‘good’ from time to time, but I didn’t understand it.

  His purpose is not to stop how to build a warehouse, he wants others to see that he has a good relationship with his son-in-law.

   Sapphire knows that he still has to behave and cooperate with the old man.

   Nantian Kazuko grilled large conch shells on the side, grilled them in a grate, took out the meat, dipped in the seasoning, and placed them on a plate.

   The plate is made of porcelain, with exquisite patterns on it, presented by Lijiazhuangzi.

'Snapped! There was movement from the side. A child from the clan went to serve the stewed fish, took a bowl to serve it, and it was hot. He didn't dare to throw it, speeded up his pace, and stumbled.

   Sapphire put down the drawing, jumped over, picked up the child from behind, observed the child's face and small hands, and asked, "Where does it hurt?"

   The child shook his head in a panic, and suddenly saw a broken bowl and spilled fish on the ground, showing a look of horror and crying.

   "It's okay, it's okay, stop, what are you doing here? So fierce? You want to hit the child?"

   Sapphire coaxed the child and scolded a man who came over.

   "He broke something." The other party was called by him and stopped quickly.

   "If you hit him, things will get better?" Sapphire understands the adult's thoughts and gives the child a long memory.

   The child already knows that he was wrong, what does it look like?

   "In the future, take a tray and carry it away. If you still accidentally stumble under your feet, throw the tray away. Don’t hurt yourself."

   Sapphire turned his head and said to the crying child, don’t adults fall back?

   "You stupid Kazuo? You scared the child? Leader Lan is talking to you." Nantian Dao Kang shouted to the tribe, Kazuo Nantian.

   In fact, he feels very sorry for that beautiful porcelain bowl. Four of the same bowls belong to a set. In spring, summer, autumn and winter, one is broken, and only three are left.

   "Yes, I blamed the child, I didn't take care of it." What else can Nantian Kazuo do?

   "Make up an autumn bowl, wait for someone else's house to accidentally break the other, and then make up, bring more porcelain."

   Sapphire doesn't feel distressed. If he broke one by himself before, he would cry when he thought of it.

   Now he has money and he knows the cost. There are many kilns in Jingzhao Mansion and surrounding prefectures. He usually burns pottery, and he burns porcelain every few times.

   Most people use pottery, and entertain guests with porcelain.

   There are a lot of broken pottery from the children. The parents took a look and put them away. They were worthless.

   If there is braised pork in the bowl, pick up the braised pork, wash it, and then heat it in the pot.

  Noodles or rice are not thrown away. After a little bit of water, hot noodles become cold noodles, and steamed rice becomes super-watered rice.

   If it’s soup, don’t use it at all. There is little in the is all water.

   "Autumn!" The child stopped crying and pointed to the bowl on the ground next to Sapphire. He was illiterate. Hearing Sapphire's Qiu, he knew what the four bowls were.

   Nantian Kazuko came over, took the child back, and someone came to pack things.

   "Jiang Chuan won't they come down to eat?" Nantian Inaoyasu took a look and looked at a boat.

   "They are tired, resting on the boat, they should have eaten." Sapphire didn't know the arrangement of Yulin Feiqi.

   He knew that Yulin Feiqi wanted to have a solid sleep, and that the boat was the most stable.

   "Did Tang Changan are all eating now?" Nantian Daokang glanced around, feeling that the night was extraordinarily warm.

   "The people who work early tomorrow morning go to bed early, and the people who work in shifts at the wharf are willing to eat supper.

   In addition, students earn living expenses during the day, and students who study at night will come out at this moment.

   Look for a lighted place to read, and communicate with your companions. They are usually in the place under the jurisdiction of Lijiazhuangzi in the south of Chang'an. "

   Sapphire tells the truth, not everyone does not sleep at night, so much money? Everyone has to live.

   "Go far away?" Nantian Dao Kang wanted to go to Datang Chang'an by himself.

   "There are buses, students hold vouchers, they don’t cost money to ride, elderly people do not spend money, children do not spend money, disabled people do not spend money, and sergeants do not spend money."

   Sapphire said a series of things don't cost money, just like that in Chang'an.

   "What about the car money?" Nantian Dao Kang really thought of the cost.

   "The court subsidizes, Lijiazhuangzi will subsidize in the south of the city, and the students can eat a bowl of noodles at night." Sapphire said with a different smile.