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Bringing System to Great Tang

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Li Yi passed through, with a lifespan system. Only by doing things that were conducive to the social development of the Tang Dynasty could lifespan be increased.

At this time, his life span was calculated by hours, and then he met Emperor Li Longji who had concealed his identity from him.

The story begins here.

Li Yi: As long as it can increase my lifespan, I have all the skills needed.

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Short Title:BTSTGT
Alternate Title:带着系统来大唐
Author:Farmhouse out of a pot
Weekly Rank:#1452
Monthly Rank:#1656
All Time Rank:#2642
Tags:Ancient China, Army, Easy Going Life, Economics, Farming, Male Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Modern Knowledge, Politics, Rebirth, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, Time Travel,
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11 Comments on “Bringing System to Great Tang
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  1. Translation quality: Average. MC is a young adult who receives a system, MC is self-centered (The other characters come to him in his feud). The mechanics and their calculation are well explained but this information disappears in history, replaced by scenes of slice of life of Chinese cuisine. The scenarios are limited to: Capital of the Tang period, the fief of the MC (near the capital of a carriage) and the royal court. The other characters are very shallow and generate a theater that runs through history and generate a little comedy. SPOILER - SPOILER - SPOILER - SPOILER - SPOILER - SPOILER Negative points: Many food descriptions, Deus ex Machina System, MC never meets opponents at the height of the narrative, shallow secondary characters, MC learns medicine by video, has a medical office with electricity(poorly explained), performs autopsies and nothing bad happen. Positives: There is no harem, no girl with jade skin, no firepowder, minimal medical science , minimal research on pre-refrigeration preservation, no medical needle magic, Without extreme nationalism.

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