"I'll be back to Gao Zhai soon. 格 @ 格 @ 党 小说" Hong Yi leaned slightly, his voice as soft as the wind: "You wait here obediently to me."

Xie Lin looked down, looked at the tip of Hong Yi's bright shoes, and did not speak.

Hong Yi has expressed what he should say and his feelings. Although he has talked about two girlfriends abroad for a short time, but they are the opposite of each other. He really hasn't chased anyone, let alone coaxed anyone, yes Who said such soft words.

Hong Yi looked at Xie Lin's dodging eyes, slowly bowed his waist, and was very close to Xie Lin's face. His breath hit him on the face, and his voice was full of temptation: "Let me kiss you, OK? "

Xie Lin's heart flinched, her feet trembling back, her face stretched, her head tilted.

Although it was a refusal attitude, his rapid breathing and red ears could not deceive people, and he was shy.

Hong Yi stepped forward, Xie Lin suddenly held her breath and took another step back, until Xie Lin's back was against the tree trunk, Hong Yi stretched out his hand to support him and wrapped him falsely under him.

"Reluctant?" Hong Yi sighed softly and kissed Xie Lin's forehead. He wanted to let him go like this, but Xie Lin's taste was too tempting. He became a ruthless predator, with madness and enthusiasm, and seemed to want to rekindle the decaying and withering Schelling with this kind of enthusiasm.

But just a moment later, he distanced himself from Xie Lin with a slight voice: "Okay, I don't force you, I will give you time to accept me slowly, and in the past few days, you should consider what I say."

Xie Lin shook her hands in front of her, her shoulders shrinking.

"But I must tell you clearly." Hong Yi looked at Xie Lin's eyes firmly and faithfully, saying "I don't force you, it doesn't mean I will let go. On the contrary, in this life, I am going to fix you! "

Xie Lin was silent all the time, his eyes narrowed, and he shrank like a deer in a lost way, with timidity and fear that could not be concealed, still pushing him out of the atrium for the sake of drawing.

Although lost, this was in Hong Yi's expectation, and he knew that with Xie Lin's character, it was impossible to accept him so quickly. It didn't matter, he was willing to wait for him.

"Note down my phone." Hong Yi reached out and took the mobile phone in Xie Lin's pants pocket, quickly saved his phone number, and pulled his hand, and put it in his hand: "I have long remembered your mobile phone number , I'll call you when I go back. "

Holding Xie Lin's wrist down the mountain, Hong Yi finally gave him a deep look and then said goodbye to Jiang Shiyuan and his wife and left.

Gao Jiajia's great cause and great communication are very wide, Gao Tianchen has a single pass, Gao Haichen and Gao Qitian are well-known good faces, so the marriage between Gao Tianzhu and Shi Rushui is an unprecedented grand city.

The wedding has not yet started, and Gao Tianyi's various actions have shocked all circles. The luxury cars parked in front of Gao's villa have been lined up from the mountainside to the mountain.

Hong Yi, as the housekeeper of Gao Zhai, started to make arrangements for the distinguished guests who came to congratulate Hexi once he went back, but he was always concerned about Xie Lin. The next day he couldn't help but went to Tianli Villa to see Xie Lin for a day. There will always be time to send dozens of messages to Xie Lin.

Even though Xie Lin never responded to him.

Hong Yi had never been embarrassing before, but it seemed like a man's nature. Once he met the person he liked, all the romantic cells ran out all at once. When he thought of Xie Lin's mind, he could not sue. sweet Nothing.

The day before Gao Tianji ’s wedding, Jiang Mingquan ’s Qi Wu Zehui took his wife and daughter to the Tianji Villa.

At that time, Wu Zemin was shot, causing the Wu family to have a lot of opinions about the Gao family, but Gao Tianyi was Wu Zehui's close nephew. Although he did not go directly to Gao Zhai, he will definitely attend the wedding tomorrow, so he went from the province in advance. Came to K City and settled in Jiang Mingquan's house.

Taking Wu Zehui to the wind to wash the dust, such a good opportunity, his wife Jiang Shiyuan must drink.

Jiang Mingquan has performed well recently, and explained the misunderstandings that Mo Han saw. He was considerate and obedient in front of Mo Han. He and his relationship were in a period of rapid warming up these days. Wu Zemin naturally arranged them to sit during lunch Together, when introducing Mo Han, he said directly that he was the daughter-in-law of the Jiang family.

As for Xie Lin, who was in an awkward place, Wu Zeya was not negligent. She took Xie Lin and sat beside her, holding Xie Lin's arm more closely than Mo Han. She said to Wu Zehui that Xie Lin was Mo Han's friend. She was going to recognize him as a dry son, and formally confessed his relatives when Gao Tianyi's wedding was over.

Wu Zeya has been in the entertainment industry for many years. EQ and IQ are very high, so that Xie Lin and Mo Han do not feel embarrassed and feel the warmth of the home.

At lunch, Jiang Mingquan peeled shrimp from Mo Han's vegetables like a gentleman, and became tired of Mo Han's coquettishness like a kitten.

When Wu Zehui gave him wine, he even held his hands under his chin, and the little wolf-dog was lying on Mohan's hand, looking up at him: "Wife, let me drink?"

Mohan: "..."

When Jiang Mingquan saw that he did not squeak, he grumbled and said, "Since my wife won't let me drink, I won't drink it."

Wu Zehui raised his eyebrows, and said, "Well, why are you guys in the Jiang family all wielding wives, and drinking a wine doesn't make you happy?"

Mo Han felt aggrieved, and lowered his head and murmured: "... I didn't say I wouldn't let you drink."

"Oh, did you hear that, my wife said, let me drink." Jiang Mingquan kissed Mo Moba, kissed him, and whispered in his ear: "Then I'm dizzy, you can sleep with me."

Although the voice was small, everyone at the table could hear it, and Mo Han became red and pushed Jiang Mingquan in shame.

"Look," Wu Zehui patted the table: "I'll just say, Xiao Han looks reasonable, it's not the same as a queen mother."

This time, Wu Zeya was upset: "Hey, Xiaohuizi, is there anyone who demolished your sister's desk like this! Three glasses of fine!"

Wu Zehui pouted his lips: "Sister, you are not my sister, how can there be such a brother!"

Wu Zeya slanted him with her beautiful peach blossom eyes: "Aren't you fond of drinking? If you drink it, you can drink it. What a waste!"

That ’s good. Jiang Mingquan, who drank two glasses of wine, pretended to be a drunkard after dinner, and hugged Mo Hao to accompany him for a nap.

Wu Zeya said that Jiang Mingquan's words didn't work. Mo Han saw that there were guests. He couldn't just watch Jiang Mingquan spread in the living room, so he had to follow Jiang Mingquan upstairs.

Where Wu Zehui is, everyone is fine, and they are particularly able to persuade him. Xie Lin was also advised to drink two glasses of wine at noon. When he was too strong, he stood up and walked furiously. At last, he helped him in Wuze. Down, I went upstairs to rest.

Mo Han originally wanted to send Jiang Mingquan upstairs and go down. Who knew that Jiang Mingquan immediately picked him up when he went upstairs. He strode into his bedroom and locked the door.

"Hey!" The **** turned out to be drunk, scratching Jiang Mingquan's neck with angrily: "You let me down!"

"His ~" Jiang Mingquan suddenly felt a pain in his neck, and his good-looking eyebrows were immediately wrinkled. He resisted the pain and gently placed Mo Han on the big bed, and his tall body immediately covered the struggling Mo Han.

"Xiao Han," Jiang Mingquan knelt on the sides of Mo Han, burying his head in Mo Han's neck and squinting softly, pretending not to know Mo Han's thoughts and coquettishness: "Why are you so good today, promise to accompany me to sleep, hello love you."

Mo Han looked down at Jiang Mingquan's dark head on his neck and said coldly, "Who wants to sleep with you, let me go."

"The mouth is a small thing with a wrong heart." Although Mo Han's attitude was stubborn and his words were quite heart-warming, his lips were unusually soft and sweet. Jiang Mingquan held his slightly raised back of his head and lowered his head in a smug manner. Lips, a dexterous tongue quickly reached into his teeth that were too late to close, his tongue catching his tongue intimately, kissing deeply, hot and domineering.

"Woo ..." After Mo Han's whisper, Jiang Mingquan's movements eased down, becoming gentle and lingering, Tao Huayan also looked deep into Mo Han's eyes deeply.

Mo Han, who was struggling to avoid him, also met Jiang Mingquan's eyes, his body suddenly trembled, and he forgot about the struggle for a while.

As a film emperor, Jiang Mingquan's passionate peach eyes have been rated as the world's most dischargeable, most dreamy and charming eyes.

Now these peach-colored eyes with a more dreamy and blurred wine color, slightly intoxicating red halo around, are looking at him with deep affection at this time, and it is impossible to forget the anticipation, admiration, and forgetting these years. Man, how can he not move.

Still love him, what should I do?

Mo Han moisturized his eyes and gave up his struggle. Jiang Mingquan's movements became more tender. His tongue slowly and lovingly explored every soft corner of Mo Han's mouth, snatched Mo's sweetness, and filled him with a manly atmosphere. Into the uninvolved lungs.

After a long time, Jiang Mingquan held Mo Han's face and saw his rare appearance. He loved him very much: "Xiao Han, I want to ... kiss our baby, okay?"

Mo Hanyi looked at Jiang Mingquan for a while, and watched Jiang Mingquan's red eyes with starlight. For a while, he couldn't say anything about rejection, especially when he felt the signal from his stomach, he blushed down I didn't speak, I agreed. @@

Jiang Mingquan happily pecked Mohan's nose and put his chin along the edge of his lips.

Mo Han held Jiang Mingquan's head and looked down at him seriously: "I can only kiss a baby."

"Okay, just kiss my son." Jiang Mingquan smiled softly at Mo Han, but when he buried his face, the affection on his face became obviously insane, his eyes turned red, and the hand supported on the bed had already clenched the list hard. On the back of the hand Blue tendon riots.

It was a long-suffering desire in the body that could not help but release the signs of release.

Jiang Mingquan and Mo Han's side is water and milk, and the spring is boundless, and Xie Lin on this side is lying flat in his and Mo Han's room, his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling for a while, his eyes are sometimes lonely, sometimes sad, and Sometimes hopeful.

Once a person drinks alcohol, alcohol stimulates the nerves of the brain, and the emotions and emotions will uncontrollably amplify, and the unwilling emotions that have been lingering in the heart will be poured out through the brain of alcohol.

At this moment, Xie Lin's mind was full of people he didn't dare to desire, something he didn't dare to desire.

That man was so gentle, touching his face in the sun, on the grass, in the breeze.

The man was so domineering, gasping and holding him in his arms and kissing, holding him tightly to sleep.

That man was so crazy. Just a few days ago, the man held him behind the wooden door and kneeled in front of him on one knee.

Driven by alcohol, Xie Lin couldn't help reaching out, imagining the gentleness of Hong Yi when he said ‘I only want you’, along the face touched by Hong Yi, his kissed lips, his chin all the way down ...

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