Hong Yi narrowed his eyes and looked down for Xie Lin's lips. The moment the fiery lips pressed against Xie Lin's lips, it was like an oath ceremony, and answered, "All!"

The voice was resolute and firm.

"All?" Xie Lin only felt that his ears were humming to the doctor, and his eyes seemed to be stained with blood instantly. He pushed Hong Yi frantically, and the smile on his mouth was so cruel: "Hehe. That's you don't know, what are you I did n’t know that before! ”

Hong Yi's thumb wiped away a touch of silver light from Xie Lin's lips, squinting his eyes: "You don't need to know, what I want is your present and future."

"Now, in the future, is there no where now and in the future?" The deeper smile on Xie Lin's mouth and the expression on his face became more crazy: "If I say, my soul is dirty, my body is What ’s not clean is lascivious. What is filthy ?! "

"Still," Hong Yi stared at him eagerly, saying word by word: "I like everything you have."

"That's because," Xie Lin gritted his teeth. "You can't imagine how dirty I am!"

Xie Lin's nails are embedded in the palm of his hand. Don't look away and don't want to see Hong Yi's seductive affection on his face: "You go, Hong Yi, don't touch me, you will regret it!"

"Really!" Hong Yi's eyes were dark.

He finally said it, this fool, he said that he didn't want to know, this fool, why should he say it!


The moment Hong Yi gripped Xie Lin vigorously, the sound of a button falling to the ground immediately came out, making a crackling sound, and his tone couldn't help but be a bit stupid: "How dirty are you, tell me!"

As he said, Hong Yi kissed Xie Lin's lips, and eventually his lips touched his ugly scar that would never disappear.

"Hong Yi, stop!" The last string in Xie Lin's heart was also completely broken. He collapsed and hampered Hong Yi, shouting in despair: "I have been raped by someone, my body is dirty, don't touch I!"

Although he was only taken by one person, but his body was touched by so many disgusting hands, what is the difference between Qiang and Lun, dirty is dirty!

"Shut up!" Then, with Xie Lin's cry, his whole body softened like cotton, and tears burst out like dykes, his eyes were completely blurred, and his throat was open but he couldn't make any sound.

After a long time, Hong Yi finally let go of Xie Lin, then carried Xie Lin who was lying on his shoulder softly, put it on the bed, wrapped him tightly with a quilt, and wiped the tears on his face.

"Now," Hong Yi knelt on the bed, holding Xie Lin's face: "Is my attitude clear enough?"

"You ..." Xie Lin's eyes widened unconsciously, and he shrank his body, feeling that the whole world, including himself, was illusory.

He couldn't believe it, he said so, and Hong Yi kissed him without hesitation.

Hong Yi must be crazy!

No, Hong Yi must have thought he was lying and was trying to make excuses to refuse him!

"You ..." Xie Lin closed her eyes, and tears came out again: "I didn't lie to you."

Who would take such a lie to reject people, not to mention ... it's a person of his own heart.

For a while, I did n’t hear Hong Yi ’s answer. Xie Lin bit her lip, and her voice came out of her teeth: “If you do n’t believe me, ask Jiang Mingquan!”

When Jiang Mingquan and Gao Quan looked at him, they could not hide their sympathy. He had long guessed that they knew what was happening to him!

"I know, I know." Hong Yi looked at Xie Lin's **** lips, and his eyes widened suddenly, his brows frowned, his voice begging with a trace of deep voice: "I only care about you, Stop rejecting me, OK. "

Xie Lin suffocated in his heart, and twitched the corners of his mouth and asked, "You ... know?"

"I know." Hong Yi said a bit more heavily this time, and hugged Xie Lin across the quilt: "Sleep, wake up and forget all the past things. From now on I will accompany you, and the road is still long. "

"You ..." Xie Lin seemed unbelievable. After a long time, his throat hoarsely asked: "When did you know!"

"After following," Hong Yi said dumbly, "when I can't catch up with you."

Xie Lin's lips shook, her lips opened and closed, and she finally said, "I ... it's not worth it."

"Sleep." Hong Yi moved forward, leaning his lips against Xie Lin's side, and kissed his skinny cheek with a bone smell: "I know exactly what I want."

Xie Lin: "You ... Do you really know?"

Hong Yi pursed Xie Lin's hair with his lips and said in a calm tone: "Do you know how long the body's metabolism has taken?"

The topic that was suddenly shifted, Xie Lin's mind suddenly said: "..."

"The renewal cycle of taste buds is 10 days, and the cells are about two weeks. Oh, the time of liver is relatively slow, it takes half a year." Hong Yi looked at Xie Lin's trembling eyelids, and the long eyelashes that trembled like butterfly feathers, the tone became worse "The metabolism of the skin is 28 days, two, ten, eight, and ten days, so Xie Lin in my arms is already a brand new, clean Xie Lin, but he doesn't know it."

Xie Lin's pupils dilated and contracted, tears couldn't stop flowing, and the eyelids covering the eyeballs became more and more trembling.

He must be dreaming.

Yes, in dreaming, the renewal cycle of taste buds is 10 days, and the cells are about two weeks, that is, 12 to 20 days .... Hong Yi's voice echoed in my mind repeatedly, so a long paragraph was not bad. Repeatedly ...

So where is he, with whom, and what is he doing? !!

He is going to sleep, and he cannot be deceived by this illusion.

"I can ..." Hong Yi looked at Xie Lin and finally asked, "Hold you to sleep?"

Long time didn't wait for Xie Lin's answer. When Hong Yi let Xie Lin sit up and got up, he heard Xie Lin take a sigh of relief.

With obvious perseverance.

Hong Yi quickly tore off his shirt, and then opened the corner of the quilt. His slender legs were still exposed outside the quilt. She hugged Xie Lin with her hot arms, and saw Xie Lin gasping, and her waist gradually softened.

Xie Lin was very cold. He was hugged by Hong Yi and quickly recovered. He felt a sense of security in Hong Yi's arms. Before long, Xie Lin fell asleep.

When Xie Lin woke up, he was still in Hong Yi's arms. He opened his eyes slightly and Hong Yi found it.

Hong Yi pulled away the broken hair on his eyebrows, with a bit of **** in his lazy voice: "Wake up."

Xie Lin propped up the bed with his hands to do it. Hong Yi sat up first and let him half lean on his arms: "Get out of bed slowly, you have hypoglycemia, and suddenly get up and get dizzy."

Xie Lin pursed her lips and stopped talking, but in the end said nothing.

Hong Yi's breath hitting his hair was very hot, the palms on his back were warm, and his arms were ... wide.

Very secure.

Xie Lin had a craving for the temperature of Hong Yi's body and the smell on him. Hong Yi saw that Xie Lin was not struggling, and he sat for a long time holding Xie Lin. He heard that a car was driving in the villa, and he let him go. Get out of bed and find clothes for Xie Lin.

Find clothes for Xie Lin and put it on the bed. He knelt down on one knee and kissed Xie Lin, saying, "I'll go out first."

After saying that Hong Yi poured Xie Lin a cup of tea and handed it to him, he picked up his shirt and went out.

When Mo Han went upstairs, Hong Yi had just reached the stairs on the second floor, and he greeted Mo Han and Jiang Mingquan immediately behind him and went downstairs.

Mohan looked at Hong Yi's shirt with two buttons open at will, his chest was faintly exposed, and his eyebrows were subconsciously frowned.

Hong Yi has always felt cold, gentleman, abstinence, and even like an old-fashioned professor. Mo Han always felt that Hong Yi was the most serious man he had ever seen.

However, the last time I saw Hong Yi walking outside with his bare upper body, he was with Lin Zige, and this time, Hong Yi was disheveled, his eyes were wild, and he came from the direction of his and Lin Zige's house. , Hong Yi's bedroom is in the opposite direction ...

Mohan gave a little hesitation. He walked upstairs and blocked Jiang Mingquan when he entered the bedroom.

Xie Lin moved very fast. When Mo Han entered the door, he had already got out of bed and tied his shirt button with his back facing the doorway.

Seeing Xie Lin, Mo Han slowed down: "Lin Zi, did you sleep in the afternoon?"

"Well, I slept." Xie Lin turned on the last button and asked Mo Han, "Go out for a lap, tired?"

"It's okay." Mo Han pursed his lips with a smile, and the light at the end of his eyes swept to the white shirt with the button off at the end of the bed. Buttons.

Hong Yi came in! Implicit instinct.

Xie Lin's face was still agitated. He didn't dare to see Mo Han's face. He didn't notice the expression on Mo Han's face. After folding the quilt, he pretended to take up the shirt and pants at the end of the bed calmly and said, I slept for so long, it's six o'clock. "

"Yeah." Mo Han pursed his lips and put away the doubts in his eyes. "Yes, Brother Lin Zi, Brother Ran called me in the afternoon."

Xie Lin stowed the clothes at the end of the bed and asked, "What did you say?"

"He said he was pregnant with twins." Mohan said, "Gao Tianmao must be happy."

"..." When mentioning the child, Xie Lin was suddenly warmed by Hong Yi's warm heart: "Well, it's fine."

Mo Han was surprised when he saw the expression on Xie Lin's face. He was right. He almost forgot what Lin Zige had experienced. Even if Hong Yi liked Lin Zige, Lin Zige would not accept Hong Yi.

During dinner, Hong Yi opened his mouth and offered to leave Tianmao Villa tomorrow to return to Gaozhai to help. Wu Zeya agreed, and his eyes looked delicately on Xie Lin's face.

Hong Yi's eyes kept looking at Xie Lin. He saw that the chopsticks in Xie Lin's hands shook, and then Xie Lin lowered his head and put down the chopsticks, holding the spoon and drinking soup.

"Xie Lin, you have severe anemia. Don't go out these days," Hong Yi also put down his chopsticks and squinted his eyes. "When my brother's wedding is over, I will take you to the hospital to lose nutrition water for a few days."

"No, no need." At this moment, Xie Lin couldn't hold the spoon, and panicked, "I'm fine, I don't bother Mr. Hong anymore."

Wu Zeya saw that Hong Yi's face sank, and quickly rounded off the field: "On that line, Kobayashi is really too thin, and the food supplement is too slow. When Xie Lin raises his body, I also said that I will take Xie Lin to record songs together."

"Recording a song?" Jiang Mingquan put the fish in a bowl of Mo Han and looked up surprised. "What song is recorded, why don't I know?"

"[The Empress of Ninetowns] is about to finish shooting the second part. Your aunty asked me to sing a theme song for her." Wu Zeya said: "This song is a male and female chorus, I have never found a suitable chorus, just so, Xie Lin's tone is very good to me. "

"But ..." Xie Lin embarrassed, "I haven't sang a song, I'm afraid it is ..."

"It's okay." Wu Zeya gave Xie Lin a piece of beef. "This is not to sing on stage. There is a lot of room for adjusting the background recording. Come on, eat more. You haven't had a small weight for such a tall man."

Xie Lin: "Thank you Aunt Wu."

Jiang Mingquan was unhappy, and quickly squeezed the peeled shrimp into Mo Han's mouth. "My family Han Han is light, but now two people have to make up and work hard."

Mo Han swallowed the shrimp, almost sulking, his face suddenly turned red, Han was the nickname that Jiang Mingquan loved when he rolled the sheets.

Jiang Mingquan's bed was so bad that he could be used to pick him up. It was funny, especially with this name. Jiang Mingquan said that because of his name, he couldn't help doing anything every time.

He felt that Jiang Mingquan must be intentional!

The next day, Hong Yi was about to leave after breakfast. He said that he wanted to talk with Xie Lin separately before leaving. The words were spoken in front of everyone, and Xie Lin couldn't refuse.

More than ten minutes later, Xie Lin followed Hong Yi to the osmanthus forest where he kissed a few days ago.

Two people stood in the soft wind, and the hair that rolled on Xie Lin's face was gently lifted by Hong Yi and tucked behind his ear, then Hong Yi held his ears wrapped in his big hands and looked at him half-heartedly. His ears became hot, his body shook in the direction of Hong Yi's palm, and his mouth became dry for a while.

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