It is not uncommon for parents to check up on their children's gender, and doctors are commonplace.

Two children are usually born to boys or two children, and the fetus's **** can be seen very clearly at five months, distinguished from each other.

If you have eggs, you are a boy, if not, you are a twin.

Wu Zeya and Jiang Mingquan, the chief doctor have seen each other, knowing that they are a famous family, and that they have a relationship with the head boss Gao Tianzhang, but ...

He subconsciously looked at Mo Han, who was lying on the examination bed, and twitched the corner of his mouth, apparently asking about the meaning of the pregnant woman.

"That ..." Wu Zeya didn't know what Jiang Mingquan wanted to do, searching for the expression on Mo Han's face, subconsciously interrupting the topic: "Dr. Wang, isn't Ru Shui here also ..."

Jiang Mingquan tightened his hands in the palm of his hand, lowered his head to look at Mo Han's drooping eyes, and lowered his upper body intimately, and smiled: "If it's a twin, I like twins, I prefer Brother handsome, you are like Shui Mei, we are going to have a twin, that little look is definitely more beautiful than Babe. "

Suddenly the tense nerves relaxed and heaved a sigh of relief, and the bulging chest collapsed.

"Yeah!" Wu Zeya was also relieved, and patted Jiang Mingquan with a smile. "Just because you are so beautiful, don't say this in front of your brother."

"Oh, this is the fact that there is nothing to say." Jiang Mingquan rubbed Mohan's face and looked up at the doctor: "Then check."

"Uh ..." Dr. Wang smiled awkwardly, breaking the embarrassing humor just before holding the probe: "Wu Tianhou said it was Gao's family. I checked here a few days ago and everything is fine."

As for the twins, as a doctor's professionalism, even relatives, he can't say.

Dr. Wang finally counted the child's toes, said that everything was normal, and then retracted the probe, so that Mo Han stood up and looked at Mo Han's eyes subconsciously.

Mohan didn't understand the doctor's meaning, his eyes hid, but when Jiang Mingquan wiped his belly to help him sit up, he bit his lower lip and asked, "Doctor, may I be pregnant with a twin or a boy?"

It is clear that even if he doesn't ask, Wu Zeya and Jiang Mingquan will know later. When Wu Zeya asked him to do an inspection, he was skeptical. Although he believed Wu Zeya's kindness and sincerity, it would not be because of the child. Gender is bad for him.

However, since they will know anyway, they might as well know it.

"That ..." Dr. Wang glanced at Jiang Mingquan and replied hesitantly: "It's a handsome boy."

Wu Zeya behind Jiang Mingquan clenched his hands clenched, and the corners of his lips were imperceptibly hooked. Jiang Mingquan froze, raised Mohan's chin, and kissed his lips slightly, disappointed: "I really want to Would you like a child as beautiful as yours and give me a twin again, okay, baby? "

Mo Yan's eyebrows didn't speak, he moved his body and got out of bed, Jiang Mingquan squatted at his feet and gave him shoes.

In fact, even though Jiang Mingquan said he wanted two children, Mo Han was panicked at the moment when he knew the child ’s gender. His hands and feet were numb. He looked at Jiang Mingquan who leaned over to wear shoes for him. His heart was both complex and sweet .

After returning, when there were only Wu Zeya and Jiang Mingquan, Wu Ze elegantly gave Jiang Mingquan a small punch: "Kid, bear, what do you ask in the ultrasound room, and I want to know when I come back, I will call the doctor Now, just in case ... what if Han thinks so much! "

"I'm afraid he asked me more than I asked." Jiang Mingquan said, "You didn't know that my brother was very sad a while ago. It seems that Xunzi wants to be sure that the boy is pregnant before he marries him."

"Aren't they all the same!" Wu Zeya frowned: "Bebe is so cute, how could such a thought be like water."

"My elder brother has a high status and he is lonely abandoned by his parents. It is not surprising that he has such an idea," Jiang Mingquan said solemnly. "The key is that Xiao Han follows Xunzi. I'm afraid Xunzi's thoughts will affect Xiao Han. "

"Hey, Xiao Han will marry our family in the future, and I will treat him as my own son." Wu Zeya finished, glanced at Jiang Mingquan with a smile, and said with a smile, "To be honest with mom, do you really like twins?"

Jiang Mingquan hesitated, and touched the back of his head to answer: "Like, Xiao Han likes it ... boys are better."

"I know!" Wu Zeya smiled and poked Jiang Mingquan's forehead: "Being like a bear with your dad, when I was pregnant with you, your dad said that if there is a girl, he wants another one, haha."

"Well, my dad still has this idea ..."

In fact, it was learned that Mo Hanhuai was a boy, and Xie Lin was very happy for him. After all, how can a boy say that, although a big family like the Jiang family ca n’t say that he does n’t like twins, some people with old ideas will still want to Some boys inherit the family business.

After knowing that Mo Hanhuai was a boy, Wu Zeya has always been very good to Mo Han, Jiang Mingquan pretended to be lost for two days, Jiang Shiyuan showed irresistible joy, and sent Gao to show off to the two grandfathers.

The wedding of Gao Tianmao and Shi Rushui is getting closer and closer. Hong Yi knows that he can no longer stay at the Jiang family. As Gao Tianmao's steward, he was considered a neglect to chase people on the busiest day of the Gaojia villa Already.

Hong Yi, who usually does not smoke, always smokes when he is alone. The anxiety on his face becomes more obvious, so that Wu Zeya, who is surrounded by Mo Han, finally sees his mind.

Hong Yi said that on the day he left, Wu Zeya said that he would take Mo Han and Jiang Mingquan with Jiang Shiyuan to meet an old sister who had not seen him for many years. Let Hong Yi take care of Jiang Mingquan and leave the next day. The chance to be alone with Xie Lin.

Mohan is stupid, Bai Tian doesn't know Wu Zeya's intentions. Xie Lin can see it, but he has no right to say no.

After having lunch that day, Wu Zeya left with her family and ordered her servants not to go to the main house before leaving.

When the bright and luxurious living room was left with Xie Lin and Hong Yi again, Xie Lin showed embarrassment and depression.

These days, Hong Yi has been very good to him, and anyone can see it.

But for him, it was a bitter burden.

After a while, Xie Lin didn't listen to Hong Yi's mouth, so he glanced at Hong Yi who was sitting opposite to take a cigarette, with a little fear: "I'll go upstairs and rest."

"Xie Lin," Hong Yi put the cigarette in his mouth and lit it with a lighter. "Let's talk."

Xie Lin nervously clenched his palms and had to admit that smoking Hong Yi was very male.

His resolute chin is tight, the short and tough arcs at the corners of his mouth, and the textured throat highlights the **** throbbing. When he spits smoke, he feels a strong hormone rushing towards him, making his legs soft Flustered.

"I ..." Xie Lin lowered his head, still in an evasive gesture, but this time he didn't directly say: "I'm tired, I want to go upstairs to rest."

Having said that, Xie Lin turned around without giving each other room.

Hong Yi didn't catch up. Xie Lin realized this. When he stepped up the first stairs, his feet were shaking.

For a moment, he had an inexplicable grievance and loss.

Obviously, it was he who rejected Hong Yi time and time again. When Hong Yi really let him go this time, he was almost in tears.

How can he be so affectionate, he can't turn back, even if he turns back, when Hong Yi knows what he has experienced, how dirty his body is, and he will not want him after he is a disabled person .

He ... wouldn't want him! !! !!

Xie Lin worked hard to raise his sour nose, gritted his teeth, and stepped away from Hong Yi.

When Xie Lin reached the sixteenth staircase, Hong Yi, sitting on the sofa, threw his cigarette into the ashtray, stood up, and strode toward Xie Lin.

When Xie Lin heard Hong Yi's footsteps on the steps, he froze a bit, then quickly stepped upstairs, rushing towards him and Mohan's bedroom.

As soon as Xie Lin closed the door, Hong Yi's hand stretched in. When Xie Lin closed the door, he pinched Hong Yi's forearm. After a click, he suddenly let go of his hand and stepped back.

So he watched Hong Yi walk into the door with a stab, and watched Hong Yi's arm smashed by him.

Hong Yi stood in front of Xie Lin, watching him for a while and said, "It's all right, it doesn't hurt."

Xie Lin's eyes blinked, then he turned and walked to the sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. He sat down with his legs bent, "What do you want to say?"

Hong Yi stepped in front of Xie Lin, his tall body squatted in front of his legs, and said, "I like you."

"..." Xie Lin grabbed his finger along the sofa: "Did you finish, you can go after you finish."

"I like you," Hong Yi said again, "to marry your likes, to like them honestly, accept me?"

Then, Hong Yi's hand held Xie Lin's knee. Xie Lin was shocked. The whole man bounced, then hurriedly left the sofa, shaking and breathing disorderly: "I said I don't like you, please go out."

Hong Yi stood up, squinting his eyes, walking towards Xie Lin step by step, trying to hold his shoulders: "You always avoid me and don't give me a chance, how do you know you can't accept me?"

Xie Lin stepped back and shouted awkwardly, "I said I don't like you."

"Don't like it? Really don't like it?" Hong Yi pressed harder and harder: "I don't like me, why does my heart beat faster when I kiss you, why don't I like to blush when I feed you grapes? , Don't like me, why ... you have tears in your eyes now! "

"Shut up, shut up!" Looking at the approaching Hong Yi again, Xie Lin's legs were against the bed, and his eyes suddenly turned red. He did not wait for Hong Yi to touch him, and pushed his hands forward in Hong. In front of Yi, he pushed Hong Yi toward the door: "You go, you go, I said I don't like you, and I don't need your like!"

"Xie Lin!" When Hong Yi backed against the door edge, he shook Xie Lin's shoulders sharply, kicked back and closed the door, and then pushed Xie Lin behind the door, sincere eyes looked at him like this As wild as a beast, "Is it so hard to accept me, huh ?!"

"Hong Yi!" Xie Lin fisted and looked up at Hong Yi. He didn't want to sting anymore, no, he didn't want such a good Hong Yi to waste time on him: "What do you like about me?"

Hong Yi narrowed his eyes and looked down for his lips. The moment his fiery lips touched his lips, he replied like an oath, "All."

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