"Don't be afraid." Jiang Mingquan saw Mo's anxiety and hugged him and kissed his forehead. "The door is locked, our mother can't get in."

Mohan: "..."

Jiang Mingquan smiled and felt the squirm coming from the palm of his hand: "Are our sons awake too, eh?"

Mohan: "..."

"Well, you are still ashamed in front of me." Wu Zeya outside the door pouted, unhappy to explain: "Son, let me tell you, later ask Xiao Han first to drink, you see your brother, How good it is now. "

Jiang Mingquan looked at Mo Han with a sullen expression on his face, and his warm big palm touched his face lovingly: "... I see."

Wu Zeya's lips went: "It's good, hurry up, I'll get Xiao Han and Xiao Lin up."

"Xiao Han is in my arms." With a bit of pride, Jiang Mingquan exclaimed: "Go and call Xie Lin."

Wu Zeya: "..." Rabbit!

"I drink at noon today," Jiang Mingquan stared at Mo Han's gradually clear brown eyes and asked him softly: "Are you angry?"

"..." There were too many people at noon. He didn't eat at the same table with Jiang Mingquan, but he glanced at Jiang Mingquan when he was drinking, probably Wu Zeya saw: "What do you care about drinking!"

"Mouth is hard." Jiang Mingquan smiled and held Mo Han's back head and kissed his slightly swollen lips: "Light. Slip. Slip in my bed, and it doesn't matter to me!"

"You ... you ..." Mohan gritted his teeth: "Give me my clothes!"

"I ... I ..." Jiang Mingquan turned over and held down Mo Han, a wicked air like a bandit: "I won't give it to you, you can bite me if you have the ability!"

"You ..." Mo bite a bite of a little white tooth, and her knees moved up to the top, expecting Jiang Mingquan to scream like a pig.

"Woo ..." Jiang Mingquan finally shook his body and shoved his key parts, and shrank to Mo Han's side, cold sweat on his forehead, and looked at Mo Han pitifully: "Baby, you dare not do this next time ..."

Mo Han exhaled with his nose: "Huh!"

"Next time," Jiang Mingquan shook his lips. "I can't promise not to crush your stomach. I will get angry and change my posture later, obediently."

Mohan: "..."

Jiang Mingquan was really painful. Mo Han didn't feel it, but watching Jiang Mingquan's cold sweat dripping down still had some pain and regret.

When Jiang Mingquan took it easy to dress him, Mo Han opened his eyes and closed his mouth to Jiang Mingquan because of guilt in his heart.

Jiang Mingquan didn't tie Mo Han's buttons until he kissed Mo Han, and licked his lips while he said, "This one is quite worthwhile."

Mohan: "..."

When Wu Zeya went to call Xie Lin, Xie Lin had already woke up and was sitting in the room watching TV. When she heard Wu Zeya knocking on the door, she walked out and went down with Wu Zeya.

Although Xie Lin often wears light-colored clothes, the style of the clothes is always satisfactory. In addition, his appearance is elegant and quiet, and the light in his eyes is light, and he does not like to laugh. It always gives a sense of old-fashioned.

When Xie Lin wore a light gray shirt with white stripes and opened the door, the moment she walked out with her back facing the setting sun, Wu Zeya saw an indescribable heavy grind from the bottom of Xie Lin's eyes.

It's as if a person is standing at the end of the world and has no love.

This reminded Wu Zeya of a picture in a science fiction movie starring Jiang Shiyuan not long ago.

When the earth exploded, Jiang Shiyuan, who was driving a spacecraft battle between the stars and rivers, was desperately desperate to give up the kind of glance he did not know how many people were crying.

As a film emperor, the empty and vast eyes were not as sad as Xie Lin was at the moment.

Does Xie Lin like Mohan? !!

Even if they are twins, it is not impossible to like another twin. Men in this world like men, and women marry women more often.

"Kobayashi." Wu Zeya didn't even want to step forward and grab Xie Lin's arm. "Sleeping well?"

"Um." Xie Lin followed Wu Zeya's footsteps, her hands and legs were awkward. "Aunt Wu, have you just returned?"

"Well, I'm just back." Wu Zeya looked up at Xie Lin, who was slightly taller than her, and her brain froze somehow: "Xiao Lin, I want to recognize you as a son."

Xie Lin was startled and looked at Wu Zeya's pupils. He thought he heard something wrong: "..."

"Don't get me wrong." Wu Zeya said, and she was taken aback. As a star, she naturally doesn't know many people. She wants to recognize her as a godmother, but she has never had such a thought. She patted Xie Lin's arm with a smile: "I want to recognize you as a son and Xiao Han, it doesn't matter, I just like you."

What is Wu Zeya ’s identity and what is Jiang Shiyuan ’s status? As a public figure, Xie Lin is naturally very clear, especially the movie box office that Jiang Shiyuan released last week has exploded. In recent days, major media have scrambled to report and make Jiang Shiyuan red for three generations. Have dug up their identities: "I ..."

"You know, I sing. I like your voice. It's clean and aura. No one can give me that feeling." Wu Zeya stood at the entrance of the stairs and looked at Xie Lin's eyes seriously: "Of course, You think about it, and when the day's wedding is over, I want you to accompany me to record a song. "

Xie Lin's lips trembled, and he really didn't know how to answer. His heartbeat was extremely fast. Only as an orphan who longed for a loved one, could he realize his mood at the moment: "..."

"Become my son, I promise," Wu Zeya directly held Xie Lin's hand this time, "better than you to my **** son."

At this time, Xie Lin saw Jiang Shiyuan enter the hall from the door, and took a half step back. Wu Zeya laughed and let go of his hand, holding his arm: "Let ’s go downstairs to play mahjong. Yes. "

After speaking, he said aloud to Jiang Shiyuan: "Laojiang, stand, play mahjong for a while."

Jiang Shiyuan looked at Wu Zeya and Xie Lin and nodded.

Xie Lin's footsteps were somewhat empty, as if stepping on a cloud, especially when he went downstairs. At first glance, he saw Hong Yi walking towards him. His eyes were dark and his body shook.

"Xie Lin." Hong Yi narrowed his eyes and strode forward, holding the other side of Xie Lin's shoulder: "What happened to you?"

"Kobayashi," Wu Zeya, who was standing next to him, also felt it, and re-hold his arm in worry: "Isn't it going to be anemia?"

"I guess so." Xie Lin tried to evoke a smile on the corner of his lips. At that moment, he imagined that Wu Zeya was his mother and Hong Yi was his husband. The moment of happiness shocked He was dizzy, even though these were unreal: "I'm fine."

Xie Lin turned sideways without a trace, and distanced from Hong Yi.

"I'll get you a cup of brown sugar water." As Wu Zeya let go of Xie Lin, walked towards the table, and instructed the servant, "Xiao Su, go and wash the cherry and peaches."

Even if Xie Lin refused, Hong Yi still took a step forward and supported Xie Lin's waist. He was separated from Xie Lin a little in posture, so that Xie Lin was not too embarrassed.

Passed the brown sugar water to Xie Lin. After Xie Lin drank the brown sugar water, Jiang Mingquan finally helped Mo Hanshan down the stairs.

Wu Zeya laughed: "Come here, Xiao Han, come and play mahjong, Laojiang Xiaojiang will not play, neither of your grandfather is good, Hong Yi, do n’t play anymore, what does it mean to win old? Xiaolin Guozi, let's play a few. "

Jiang Shiyuan, who has just finished the Mahjong table: "..."

Jiang Mingquan happily pulled Mo Han over to him: "I don't play, I rub my back on Xiao Han."

Xie Lin asked Jiang Shiyuan to play, but in the end, Bewuzeyala passed. After Xie Lin sat down, Hong Yi moved a stool to sit behind him silently.

Wu Zeya glanced at Hong Yi and said, "Hong Yi, everyone knows that you have ten bets and ten wins, so you can't say anything."

"No." Hong Yi smiled at Wu Zeya, bowed to Xie Lin a few points, grabbed some cherry on the wooden bench, and took out a paper towel to wipe off the water stains one by one: "I only Responsible for Shering's fruit. "

After speaking, Hong Yi handed Cherries in front of Xie Lin, Xie Lin was at a loss, and only listened to Wu Zeya said, "Yes, Xie Lin eats Cherries more to give blood."

Xie Lin had to reach for it.

Next, Xie Lin played cards and ate the clean cherries handed by Hong Yi. As an orphan who had not encountered a beautiful love, Xie Lin was the most gentle person in his life.

In the early morning of the next day, Guo Zi returned to Gao's Villa. The weather was too sweltering for the next two days, and Wu Zeya didn't let Mo Han go out again, so he gathered table mahjong in the morning and let Mo Han make up in the afternoon.

Jiang Mingquan also had two announcements that must be present that could not be postponed. They both hurried over while Mo Han was resting in the afternoon, and tried to get back before Mo Han woke up.

On the third night, there was a shower. Although the ground was wet, but the day was quite cool, Wu Zeya opened up and took Mo Han to the hospital for a checkup.

I went to Tianchen Hospital. Wu Zeya, Jiang Mingquan, including Jiang Shiyuan, followed, and Xie Lin also followed.

When he followed Mo Han into the color Doppler ultrasound room and watched Mo Han lie on the examination bed to prepare for four dimensions, Jiang Mingquan who finally followed couldn't help but stepped forward, and separated Wu Zeya and Xie Lin and held Mo Han's hand, Tensely asked the doctor: "Doctor, this will not hurt my wife and children, will there be radiation?"

Although he inquired in the car when he came, he was really here and he was not at ease watching the cold machine.

"No." The chief physician, who had examined both Mo Han and Shi Rushui, said with a gentle smile: "Now these devices have been repeatedly researched, upgraded, and tested. As early as 30 years ago, the machines that made color ultrasound on the market were already There is no radiation at all, not to mention that the machines at our Tianchen Hospital are all the most advanced ... "

"That's it." Jiang Mingquan raised his hand to stop the doctor, bowed his head and kissed Mo Han's lips, his nervous throat was trembling: "Xiao Han, I'm not afraid, I'll be with you."

Unexpectedly, he raised his eyelids and glanced at him: Hehe, how many times have he checked, afraid of a jerk!

The doctor began to speak, and then carried a probe on Mo Han's pregnant belly to investigate. Jiang Mingquan held Mo Han's hand in one hand, holding Mo Han's face in one hand, and leaned over the display screen.

The baby is very cooperative, with the front facing outwards, and the picture is extremely clear. You can see that the baby's hands are gently wriggling his fingers under the neck.

The doctor explained in detail: "This is the baby's head, eyes, nose, and mouth." Then he tilted his head and glanced at Jiang Mingquan: "It's like our handsome Jiang Yingdi. This is the baby's neck, hands, one or two. Three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five, five fingers on both hands ... "

The previous examination was not so meticulous. I opened my eyes curiously and tried to look up.

When the doctor talked about the baby's legs, Jiang Mingquan moved closer to the screen and suddenly asked, "Doctor, can the baby see the gender, is it a twin?"

As soon as Jiang Mingquan said this, the color Doppler room quieted down instantly, Wu Zeya's hands in front of her clenched tightly, Xie Lin held her breath, and Mo Han even trembled with the child in his stomach.

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