Jiang Mingquan was born with a golden spoon, and was raised in the palm of his hand.He became known as a bad-tempered master.Now he drank again. Hong Yi and Guo Zi, who knew Jiang Mingquan's temperament, were all sinking. Ready to persuade.

When Xie Lin reacted and stepped forward to protect Mo Han, he saw Jiang Mingquan's hands stuck under Mo Han's armpit. It was very easy to hold Mo Han in front of him and hold his stock to face him face to face: "I don't care, you hurt me, you have to sleep with me this afternoon."

Mo Han did not expect such a good-faced person to slap himself in front of the public, but also to soften his throat.

Xie Lin stopped his steps, Mo Han also forgot to struggle, Jiang Mingquan quickly took Mo Mo and walked up the stairs on the second floor.

When Xie Lin turned back to see Mo Han, Jiang Mingquan had already held Mo Han and walked to the corner of the stairs. Mo Han's company was blocked by Jiang Mingquan's generous body, but he could see Mo Han's hand on Jiang Mingquan's shoulder, a bit obedient. taste.

"How about you?" Hong Yi walked to Xie Lin, naturally holding Xie Lin's waist, looking down at him: "Will you go upstairs to rest, or ... want to walk with Osmanthus forest with me?"

"..." Xie Lin's breathing tightened as soon as he mentioned Osmanthus fragrans, he glanced at Guo Zi who went out, took a step to the right and tried to avoid Hong Yi: "I'm going to rest, Mr. Hong please Do it yourself. "

"Just right, I want to rest, too." Hong Yi tightened Xie Lin's breath tightly, and breathed in his ear: "Let's go together."

"You ..." In case he just said he was going upstairs together, Xie Lin bit his lip sharply: "You let me go first!"

Hong Yi bowed and kissed Xie Lin's red ears, then released his arm, and smiled at Mr. Xie Lin: "Please."

Xie Lin: "..."

Xie Lin pursed his lips and turned to the stairs. Hong Yi followed him step by step. When he stepped onto the third staircase, Hong Yi stepped on the first staircase.

From downstairs to upstairs, every time Xie Lin walked up, his heart became more and more panicky, until he and Mohan's bedroom door, he stood there holding the door handle and did not dare to move, he was afraid that as soon as he opened the door, Hong Yi took the opportunity to hold him in the door.

Hong Yi dare, he knows.

"Hong Yi!" Xie Lin turned around, facing Hong Yi standing behind him, watching Hong Yi squint his eyes slightly, looking at him like a wolf, his throat tightened, and his eyebrows said, "Noon Ann. "

Simply two words are goodbye, rejection, and warning.

"..." However, Hong Yi saw escape, fear and solitude from Xie Lin's eyes.

He wasn't afraid that Xie Lin refused him, he was afraid that Xie Lin couldn't get out, he was drawing a prison, and he would not accept anything.

A dim light flew through the eyes of Hong Yi. He stepped forward, propped his hands on the wooden door on the side of Xie Lin's face, and watched Xie Lin's back slumped a little. When his back was against the wooden door, he shook his hand suddenly Fist, bowed his head and kissed Xie Lin's lips gently, his voice was deep: "Good afternoon."

After speaking, Hong Yi got up and left.

When Xie Linzhen raised his head, Hong Yi had already walked away ten meters away, looking deep at Hong Yi's wide back, he could not help but bit his lip just kissed by Hong Yi. When he tasted the faint smoke, he Then he panicked and entered the bedroom.

This door is not the distance between him and Hong Yi, but the world between him and Hong Yi.

Hong Yi's world, he can't walk in, and his world, Hong Yi must not be willing to walk in.

At the sound of the door closing, Hong Yi froze, and then, like a mournful beast, took out a cigarette from his pocket, took out a lighter to light the cigarette, and strode to the small outdoor garden on the second floor.

The open-air garden is close to the bedroom where Jiang Mingquan lives. When Hong Yi just stood in front of the railings and spit out a smoke, he heard a small, ambiguous murmur coming from Jiang Mingquan's house.

Hong Yi looked sideways subconsciously, and saw that the window in Jiang Mingquan's room was not closed. Although the curtains were pulled, a narrow gap was not drawn by the wind.

From his perspective, he happened to see Jiang Mingquan on the big bed holding Mohan's shoulder in one hand so that he was lying on the head of the bed, pushing his pregnant woman's clothing to the neck with one hand, and lowering his head to kiss his pregnant belly.

Hong Yi's pupils contracted, and he felt a dry mouth. He held his breath, squeezed his cigarette, and quickly left the open-air garden.

"Shh." Jiang Mingquan lay on Mo Han's stomach and whispered, "Don't move baby, our baby is kicking my mouth."

Mo Han shuddered, feeling the top of his belly. Sure enough, the little boy kicked hard at the place where Jiang Mingquan fell his lips: "..."

"Baby." Jiang Mingquan's lips were against Mohan's belly, and his eyes looked up at Mohan. "You said this place would be the baby's head. The little guy knew that I was his uncle, so he was playing with me. ? "

"..." Mo Han's belly was thin, and he was hurt by kicking a few times. He was six months pregnant, and the baby hadn't tossed him with so much effort, so he glared at Jiang Mingquan and said, "This place is not good. Either legs or farts. You can get up! "

Jiang Mingquan: "..."

Jiang Mingquan: "It doesn't matter, my son, the fart. The stock is also fragrant."

Mohan: "..."

Mo Han pushed Jiang Mingquan's head and was harassed by Jiang Mingquan for a while, his eyelids trembling heavily.

After three months of pregnancy, he became drowsy. Last night, he thought unconsciously and didn't sleep well. He woke up early today, and now leaning on a soft big bed, he was already sleepy.

Jiang Mingquan kissed the tip of his nose along Mo Han's neck and lips, looking at Mo Han's eyes that were trapped in the blur, while taking off his clothes, he gently coaxed: "Sleep."

"..." Mo Hanqiang was in a spirit, waiting for Jiang Mingquan to take off his pants and hug him in his arms, and patted his back without further aggression, then he closed his eyes safely.

The breathing in his arms calmed down quickly, Jiang Mingquan carefully lowered his head in search of Mohan's small face, "Baby, I'm sorry, I love you."

Four years ago, when he saw Mo Han at first glance, he had **** with him.

When he met Mo Han, he was not a man of special affection. He had the money, the face, the status, the status and the fame, and he had all the things he did not dare to think of and wanted.

At the age of sixteen, his greatest joy in life is adventure and sex, and he likes to find new and exciting things in both.

However, at the age of 20, he and his friends died of accidents in an adventure through the virgin forest. Since then, his hobby was banned by Wu Zeyalian's crying, so he played more and more sexually. More and more.

High-class ladies, female stars, hidden rules, and even fucked.

Just one thing, he only plays with women.

Mo Han was the first person to arouse his **** outlook besides the woman with fat buttocks, so his patience with Mo Han reached its heyday.

Mo Han is young and simple, like a little white rabbit who is not ignorant of the world. It is easy to get started. He is so gentle and tame that he can't bear to hurt him, especially since he has explored the mysterious body of the two children different from women, he is more and more addicted to Mo Han , Although sexually mad about Mo Han, but also try to make up for him in life.

Until a year ago, he and Mohan's story spread.

He did not believe that the breaking news reporter said that the main messenger of this incident was Mo Han, and even if Mo Han really moved so carefully, he didn't care.

There are more women who gossip with him, and there are even men. There aren't as many twins as him.

However, this incident made him suddenly realize that in three years, his focus of life had become completely unclear.

Mo Han is a Shuanger. He originally despised Shuanger in his bones. Even though Shuanger's social status has risen in recent years, he still feels that Shuanger is the plaything of the superior.

Therefore, it was his stupidity that pushed Mo Han away from him. Finally, Mo Han left him completely, and he couldn't stand it anymore.

So, now that I figured it out, we can't blame it on this matter. Of course, the most important thing is that fortunately, Xie Lin is a twin, otherwise he will never let Mo Han and Xie Lin miss!

Jiang Mingquan held Mo Han's side waist and pulled him against him. The arc of the bite of his mouth gradually slowed down. He felt the baby in Mo Han's belly, still rolling and kicking, and gently soothed with his hand, "Baby, obediently Yes, let me sleep well. "

He believes that he and Mo Han's baby will be more beautiful and cute than Babe.

At around five o'clock, Jiang Shiyuan and Wu Zeya returned. Only Hong Yi and Guo Zi were sitting on the sofa and smoking in the hall.

Wu Zeya entered the door and looked around, guessing that Mo Han and Xie Lin should still be sleeping, and asked: "Hong Yi, Guo Zi, Xiaoquan?"

"Aunt Wu is back," Hong Yi and Guo Zi got up. Guo Zi said, "Quan is sleeping upstairs."

Jiang Mingquan has no habit of taking lunch breaks, but loves to sleep whenever he drinks, and Wu Zeya doesn't think much.

"Well, I'll call him upstairs." After Wu Zeya said, Hong Yi was about to remind her that Mo Han was also in Jiang Mingquan's room, and saw Wu Zeya turned around and said, "Yes, Hong Yi Guozi, you guys Let ’s go back in the past two days. Aunt Wu is n’t rushing you. Tianyi will have a happy event in another ten days. I think there ’s a lot of work there. Both of you are the most trusted people around him. Going back can help. Help him, Xiaohan is here to take care of me, and you can rest assured that I will never let Xiaoquan bully him.

Hong Yi's face sank. Guo Zi patted Hong Yi's back and laughed: "That line, Aunt Wu, I'll go back in a while, but let Hong Yi brother stay here for a few more days, after all, the sister-in-law explained, Mo This person is sensitive and sensitive, leaving a person here, he is at ease. "

"Okay." Wu Zeya nodded and smiled: "Don't let Guo Zi be so anxious, leave tomorrow, accompany you Uncle Jiang for a glass of wine tonight, he, Grandpa Gao just gave him a good wine, and started to remember Drinking. "

"..." Jiang Shiyuan shook his hand at Wu Zeya, then said to Hong Yi and Guo Zi: "Sit down, I'll go and order the food. Let's have a drink tonight."

When Wu Zeya went upstairs, Jiang Shiyuan went out, Guo Zi took Hong Yi to sit down: "Brother Hong Yi, don't worry about it. In my opinion, Mr. Xie probably doesn't like how much he likes you.

"..." Hong Yi drew a cigarette and lit it. Guo Zi only knew that Xie Lin was a twin, but he didn't know how to tell Xie Lin's experience: "I hope so."

"Hey ~" Guo Zi shook his head and smiled: "Unfortunately, I have been thinking about your sister-in-law since high school, and Bai is looking forward to it."

Hong Yi exhaled a bit of smoke and leaned back on the sofa tiredly: "She will meet someone more suitable for her."

Wu Zeya went upstairs and knocked on Jiang Mingquan's door. After hearing Jiang Mingquan's lazy response, she still refused to say: "Well, open the door, my mother has something to tell you."

Jiang Mingquan looked at Mo Han who was awakened, propped his upper body with his arms, and patted Mo Han's belly and looked at him: "I haven't got dressed yet. What is so urgent, you can say it directly."

Mo Han realized that he was now lying in Jiang Mingquan's arms, and his frightened legs suddenly shrank, and the frightened little **** cat grasped and looked at the door.

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