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Bring a Lottery Panel with You

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This is a dark and evil world, full of suspense and evil spirits.

People often whisper in low voices at night.

Some people will lose their lives for no reason.

Hidden behind the bustling is an unknown force of terror.

Qi Yun came through, wearing a mysterious panel, and gradually opened a dawn in this world of monsters and evils.

For the first time in the lottery, get the [Bear Fighting Hand] cheats, and the blood power is greatly increased.

For the second time in the lottery, you will get 【Demacia Power】, you can summon the Great Sword to impose sanctions on the enemy.

For the third time in the lottery, I got [Fire Cloud Palm], his arms burned like fire, turned into a flame of anger, and burned everything.

The fourth draw…

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BLPWY
Alternate Title:随身带个抽奖面板
Author:Re-enter the arena
Weekly Rank:#2878
Monthly Rank:#3588
All Time Rank:#3680
Tags:Cheats, Demons, Ghosts, Ruthless Protagonist, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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19 Comments on “Bring a Lottery Panel with You
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  1. Here is a brief summary, if you have read "Way of the devil" it will be easier to understand( cause it seem similar) : ● 1st our Mc + transmitted + System (kill demon,weirdo,strong beings,etc ....to take blood,blood=point=Stat⬆ or Draw Lottery to get Many thing,cannot upgrade stat wantonly bcs it has temporary limit+side effect if gone up too fast) . Mc has backdround (among normal ppl of course , what do you expect)(if Author also count as a background then sure OP), he find many strange case -> has to sovle --> Ih sh*t there are Demon,Ghost,Culvitator and they strong as f*ck!!!! --> •insert investigaing,fighting scenes,trainning,killing a strong enemy• --> You think it was a Point delivering Boy but it was me " A stronger enemy" , Now run....In a nutshell like a shounen. ● 2nd the power hierarchy : •If Power World is a game then we got ♳Normal ppl (aka dont play the or dont even know the game exist) = powerless ♴martial artist (Weak Newbie)=Stronger than normal pll and that all ♵Transcendent=culvitator( or normal player) = has Supernatural power,Martial suck,Normal ppl are trash (but has to lvl up step by step + 8 type of Exp debuffs, so need to play A LOT) ♶Awakened (aka N.th Generation young master who has VIP acc from the start) = has innate mysterious,strong power from the Great Great Great Ancestor but need Blood to live and get stronger in another way , they have to farm Non,Normal Players) = Stronger than other type.. ● 3rd the story, It has many weird case ppl died,Mc depress (he frowned every chap, heart sank a lot),he not to stupid to jump in every pit , in fact i skipped a lot between the investige scences (not to boring btw) , the fight is okay , Mc maybe follow Hulk Way (beat ghost,Iron man,..By Force)...And continue to unveiled the true of the world...... I think it A good read +It is completed so you should try. Hope this comment helpful✌

  2. Also For the Lottery thing : It like A Gacha game . That mean you need lot of Points to pull to acctually has some thing good, Where is the point?? Kill monster.. how to kill Monster?? Add point of course. So where the spare point to pull Gacha??? That is for the time when you have a stable Point income. Between ch33 and 34 , there is a chap where Author explains this problem when MC dont uses every points to draw like a gambler.

  3. I think i've read this before... I dl its raw and then translated it using google mtl. If im not wrong the mc is a martial artist kind of power but there's another group who has supernatural ability but needs to drink human blood.. So both groups are supposed to be enemy while normal humans suffer from being eaten raw 😂

  4. Lol this novel is kinda interesting but I read a line about the MC being fucking 9 feet tall at one point.... WTF? That goes way beyond cool into freakshow territory. I hope it was a translation error.

  5. So about 6'2. Okay that's MUCH more normal. I didn't know that they calculated it differently. You learn something new everyday. Thanks bro

  6. I was wrong. Gilgamesh was only 11 cubits tall and 4 cubits from nipple to nipple. At most 17 feet tall. Though there seems to be another one there who was about 18 m, I just forgot who it was.

  7. You just farted, didn't you? You dare not give me face by summoning wind and cloud! This 30 puffs of Hedong I receive, but mark my words fo I will soon be back with 30 puffs of Hexi.

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