The next morning, Bai Ertang woke up and received a message from Mei Xia on her phone, asking her to have dinner tonight.

Bai Ertang was very speechless, thinking about who asked her to take this task seriously before, don't think it's just a system task that is irrelevant and take it casually.

As a result, Bai Ertang really wanted to solve the problem. She didn't want to end up with a simple divorce. Instead, she taught the hateful Xiao Qing a lesson. She went to great lengths to find Xiao Qing's mistakes, to find Xiao Qing's chat records of buying illegal drugs. Misha discusses countermeasures, but Misha only wants to date.

Really, there is no big picture concept at all. Bai Ertang complained inwardly.

So Bai Ertang went back to Meixia, "I don't have time."

Mei Xia sent another message, "It's about solving Xiao Qing's matter. I found a helper."

This time, Bai Ertang agreed to have dinner with Meixia in the evening.

After she was groomed, she went to the company early.

As a taster, it's actually a relatively easy job, but Bai Ertang knows that Jin Sisi will be in charge of the entire company sooner or later.

Therefore, at work, although it has nothing to do with the divorce task, Bai Ertang is still very serious and hardworking. She also tries her best to overcome the impact of social phobia on her and build a good relationship with her colleagues in the company.

It was less than a month before she went to the company, and everyone's impression of Jin Sisi has undergone tremendous changes. In everyone's eyes, Jin Sisi is polite and humble, and works hard and hard. Although it is not very smart and witty, it is not a fool at all.

She acts as a taste tester in the tasting team of the product department, and the tasting report she writes is more objective and detailed than others. Even a few product managers who want to trouble her are hard to pick.

Many employees discussed in private that if Jin Sisi takes over the company in the future, it is actually acceptable.

At noon, in order to fool Xiao Qing, Bai Ertang also took the initiative to invite Xiao Qing and colleagues from the company to have dinner together, creating the illusion of their love for husband and wife. Xiao Qing saw that Bai Ertang was so ingratiating, and felt that the Jin family father and daughter were afraid of him, and even felt that they had won the ticket. In control, just wait until you get the 30 million, fly away, and start again.

In the blink of an eye, Bai Ertang came to the restaurant that he had agreed with Mixia.

This time, Mei Xia was to introduce someone to her, and Mei Xia chose a small and unknown restaurant and asked for a small private room.

When Bai Ertang arrived, Mi Xia and the man were already there.

It was a young man with a relatively sturdy appearance. He was wearing a jacket and jeans. He had some stubble on his face, and his hair was a little messy. He looked disheveled.

Mei Xia sat on the side and drank coffee quietly, while the man looked at Mei Xia intently and said something, "Miss Xia, don't worry, this time your friend's affairs are covered by me."

This man didn't have any scheming, everything in his heart was on his face, and Bai Ertang could see at a glance that he liked Mei Xia.

This realization made Bai Ertang dumbfounded.

In fact, Mixia in this mission time and space, although she is a beautiful woman on the surface, is the core of a man on the inside. And Mixia must know the mind of the man next to her, but she sat quietly drinking coffee, although she was a little cold, she didn't look impatient.

Could it be that…

Bai Ertang almost covered his mouth, a beauty plan? Or a handsome man?

No matter what, it was really hard work, Meixia. Being courted by a man, Xia Xucheng must be very distressed.

Bai Ertang's heart was turbulent, and she forgot to come forward for a while, and Meixia naturally knew what Bai Ertang was thinking. She raised her head and glanced at Bai Ertang coldly, "Sisi, you are here, come and sit."

Bai Ertang came over, and Mei Xia introduced her, "This is Tang Feng, an anti-drug police officer, I think he can help you."

Tang Feng immediately greeted Bai Ertang, "Miss Jin, don't worry, you are Miss Xia's friend, and I will take your affairs seriously."

Tang Feng said while looking at Mei Xia, the meaning is obvious, the matter that Mei Xia asked for, he has to complete the mountain of swords and the sea of ​​​​fire.

Bai Ertang almost couldn't help laughing.

It turned out that it was okay, Misha sacrificed too much this time.

"Thank you, this time is about my friend's life. Please help her. Sisi, tell Tang Feng about the situation in detail. Tang Feng is a reliable friend, so you don't have to worry about anything."

Mei Xia's introduction also made Tang Feng happy, he nodded, "Well, I will definitely do my best."

So Bai Ertang told what happened between her and Xiao Qing, and also showed Tang Feng the chat records he got from Xiaohao.

As a result, Tang Feng's eyes lit up, his occupational disease suddenly committed, and he was instantly excited, "Is this chat record true? If it is true, then this may involve the city's traffickers and drug gangs. If Follow the vine and find the source of the poison from Li Le... This is a great achievement."

The more Tang Feng talked, the more excited he became. In the end, he was grateful to Bai Ertang and Mei Xia, "Miss Xia, Miss Jin, you have provided me with clues about this matter, don't worry, I will definitely find evidence and let Xiao Qing be this scumbag. Bring it to justice!"

Bai Ertang was overjoyed, "Thank you so much for that."

Everyone discussed some details in detail. Mei Xia knew Li Le better and said something about Li Le. After dinner, everyone was ready to withdraw.

Mei Xia looked at Bai Ertang, "Sisi, I'll send you..."

In the end, Mei Xia was interrupted by Bai Ertang before she finished speaking, "No need, I drove by myself, I'll just go back by myself, Miss Mei Xia, you can go back with Mr. Tang."

Although the beautiful man's plan has been successful, it is better to consolidate it in order to make Tang Feng do his best.

When Tang Feng heard this, he was grateful to Bai Ertang.

"..." How could Mei Xia not understand Bai Ertang's thoughts, she gave Bai Ertang a cold look, and she nodded, "Okay, then be careful on your way back."

Tang Feng really handled things neatly. It didn't take long for him to tell Bai Ertang that he had found evidence of Li Le's drug dealer. Li Le was the middleman. For retail investors, the next thing to do is to find out the details of the transactions between Li Le and Xiao Qing. If Xiao Qing has poisoned Jin Sisi, you can close the net.

However, Xiao Qing poisoned Jin Sisi several times without saving any evidence. Bai Ertang was very worried about this, but Tang Feng told her not to worry, because according to the statement provided by Bai Ertang, Xiao Qing poisoned Jin Sisi. Poison, Li Le knew about it, arrested Li Le, and asked out of Li Le's mouth, Xiao Qing could not escape the punishment of the law.

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