The sleeping white two sugar suddenly heard a strange sound.

What the hell, disturbing her sleep.

Bai Ertang thought in a daze.

【嘤嘤, 嘤嘤嘤】

Come on, your sister!

The consciousness of Bai Bitang, who was harassed by the strange voice, finally slowed down.

【woke up? ] A cute loli sounded in Bai Ertang's mind.

"...What?" She was single and a leftover daughter, living alone, with no one else at home.

[Hello, Miss, it's a system 嘤嘤, unfortunately to tell you, you are dead. 】

"Why am I dying?" She was clearly in her prime, only thirty years old.

[嘤嘤嘤, people don't know, they are only responsible for releasing tasks to you. 】

"Understood, so I live in a system text? Then I'm going to quickly travel to various parallel spaces to fall in love with the male protagonist, and then I can get a chance to resurrect?"

I read a lot of Bai Ertang's novels, and my brain suddenly opened up.

I couldn't help but secretly secretly rejoice in my heart what's going on!

【Hey! It's not a relationship, it's a divorce. Next, you have to divorce the male protagonist in each parallel time and space. Successful divorce and divorce have a good effect. After accumulating points to the resurrection value, you can be resurrected. Before that, your body will be in a sleeping state. 】

[…What the hell, divorce? 】

I have pity on her, an older leftover girl, who is not married in reality, but has to get divorced in the system!

[Hey, that's how it is. Next, I will start posting the first task. 】


Before Bai Ertang could object, a bunch of information flooded into her brain.

This is a modern rich and powerful dog blood love story.

The subject is still fake siblings.

The female protagonist is the male protagonist's stepsister. The female protagonist remarried with her mother and moved to the male protagonist's house. Of course, the male protagonist looked down on this poor and weak sister, and was dissatisfied with all kinds of runs, but in the end she was moved by the tenderness and cuteness of the step sister. The two were happy together in the end, and together with their father and stepmother, they formed a big harmonious family.

"Isn't this good? A typical modern CEO Tianwen, why do you want a divorce?" Bai Ertang didn't understand.

[Hey, don't worry, you have only received 30% of the information. 】

Information continues to flood the brain.

After getting married, the two of them mixed oil with honey in the early stage, but gradually changed in the later stage. The reality is cruel. Although the two are in love with each other, their world outlook and outlook on life are somewhat different because of their living environment since childhood.

The male protagonist has been away on business for a long time, and the female protagonist is a housewife at home. She has become more and more sensitive and vulnerable, likes to be suspicious, and is not confident. Because of her commoner background, she cannot integrate into the upper world, and she is laughed at by the wealthy wife of the upper class. Shut up, the male protagonist is also dissatisfied with the female protagonist.

Slowly, the gap between the two became wider and wider.

"Oh, this is the normal state of life. That kind of Cinderella story is really unreliable."

[Hey, that's right. The mission of the system is to correct this twisted happy ending and bring everything back to normal. 】

"Returning to Zhengguo means to divorce the male and female protagonists?"

[Hey, otherwise, this kind of unequal marriage will not be happy together. 】

"I understand."

[Next, access the heroine's life experience and various memories, and then you will replace the heroine and help her complete a perfect divorce! 】


[By the way, I would like to remind Miss, there are not only quantitative requirements for divorce, but also quality requirements. 】

"...Quality? I divorced and left a flower?"

[It's like this, Miss, your divorce task is assessed by KPI. If you divorce quickly and well, you will get an A and get two points. If the divorce is protracted, and the post-divorce life of the heroine is not properly handled, then no points will be awarded if you hit C. Good or bad, just one point. 】

"... There are KPIs for system tasks... Then, what if the divorce is unsuccessful?"

[Three points will be deducted. 】

"..." Bai Ertang rolled his eyes, "You are very strict."

[Miss, don't worry, I haven't said it more strictly. If your points are negative, just GAMEOVER, so you lose the chance to revive in real life. 】

"...Then how many points can I complete the mission to resurrect?"

[The main system said, tentatively set a thousand points. 】


It takes the year of the monkey and the month of the horse to be resurrected!

[So, please start as soon as possible, and immediately connect the mission one system for you! 】

Inside the Ning family villa.

Bai Ertang, who woke up again, found that he was not in a simple one-bedroom nest, but in an unusually luxurious room.

It seems that everything before is not a dream.

She got up and found herself wearing translucent silk pajamas. She looked in the mirror, and sure enough, she had turned into Song Yuyin.

In terms of appearance, this thirty-four-year-old woman does not have any special advantages.

She is not beautiful, at best she is upright and handsome. The figure is not much to look at, about B, and there is no protruding front or back. I don't know what she means when she wears translucent pajamas.

After all, judging from the news received, this woman and her husband Ning Ze have been separated for two years.

wait, what's wrong...

By the way, today is their ten-year wedding anniversary. When Song Yuyin and Ning Ze got married, they agreed that no matter what in the future, they would spend their wedding anniversary together.

So, Song Yuyin, who was unwilling to go further and further with Ning Ze, planned to seduce Ning Ze on this day? Come to a broken mirror?

Song Yuyin moved to Bai's house with her mother at the age of 18, and then she met Ning Ze.

Thinking about it this way, Bai Ertang didn't feel any grievances against Song Yuyin.

She was originally a commoner girl. If she married a house slave according to her original identity, it would be good, but thanks to her mother's remarriage in Chunfeng, and the fact that she got married with her step-brother, she jumped up a few times. In this class, the living standard does not know how much it has risen.

After living in a wealthy family for 16 years, she should be satisfied with getting something that did not belong to her class and her ability.

So, why would you lose your self-esteem, wear this translucent pajamas, and want to win Ning Ze again.

You must know that when Ning Ze liked Song Yuyin, she liked her simplicity and cuteness, not her body.

[嘤嘤, yes, even if Song Yuyin doesn't get a divorce, there will be no good results, and if she ends the divorce, your task is to help her get a perfect divorce. Remember, the better Song Yuyin's life after her divorce, the higher the level of completion of your tasks, and you can get an A score. 】

As soon as he finished speaking, the door was opened.

Ning Ze walked in. It seemed that he still remembered the agreement between the two.

Ning Ze was stunned when he saw Song Yuyin, and then looked at him with disgust and contempt, "Song Yuyin, what do you mean by dressing like this? Didn't I make it clear enough on the phone?"


Pit father!

This system obviously hasn't evolved well. Although she has received important information about Song Yuyin, there are no details at all.

Isn't that calling her the blind man to touch the elephant?

[Hey, people can't do anything about it, who said they are still a baby system. It's still a baby! 】


"Why, do you want me to repeat it? Song Yuyin, I really can't bear your suspicion and nervousness anymore, so let's get a divorce."