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Bound Luck: Get The Whitebeard Template at the Start

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Novel Summary

With the development of science and technology, the population increases, and resources are dwindling. A war sweeping the world has entered the countdown stage.

Just when all mankind was pessimistic about the future, the mysterious forbidden area outside the realm came quietly.

From every country in the world, randomly select a player to enter the forbidden area to explore and broadcast live around the world!

The precious resources discovered by the players in the forbidden area will be embodied in the real world to solve the problem of human resource crisis!

And Xu Fan, who obtained the Whitebeard Template System, bound Yan Kingdom’s luck and entered the forbidden area outside the territory…

The whole world is watching, and Yan Guo’s eyes are focused on Xu Fan’s body.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BLGWTS
Alternate Title:绑定气运:开局获得白胡子模板
Author:a cute rabbit
Weekly Rank:#968
Monthly Rank:#751
All Time Rank:#1182
Tags:Male Protagonist, One Piece, Reincarnated in Another World, System,
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59 Comments on “Bound Luck: Get The Whitebeard Template at the Start
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  1. good new, the author has a new book https://www.uukanshu.com/b/199187/, does anyone want to read. ps: after reading can you summarize, i don't like reading ongoing, i start and finish most books in a week or 2, especially after i got hooked like overlord or record of ragnarok.

  2. MC is the my nation is no one. Other are shit. We are light in the darkness. Other nations are shit. Man it’s getting old like why do they have to show everyone their nation is soooo good

  3. My guess is all this racism and numbawon propaganda has something to do woth policy change made during last 2-3 years. Novels before were not so idiotic. As usual free numbawon party is pushing free numbawon propganda to all readers.

  4. Your comment made me miss the time when I read I Shall Seal the Heaven and Warlock of the Magus World on wuxiaworld, when the content is still 'healthy' lol. Wait, at that time I also already got poisoned by apocalypse genre novel 'God and Devil World'. At that time I'm still quite 'innocent' and never deal with all this china nationalism crap, so I easily got poisoned by keep reading until thousands of chapters. The way MC keep traveling to other nations and killed its inhabitants with apocalypse as justification seriously chilled me out now that I think of it 🥶

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