"Made, a group of shameless people, why did my tall BOSS chat group get into these two shameless guys?"

While Ye Shiqiu was walking leisurely on the road in the Douqi Continent, his face turned dark when he saw the news in the group, and he thought to himself.

The King of the Demon King Sun Wukong and the Golden Winged Eagle Eagle, how the strength of these two guys are, others don't know, don't he, the group leader, still don't know?

The first is Monkey King, which is clearly the second peak of the Immortal Realm. Okay, as for the Golden Winged Eagle, it is the fourth peak of the Immortal Realm. It turned out to be good. One brags that he is the third peak, and the other brags that he is the fifth. In the beginning, you...

Who is this to scare?

Scare me?



On the other side, Journey to the West is passed on to the world.

Seeing Jin Peng's self-reported strength level, Wu Tian frowned, hesitated for a long time, and finally deleted the news that he had edited himself and wanted to chat with him privately and asked him to help him.

He is not sure whether what Jin Peng said in the group is true or false, but if it is true, he can't afford the cost of asking a fifth-strength immortal realm to do it, or he can afford it, but too much. He was unwilling to bear it, and would rather spend a little more time thinking about it and think of an idea to catch the golden winged big eagle eagle in this world.


Attached to the world, the suburbs of Beijing.

On a mountain peak.

Seeing the news from Jinpeng, Sun Wukong, the king of the Demon King, instantly froze.

"Early stage of the fifth stage of the Immortal Realm?" The monkey had an unbelievable expression, so he said, the first strongest in the chat group has changed again, right?

No, this ranking changes every day, making my grandson's rankings lower and lower. You do it like this, which makes my grandson very embarrassed.

Immediately, Monkey King picked up the pen and began to write something on a scroll on the short table in front of him. This was all the information he had collected so hard.

After being beaten up by Wutian and Shishi last time and sent to Tushan Hospital for emergency treatment, he began to reflect and made effective changes. He would no longer offend people casually, and secretly collect all kinds of information. , In case of unexpected events.

Huh, why not be like Morgana, not forgiving, and never moving forward?

Answer: My old grandson is not the same as that woman. She is just like in her own world, she can't beat the holy Keisha, and she always provokes others. I don't know what it is for.

Now, in this group, she is the same. She always provokes people who are better than her. She doesn't change after repeated teaching. Now she doesn't know what happened. Forget it, let her go. It's nothing to do with my grandson.

Sun Wukong, the king of the demon king, thought in his heart.


In the chat group.

Seeing that they had reported a slightly exaggerated strength level, these group members stopped talking as before, and a triumphant expression flashed across Jin Peng's eyebrows.

Sure enough, depressing first, then high-profile, humble first and then publicizing, is the best way to show yourself.

Nowadays, these so-called BOSSs from various worlds should have kept themselves firmly in mind, knowing what a powerful and great existence they are. My mana is overwhelming, but I will not take the initiative to harm you, but if you dare to look down on me, then Like the female ghost named Morgana, I will use the yin and yang mill to suppress her, and she will not move anymore.


"Oh, is there another person in the group? I have been playing games just now, so I didn’t notice. The fifth stage of Immortal Realm is so amazing! Your level in the system is higher than mine, so you can come and fight with me. ?"

Just as Jin Peng was laughing, suddenly, a silly voice sounded in the group.

Hearing the sound, Jin Peng's laughter suddenly stopped, his face looked a little unkind, and he looked at the avatar that sent the voice message on the chat screen. Someone dared to provoke him. It seems that there are still masters in this group. You can't take it lightly. .

After that, the corners of Jin Peng's mouth twitched slightly, and he secretly said, "Why is it bald?"

That's right, suddenly bubbling, and wanting to challenge him is a bald man who has no hair and is wearing a very old-fashioned cloak, who does not look very clever. This bald man is called Saitama.

Golden Winged Eagle: "You want to challenge me, are you sure?"

Saitama: "Hmm, fight with me, I haven't had blood for a long time."

Golden Winged Dapeng Eagle: "What is your strength level in the system?"

Saitama: "The third pinnacle of the Immortal Realm."

Yes, Saitama's strength is the same as when he joined the group.

Jinpeng: "..."

I have said that I am the first stage of the fifth stage of the Immortal Realm. He dare to challenge me. Would such a person just be the third pinnacle of the Immortal Realm?

He said just now that my cultivation base is higher than his, so he should be the same as my actual cultivation base. It is the fourth peak of the Immortal Realm. Why...

Is he ying me?

Yes, he must be in Yin Me. He is also in the fifth stage of Immortal Realm, but there is a gap between the initial stages. He may have gone a long way in the early stage, and he is invincible in the fifth stage of Immortal Realm. So what I said to me deliberately is to get me out, so that I can beat me and do something to me!

Otherwise, unless he is a fool, it is impossible to challenge me with such a weak strength!

Thinking about it, Jin Peng thought for a while, and asked Saitama, "How is your relationship with that Morgana?"

Saitama: "Morgana? It's pretty good!"

Really hammered, this bald guy wanted to avenge Morgana, so he came to harm me on purpose, heh, do you think I will be fooled?

I... I was fooled.

Golden Winged Eagle Eagle: "Okay, I accept your challenge. As Morgana said before, if you lose, how about beating the winner for the loser?"

Saitama: "Huh? But I can't be a kid."

Golden Winged Eagle Eagle: "You can do whatever I ask you to do. That's it."

Saitama: "Oh, well, if you can beat me."

Golden Winged Dapeng Eagle: "Hey, you are quite confident, are you the Buddha in your Buddhist world?"

Saitama: "???"

Golden-winged Dapeng Eagle: "Why, you are not a Buddha, are you a Bodhisattva or an Arhat?"

Saitama: "???"

You Suowei: "Group friends, Mr. Saitama, he is not a buddhist person, he just lost his hair."

Saitama: "..."

Golden Winged Dapeng Eagle: "So, it seems that you are born with Buddhism. Fortunately, this seat also has the title of protector of Buddhism. After you become my little brother, you will naturally become a person in Buddhism. Come on, you choose a place, where to fight?"

Saitama: "How about Ruri's open world?"

Golden Winged Eagle Eagle: "Okay, it's up to you."

Su Daji: "..."

It feels like I can't talk at all now.

Morgana: "..."

Saitama, you must kill that **** for Queen me.

Ye Shiqiu: "..."

Saitama-sensei, are you finally on the road of no return?


One punch in the world of Superman.

The gift given to him by Jenos, who came back from the world travel of the Post-Journey to the West, puts a yellowed flag in his pocket, and the better he can stand with Jinpeng, the dark road can finally move the bones of Saitama, face A long-lost smile appeared on the face, and with a move, he bid farewell to Jenos and headed to the world of colored glaze.

By the way, Jenos picked up that small flag in a sacred mountain called Kunlun. He didn't know what it was for, but it shouldn't be a mortal thing depending on the appearance, so he gave it to the teacher. It can be regarded as his disciple's heart for the teacher.

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