Jin Peng's mentality has collapsed a bit. He never expected that he would encounter a person in this chat group who brags to such a situation.

No, this guy is not a human being. Seeing her evil face and dark skin, she made it clear that she was a female ghost!

Oh, the mere female ghost, dare to run in front of this seat to brag, so this seat is broad-minded, so won't you care about it?

No, let me tell you, I must care about this.

Immediately, Jinpeng sent a message out.

Golden Winged Eagle Eagle: "Since you are so powerful, then you should dare to open this red envelope of this seat, right?"

[Ding, the group member Golden Winged Dapeng Eagle sent you an exclusive red envelope. 】

Super seminary world, in the medical room on the demon battleship.

Lying here to rest, Morgana, who was slowly recovering from the injury caused by the evil **** of fire cloud, suddenly sounded in her mind, and then, looking at the red envelope that appeared on the chat screen, her face suddenly There was a convulsion.

She vaguely remembered that several'Bi Chi' in the group had done this kind of conscientious thing. They packed a group of explosive energy into the red envelope, and then they were disassembled. As a result, the red envelope was covered. After taking it apart, in an instant, with a bang, people were bombed into nigger, how could it be a tragic word.

Unexpectedly, this newcomer who has just entered the group will actually play this hand. It is really self-explanatory. Could it be that he is inherently evil?

If this is the case, he would be more predestined with his demonic civilization.

Thinking about it, Morgana turned her eyes a few times and replied to Jin Peng: "Hmph, just open it, but if I open this red envelope, Queen, what will you do?"

Golden Winged Dapeng Eagle: "I will give you the contents inside."

Devil Queen Morgana: "..."

Your girl has already sent things out, isn't it already given to me?

"Heh!" Morgana let out a sneer, and then said in the group: "If the queen, I open your red envelope, in the future you will join the queen's demonic civilization and be the queen's younger brother."

"Heh!" Seeing the news from Morgana, Journey to the West World, Jin Peng also sneered. She is also worthy of being her little brother, don't you really know how to look in the mirror? Tell you, my eldest brother is the Peacock King!

Immediately, Jinpeng sent a message: "Okay, if you can beat this seat then?"

Devil Queen Morgana: "Do you still need to beat you down?"

Jin Peng: "Nonsense. Of course, if you don't accept this seat, you may be killed by this seat."

Devil Queen Morgana: "It's scary. I'm so scared of the queen. Okay, just as you said, I already have a big crocodile under the queen, and another big eagle would be nice."

Having said that, Morgana hesitated for a moment, resisting the pain on her body, opening the space wormhole, ready to run away at any time, and then moved her mind and opened the red envelope sent by Jinpeng.

"Wow!" The moment the red envelope was opened, Morgana immediately sank into the space wormhole, disappeared, and left where she was originally.


She did not expect that after the two rays of light, black and white, that emerged from the red envelope appeared in her original position, the light was bright in the blink of an eye, and at the same time, Jin Peng’s voice sounded in the light: "Yin and Yang are grinding, suppress !"


The space around thousands of miles was imprisoned, and Morgana, who was in the wormhole in the space before it could be transferred to a further place, was instantly suppressed and could not move inside. Not only that, she felt the energy in her body still All kinds of technological functions have been sealed, what's going on?

Golden Winged Roc Eagle: "@魔王莫甘娜, hahaha, how about it, ants, do you know how powerful this seat is? This seat masters the two laws of speed and yin and yang, between heaven and earth, below the saint, where The yin and yang belong to, and this seat can suppress everything. It is so easy to deal with such an ant like you!"

Just when Morgana was stunned, Jin Peng said to her in the group.

Morgana: "..."

Bitch, how come you **** is so good? In the Journey to the West TV series, didn’t you three monsters playing together to barely defeat Monkey King, and no one is his opponent one-on-one? Why are you so much better than Monkey King in my world, the queen?

You know, the Monkey King of my world, the queen, has become a fighting and defeating Buddha. It stands to reason that it should be much better than when he learned the scriptures!

So, it turns out that the world is different, right? Since it is different, why must it be the queen of my world? Queen I... I'm not convinced!

Jin Peng: "Hmph, I wanted to sit down with you, a female ghost, and make friends, but I didn't expect you to provoke me everywhere. Now that you have such a fate, it's your own responsibility. No one else, no wonder I am a demon! Queen, I still want to be your little brother. I don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick. Other friends, sorry, I have a showdown, I am very strong, very strong, but you don’t have to be nervous, as long as you are not called Morgana like this The female ghost of the elders will die like that, this seat will definitely not bully you!"

Morgana: "..."

Who is the female ghost called? You bitch!

other people:"……"

Although Morgana is asking for trouble, she is right in one point, you are really proud.

The King of the Demon King Sun Wukong: "Ahem, pounce... Then what, this big man, what is your strength level in the system?"

After everyone complained in their hearts for a while, because their wealth was still rich, the injuries they had been beaten by Wu Tian and the Queen of Ten Thousand Demons the previous two days had recovered. The King of Demon King Sun Wukong, who was discharged from the hospital, stood up and asked Jin Peng curiously.

Golden Winged Eagle Eagle: "Monkey King, are you the Monkey King?"

The King of the Demon King Sun Wukong: "Haha, it's me, hello boss, we are not a person of the world."

After Sun Wukong said hello, he quickly explained that he was afraid that he would be misunderstood by the other party, and then, like Morgana, suddenly did not dare to speak in the group, and did not know what he experienced after opening the red envelope.

Golden Winged Dapeng Eagle: "So that's the case, I said, that monkey should wear a golden hoop made by the golden hoop fairy on his head, but there is nothing on your head."

Monkey King, King of the Demon King: "Haha, what the boss said is, what he said is."

Golden Winged Eagle Eagle: "Hehe, Monkey King from other worlds, interesting, fellow Taoist, you want to know the strength level of this seat, it’s nothing, let’s talk about your own first, and you’ll just talk about this seat.”

Monkey King, King of the Demon King: "I...I am the third pinnacle of the Immortal Realm."

Monkey King secretly falsely reported a number, adding a realm to himself.

"The third peak?" Jin Peng frowned, called up his own data panel in the chat group system, then pinched his fingers to calculate, and then replied to Monkey King: "This seat is...the fifth stage of the Immortal Realm." In the early days."

Jin Peng also falsely reported a number, adding a small level to himself.

The group members who watched the screen: "..."

Really, this newcomer is so hungry?

Wutian: "..."

Is this golden winged roc eagle from other worlds better than this one?