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Boss Chat Group of the Heavens and Worlds

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Novel Summary

Traveling through the world of Doubreaking firmament, I obtained a chat group of BOSS from the heavens and ten thousand realms. After waiting for almost twelve years, the group finally came.

Since then, the painting style of the heavens and the world has changed.

Xiaolong became the largest pet dealer in history.

Why is Ge Shixiong obsessed with farming?

Shock! Today, Sasuke Uchiha turned pale again, and he was anemic and weak!

There is also Bibi Dong who dominates Douluo, and Morgana who has opened a god-making company…

Many years later, looking at these big and small bosses in his group who are caring, Ye Shiqiu murmured:

“I knew it would take them so biased, so I wouldn’t spoil them at the beginning!”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:BCGHW
Alternate Title:诸天万界BOSS聊天群
Author:Dream day and sunset
Weekly Rank:#989
Monthly Rank:#1023
All Time Rank:#1788
Tags:Chat Rooms, Child Protagonist, Crossover, Douluo Dalu, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Nationalism, Racism, Shota,
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14 Comments on “Boss Chat Group of the Heavens and Worlds
  1. The author is detailed, but the way he portrayed the characters till 83 made me suspicious and my instincts were right, he wrote(not sure if mishap in translation) how yunyun addressed nalanyanran as “lover” please if that is translation mistake it is better to correct it.

  2. I have read about 200 chapters without any real racism. There is however currently except the main world wish fullfilment only one world that completly lost his essence and that is currently I believe (not 100% sure) the only none chinese origin world... Sasuke from Naruto is well lets just say we don't know him....

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