Chapter 1063 Best File 3: Human Integration

   February 14, 2004.

  Xiao Gou stroked his hard hair, smiling all over his face.

   "I didn't expect it to be so simple, just cut off the scalp."

   Since returning to the headquarters from Antarctica last time, the little dog has been quarantined for inspection.

  After trying various methods, the research department determined that the ice crystal hair is perfectly connected to the scalp and absolutely inseparable.

   So he simply had an operation, cut Xiaogou's scalp completely, and then re-transplanted a piece, and re-planted the hair.

   There is no way to destroy the ice crystal monster, but it is equivalent to being eliminated when it is separated from the human body and imprisoned.

   It is worth mentioning that even though it broke away from the host, the ice crystal monster did not die.

  It has no real parasitic relationship with the converted.

  Although it has the property of not directly harming the host, even if the host dies or is injured, the ice crystal monster will not have any effect.

  Then why protect the host? There is no reason, it is due to its 'thinks' itself as a parasite.

   "As expected of a containment object."

  Xiaogou's understanding of the contained objects has become more profound.

  The contained objects only have characteristics and phenomena, as for the principle? What is the principle? Containment doesn't need that kind of thing at all.

   "Exactly, the containment has its own unique principle, and it cannot be popularized. We have no way to learn technology from it." Qi Ye said.

   "Okay, okay, there is a mission wave?" Xiaogou smiled. In order to solve the hair problem, he stayed in the research department for two months.

   Now that I have completed my cultivation, I can't wait to start working.

   Master Qi knocked on his head and said, "Suzhou, a mental hospital, there is someone we need to investigate."

  Xiaogou blinked and said, "Investigation mission?"

   Master Qi smiled and said, "What? Don't want to go?"

   "Go!" Xiaogou nodded.

  The two rushed to Suzhou by plane, and Master Qi told Xiaogou about the mission on the way.

  Investigation mission, as the name suggests, finds anomalies and asks members to investigate to determine whether it is caused by the contained objects.

   "The target is a psychopath, named Li Wen, with multiple personalities. There are 130 personalities that have appeared..."

   "What? 130 personalities!" Xiaogou was stunned.

   Master Qi nodded and said: "That's right, it broke the world record. Before that, the most multiple personalities were 24."

  Xiao Gou hurriedly said: "This must be caused by the contents!"

   Master Qi rolled his eyes, and said speechlessly: "What do you mean for sure? You can't take it for granted, you have to investigate clearly."

   "I have sent people to investigate all his interpersonal interactions and places he visited from one month before the onset of the disease until he was sent to the mental hospital."

   "The result is that there is no abnormality, that is to say, Li Wen's case is an isolated case."

  Xiao Gou nodded, he understood what Master Qi meant.

  In the case of an isolated case, it means that even if there is a containment inside, it is not the containment that caused Li Wen's 130 personality, but at most Li Wen's own characteristics.

   Otherwise, the place where he got sick, or other people around him, should have a similar situation to him.

  Xiao Gou pondered: "Can there be as many as 130 multiple personalities?"

   "Theoretically, it is possible." Qi Ye said.

  Xiaogou shook his head and said, "I don't believe it, can his brain take it?"

   Master Qi said: "This is where he is abnormal. He is a transforming multiple personality. The personalities that have appeared before have never appeared again."

   "His 130 personalities were calculated by psychiatrists."

   "He changes his personality almost every day. Judging from the current situation, it is very likely that after the birth of the new personality, the old personality will disappear. So he does not have 130 personalities at the same time, but a total of 129 new personalities have appeared."

  Xiao Gou pondered: "Does personality change every day? Is the law dead?"

   If the law is a dead law, then it is most likely a feature.

   Master Qi shook his head again and said: "No, it's only been three months since entering the mental hospital, but 130 kinds of personalities have appeared. Because sometimes, they change several times a day."

   "It seems that there is no pattern. For the time being, I don't know what caused the personality change."

  Xiao Gou stopped talking and was irregular. Although it looked more like a real mental illness, it might actually be a containment object.

  Because of the characteristics of the container, it can also be required that the personality change is random.

   Master Qi said: "In fact, after he was locked up in the mental hospital, the experts didn't expect that he would change his personality every day and treat him according to the normal way of treating patients."

  “It’s nothing more than a chat, asking him if he has received any fright or persecution. Then use some guiding methods, hoping that he will find himself.”

   At the beginning, when Li Wen was working in the company, he suddenly went berserk, his eyes were red, he held a fruit knife, and chopped everyone he saw.

  Afterwards, he was sent to a mental hospital. After various investigations, he realized that Li Wen thought he was a small soldier in the frontier army in the late Ming Dynasty. At that time, he thought that the people around him were all Tartars.

  Because of his violent tendencies, he was locked in a room alone. He was emotionally disturbed and very agitated, so he had to sedate occasionally.

  A few days later, the nurse reported that his mood was very stable, so the experts wanted to find out the cause and chatted with Li Wen.

  It turned out that Li Wen called himself "Liu Zhi" at the time, spoke a Suzhou dialect, thought that it was the 26th year of the Republic of China, and his character was cowardly, thinking that he was arrested for the crime of traitor.

  Experts deduced at the time that Li Wen might have watched too many TV dramas and created a soldier personality and a traitor personality.

   Another week later, the expert interviewed him again, continuing the topic from last time, talking about the Republic of China with him, but Li Wen didn’t say a word, and talked about the end of the Ming Dynasty. He still looked indifferent.

  At that time, experts disagreed, and it was very common for psychiatrists to ignore doctors, so they left after chatting for more than ten minutes. And suggested that the nurse talk to him more.

   It was after that face-to-face consultation that I really discovered that Li Wen's personality was changing.

  The nurse often went to chat with him, and soon realized that the other party was no longer a soldier, nor a traitor Liu Zhi, and his personality often changed.

  When you go today, you may be a foolish beggar, but the next day you will become a vicious bandit, and after a while, you will become an honest worker again.

   Repeatedly, until now, there are 89 personalities with clear records, and a conservative estimate of 40 suspected new personalities observed by the camera.

  129 personalities, plus 'Li Wen' himself, he should have accumulated 130 personalities.

   Undoubtedly, it was too strange, and soon attracted the attention of the peripheral personnel of the Blue and White Society as an investigation task.

  This task, before the official members take over, is tracked down by peripheral personnel.

  With the level of many peripheral personnel, it is enough to find out whether he is really mentally ill, and there is no need for members of the club to do it themselves.

  The reason why Lord Qi took on this task was entirely to cultivate Xiaogou's investigative ability.

  Three hours later, the two got off the plane and came to a public mental hospital in Suzhou.

   "Here, here is the certificate. I am a psychiatrist from Shanghai, and you are my graduate student." Master Qi laughed.

  Xiaogou took the certificate and complained, "Why are you giving it to me now?"

   After all, Master Qi has already rushed to the porter of the inpatient building to register.

  Xiao Gou hurriedly followed, handed over his ID, and glanced at his name.

   Seeing this, Xiao Gou was stunned, because his name had been changed, but in fact, it was okay to change it, since it is a fake certificate, it is normal to use a pseudonym.

  But the name above is: Gou Dongxi.

   "..." Xiao Gou squinted at Master Qi, bursting with murderous aura.

   "Hey hey." Master Qi turned his head and left, and ran upstairs with a smile.

   Xiaogou bit the bullet and finished the registration, and the concierge looked at him with weird eyes.

  The two went upstairs and were warmly received. Master Qi asked to see Li Wen, and soon someone made an arrangement.

   While waiting, Xiao Gou grabbed Master Qi by the collar, spit on him and said, "Are you a beast! What a dog! Believe it or not, I'll throw you out!"

   Master Qi said with contemptuous eyes: "Can't you control your emotions for such a trivial matter? Bad review!"

  Xiaogou said angrily: "What a bad review, I have already completed containment once and got the Alpha badge, you can still send me back for an internship!"

   Master Qi smiled and said: "Calm down! Calm down! Do the task!"

   At this time a doctor came, Xiao Gou quickly calmed down and sat down kindly.

   "Professor Qi, the patient didn't cooperate today, he didn't even eat, and he was making trouble in the ward..." said the doctor.

   Master Qi smiled and said: "It's okay, then we will go to see him in the ward."

  Someone from Lanbai Society has already called the hospital, and the hospital is fully cooperating.

   Soon, Master Qi and Xiaogou were taken to the ward.

  I saw Li Wen with loose hair, wearing a restraint uniform, fixed on the bed, with fierce eyes.

  He growled continuously, seemingly extremely angry and sad.

  The doctor said: "He often chatters like this, I don't know what to say."

  The doctors and nurses could not understand, but the members could understand.

   Members have eaten translation konjac, as long as it is a systematic language, they can understand it directly.

   "Big fallacy! Big fallacy! The princes rebelled, and the Qing emperor's side is just an excuse! If you cut it, you will reverse it, and if you don't cut it, you will reverse it. Now that the feudal clan has been cut, put down the chaos immediately!"

   "I want to see Your Majesty! I want to see Your Majesty!"

  Li Wen kept struggling, as if he had countless things to say in his heart, and was extremely emotional, and he burst into tears afterwards.

   Master Qi and Xiaogou looked at each other, and sat down on the chair.

   He heard Li Wen say again: "You are not Your Majesty... You are not... Who are you! Where is Chen Jia? Where is the traitor!"

   Master Qi said with a strange expression: "What's your name?"

   Li Wen was taken aback, he understood this sentence.

  Translate konjac, and others will automatically understand what you say.

   "You don't know the old man?" Li Wen asked in surprise.

  He soon discovered that no one here seemed to know him.

  Li Wen said with sharp eyes: "The old man pays homage to the doctor Yushi! Wu Chu is ambitious, and he is not cutting down the vassals. The Seven Kingdoms rebelled, how could he kill the ministers without authorization! There must be treacherous people."

  Xiao Gou said: "I asked your name, why are you talking so much!"

   Master Qi reacted and asked, "Chao Cuo?"

  Li Wen looked at Lord Qi and said, "Who are you? I want to see Your Majesty!"

   This is the default.

   "Chao Cuo?" Xiao Gou pondered for a moment and said, "The Chao Cuo who was cut in half by Liu Qi during the Seven Kingdoms Rebellion?"

   "Presumptuous! Li Zi dares to call His Majesty by his first name!" Li Wen stared.

  Xiao Gou stroked his chin, wondering if this really has multiple personalities?

  During the period of Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty, Chao Cuo was the teacher of Emperor Jing Liu Qi and was very trusted. The official worships the doctor Yushi. At that time, the doctor Yushi was one of the three princes, and there was no higher official.

  It has contributed to the country and is a very capable legalist minister. But he had a fierce temperament, and while deeply trusted by Emperor Jing, he also offended many ministers.

  In this case, Chao Cuo proposed to cut down the vassal.

   Zhou Xing enfeoffment, leading to five hundred years of Spring and Autumn and Warring States. Emperor Qin unified and changed the system to prefectures and counties. However, in the early Han Dynasty, Liu Bang got back the enfeoffment.

  It was fine during the time of Emperor Wen, but by the time of Emperor Jing, the princes had already disrespected the emperor very much.

  If things go on like this for several generations, I am afraid that the same mistakes will be repeated, and there will be another Spring and Autumn and Warring States period.

  So Chao Cuo published the "Strategy for Cutting Fans", which deprived the princes of a large number of fiefs, corrected the private laws of the fiefs, and reduced the privileges of the princes.

  Emperor Jing listened and issued a decree, which soon led to the chaos of the Seven Kingdoms. Wu Chu and other vassal states jointly rebelled, and put forward the slogan: "Put Chao wrong, the Qing Dynasty is on the side."

  The princes rebelled, and the momentum was huge. Emperor Jing asked Chao Cuo what to do, and Chao Cuo hoped that Emperor Jing would drive himself to conquer, and he himself would sit in Chang'an.

Emperor Jing didn't listen, and Chao Cuo's political opponents wrote a letter: "The purpose of Wu Chu's rebellion is to kill Chao Cuo and restore the original fiefdom. As long as Chao Cuo is killed, envoys are sent to announce the pardon of the seven kingdoms, and the restoration of the deprived fiefdoms can eliminate the rebellion without bloodshed." .”

   After that, someone wrote letters one after another, impeaching Chao Cuo, and proposing that Chao Cuo be executed.

   Regarding this, Emperor Jing approved it, and sent Lieutenant Chen Jia to Chao Cuo's mansion to issue an edict to trick Chao Cuo into going to court to discuss matters. As the chariots and horses passed through Chang'an East City, the lieutenant stopped, read the imperial edict to Chao Cuo, and cut Chao Cuo in half.

   At that time, Chao Cuo was wearing court clothes like this, and was cut in half in Dongshi.

  However, there is no reason that killing Chao Cuo can put down the rebellion.

  The princes applauded and continued to rebel without withdrawing troops. In the end, Zhou Yafu led troops to defeat the enemy and solved the problem with the army.

   "Multiple personalities, how can I still think that I am Chao Cuo? How did this kind of personality come into being?" Xiaogou muttered.

   Master Qi said softly: "We just need to know if this is a disease."

   "What he said... should be the ancient Chang'an dialect."

  Xiao Gou said: "Is that caused by the contents? Li Wen is just an ordinary college graduate, how can he speak ancient Chinese?"

   Master Qi shook his head and said: "We don't know how to speak, or maybe he just speaks a dialect with a strange tone in a state of insanity. This can also be deciphered by the translator Konjac."

   After finishing speaking, Master Qi turned around and asked the doctor to get a pen and paper.

   Then, he personally stepped forward and untied Li Wen's restraint uniform.

   "Be careful! A nurse was injured by him last time." The doctor said.

   "It's okay." Master Qi smiled.

   Li Wen loosened his ties and looked at his smooth palms strangely.

   Soon the pen and paper were brought, Master Qi said: "Lord Chao, Your Majesty will not be able to see you, but I can let you write a memorial, this is your only chance to survive!"

  Li Wen was overjoyed, saluted and said: "Please leave your name, if the old man is kind, I will recommend you."

  He took the paper without even looking at the ballpoint pen, as if he didn't regard it as a pen at all.

  I saw him biting his finger and writing in blood, eloquently and brilliantly written!

   Master Qi and Xiaogou watched silently from the side, and the doctor also leaned over there, and said in amazement: "Oh, this word is so beautifully written! What is it written in?"

   Isn’t it pretty? First-hand Qin Li, written with great momentum.

  Although I can't read it, I know that this word is extremely beautiful.

  Of course Lord Qi and Xiaogou can understand it. They can even memorize oracle bone inscriptions, and they can write bronze inscriptions and seal scripts, let alone official script.

  The characters written by Li Wen are between the Qin Li and the mature Han Li, and are handed down in the same line as the later Chinese characters. The difference is very small, and they can recognize them at a glance.

  As for the content, it is even more brilliant, talking about cutting down the vassal, the importance of countering the rebellion, and penetrating three points. He also said treacherous and confusing words, persuading His Majesty not to do things that make relatives hurt enemies, every word screams blood! Accompanied by a blood book, it is even more compassionate.

   "Hiss... After writing this article, Emperor Han Jing read it. I'm afraid it will be taken back..." Xiaogou laughed.

   Master Qi whispered: "This literary talent is too much!"

   "Isn't that too much! I've never heard of it, and you can write ancient prose if you're mentally ill!" Xiaogou said.

   Master Qi said: "But if it is really Chao Cuo in history, it is not surprising to write it out..."

  Chao Cuo is a super scholar, eloquent and eloquent, with sharp articles, can make long speeches on everything, and analyze problems in detail.

  Unfortunately, in history, Emperor Jing didn't give him a chance to speak out, nor did he give him time to write a letter. He tricked him into going to court, passed by Dongshi on the way, and dragged him to cut him in half.

  It is hard to tell whether it is true in ancient Chinese, but this article cannot be faked.

   Talent is overwhelming! How can modern people write it?

  The two members of the club are both knowledgeable, and the way they look at Li Wen is immediately wrong.

  Where is this Li Wen? I'm afraid it's Chao's fault, right?

   "Traveling? No, this face is Li Wen. Soul wear?" Xiaogou said softly.

   Master Qi said: "At least I'm sure, this is definitely not a mental illness..."

   Put away the article, Master Qi asked all the idlers to go out.

   Then asked: "Master Chao, do you remember what you were doing before you lay here?"

   "Your Majesty announced that I would go to court, and halfway ordered to kill the old man, hum! There must be a traitor to impeach!" Li Wen said.

   Master Qi asked: "Then... was the execution executed?"

  Li Wen looked hesitant, but said: "Your Majesty declares me to enter the court, how dare traitors kill me!"

  Xiao Gou was happy, and he could tell that he was lying at a glance, and said, "Don't you see anything wrong? Where do you think this is?"

   "Zhao prison?" Li Wen asked with a tense expression.

  The windows of this ward are all welded with steel bars. It really looks like a prison, but the whole environment is still very different from that era. Can he really not see it?

   "Okay! You're dead!" Master Qi suddenly took out a mirror from the outside and faced Li Wen.

  Looking at himself in the mirror, Li Wen said hysterically: "Whoa! Hahahaha! I know... I just know... Are you Taishan Jun?"

   "..." The Qin and Han Dynasties did not talk about the underworld, only that the dead souls return to Mount Tai.

   Lord Taishan is the **** of Mount Tai, the master of the underworld ghost capital.

  The 'Chao Cuo' in front of him actually remembered that he had been cut in half, and he survived for a few breaths after being cut in half, which was very impressive.

  In his memory, shortly after he was cut in half, he opened his eyes again, but he was tied to the bed, and no one paid attention to his shouting.

  He was thinking wildly there, thinking that he was not dead, and that the cut in half was just a fantasy, but he was actually knocked out and imprisoned here.

  Now, Master Qi suddenly took out a mirror that showed a person who was clearly visible, and shouted: "You are dead!"

  Suddenly, he was in chaos, and the memory of being chopped to death emerged again. He knew that this was the capital of ghosts, and the person holding the artifact mirror in front of him was the Yin Lord of Mount Tai!

   Xiaogou smiled and said: "He is Lord Taishan, so what am I?"

   After finishing speaking, he put his arms around Master Qi, and the two stood side by side.

   Li Wen suddenly said: "You two, are you Shen Tu Yu Lei?"

  Little Gou laughed out loud.

   Master Qi pushed him, walked out of the ward and said to the doctor: "This patient needs to be transferred, let's go through the handover procedures."

  The doctor has no objection. This is not a prisoner, but just a patient. The superiors have already explained that if Professor Qi requests to be transferred, they will cooperate with him.

   An hour later, a special car from outside personnel arrived, and all procedures were completed.

   It's not an emergency, so whatever procedure should be followed.

  For the time being, this person is safe and not a threat.

   "Come with us!" Xiao Gou helped Li Wen out of the ward.

  Unexpectedly, Li Wen broke away from him directly, and said fiercely: "Let go of me! I won't go! I would rather die than accept guests!"

  He turned into a sissy, pursed his mouth, held the cloth on his trousers, stumbled two steps, and slammed his head into the wall, looking at death as if at home!


  Xiao Gou reacted very quickly. Just now, he just supported him lightly, but when he felt the opponent struggling, he immediately grabbed back as soon as he let go.

   Grabbed Li Wen's shoulder with one hand, held Li Wen's hand with the other hand, and cut it backwards, easily pressing it against the wall.

   "Ahhh!" Li Wen screamed, his body twisting.

   Master Qi frowned and said: "He has changed!"

   Xiaogou was dumbfounded, good guy, will he have a different personality in a while?

  Is it a woman this time? pick up?

   "What's the matter?" Hearing the scream, the hospital staff gathered.

   "It's okay... I'm sick." Master Qi said flatly.

  The doctor said: "He has a serious tendency to violence, and his personality is very violent in many cases. It is recommended to tie him up."

   "No need, I..." Xiao Gou wanted to say that he could easily restrain the opponent.

  But Master Qi said: "Tie it up."

   "Okay. Xiao Zhang will help you!" The doctor called.

  They were all very professional, and soon put Li Wen's hands on his chest again, and bound him tightly.

   "Ahh! Let me go!" Li Wen was like crazy, and when he was restrained by everyone, he opened his mouth to bite people.

  It's a pity that he can't stand up to several big guys. The people in the mental hospital are clean and neat.

   "Come on, let's carry it away!" They knew that Lord Qi had a lot of background, so they tried their best to carry Li Wen all the way to the yard and put him in the car.

   "Let go of me! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..." Li Wen was crying with despair in his eyes.

  Suddenly, the little dog had quick eyes and quick hands, and suddenly reached out to pinch Li Wen's chin.

   However, it was still a step too late, Li Wen actually bit off his own tongue!

   "Oh shit! Stop the bleeding!" Everyone was startled, they quickly put him on his side and forced him to open his mouth.

   Master Qi took out the ointment from his body, rushed up in three steps and two steps, first pulled out his tongue, and then applied the ointment, which quickly stopped the bleeding.

   "I'm stimulated, and you have to be patient with mental illness." Qi Ye said.

"Yes Yes Yes."

   "I don't need you, I'll do it." Xiaogou picked up Li Wen and left.

  Seeing them getting into the car, the doctors were still talking about it: "That ointment is so powerful, the bleeding stopped immediately."

   "Director, which hospital are they from?"

   "Jinling Military Hospital, this is probably an ointment used in the army."

   "Why do military hospitals pay so much attention to mental illness?"

   "Who knows, it's confidential, so don't ask too much."


  In the compartment of the speeding car, Master Qi and Xiaogou looked at Li Wen who was **** tightly.

   Li Wen's eyes were filled with fear and tears streamed down his face.

  Master Qi pulled out the needle and thread, Xiaogou pinched his chin, and the two immediately started to sew up Li Wen's tongue.

  After a while, the tongue is as if it has not been cut, it still bounces, and it is as straight as you want.

  Only the dry blood on the edge of Li Wen's mouth means that he once bit off his tongue.

   Definitely stitched! Master Qi is one of the members with this characteristic. His skills are so advanced that even if it is chopped into thousands of pieces, it can be stitched back together.

  Of course...If you really want to chop it up, if you sew it back, it will be just a corpse.

   "" Li Wen spoke in horror.

   "We won't gag you anymore, stop biting your tongue and committing suicide." Master Qi said.

  Seeing that Li Wen was so ruthless, he wanted to bite again.

  Xiao Gou smiled and said, "You won't die if you bite off your tongue. Don't say you're dead, my buddy can sew it back up for you right away."

  Li Wen was extremely desperate, tears streaming down his face, his face ashen.

   "Don't be sad, we are not taking you to pick up guests." Master Qi said softly.

  His voice is soft and gentle, which makes people feel like spring breeze.

   Master Qi is the kind of middle-aged man who looks very tasteful, giving people a very kind and secure aura.

  The eyes are not fierce, but also playful.

  Combined with some hypnotic techniques, Master Qi easily eased Li Wen's mood.

  Three or two sentences made him clear about his personality at the moment.

  Ordinary people, a very ordinary girl from a good family, was born during the Qianlong period, but she was only seventeen years old.

   They were all married, but on the eve of their marriage, her fiancé was beaten to death by a bully, and she was raped and insulted, but she had a strong temper and bit off the bully's ear.

   So he was beaten half to death and sold to Goulan Courtyard.

  She refused to accept guests, and only wanted to die. She had already hit a pillar and died, but when she opened her eyes, she was supported by a little dog again. She thought she was not dead, so she wanted to commit suicide.

   Especially when the people in the mental hospital forcibly tied her up, she was so ashamed and angry that she decided to bite her tongue.

   Master Qi and Xiaogou looked at each other, and some kind of absolute characteristic appeared in this person.

  Constantly causes its personality to warp into someone else.

   "Don't be afraid, girl, we won't harm you. If you feel unwell, we can untie you right now." Master Qi laughed.

  Li Wen nodded, and Master Qi immediately untied him.

  He is also very honest, sitting in the corner of the car well-behaved, neither crying nor fussing, with a gloomy expression.

   "From now on, they are all dead. As far as his memory is concerned, they are all dead on their front feet, and they are here as soon as they open their eyes on their back feet."

  The carriage is very big, Master Qi sat aside and said softly.

   "It's like soul wear. The soul of the ancients covered Li Wen?" Xiaogou replied.

   Master Qi said: "It may also be a simple mind distortion, the original personality is washed away, and a new personality is randomly generated to cover it."

  According to the existing information, the personalities, occupations, and times of the people who appear are irregular.

  Sometimes in the Republic of China, sometimes in the Han Dynasty, sometimes in the late Ming Dynasty, sometimes in the late Qing Dynasty...

  Even in the case records, there are foreigners who speak crackling English.

   "They are all historical figures." Xiaogou said.

   "Most of them are unknown people. There are very few celebrities like Chao Cuo. In addition, according to the records, the most recent one died 20 years ago. This is almost contemporary with us." Qi Ye said.

   "In this range... Could it be that as long as it is a dead person, its personality may appear in Li Wen?" Xiaogou was surprised.

   Master Qi nodded and said: "It is very possible that this person still needs to be observed for a long time, and we don't know the conditions for personality switching yet."

   "It seems random, but even so, he may appear...the personality of the victims of the Blue and White Society in the past. For example, the five generations of presidents..."

  Xiao Gou excitedly said: "Yes, if we find out the rules, maybe we can revive the personality of the Fifth President!"

  Master Qi was not excited, he stared at Li Wen worriedly.

  At this moment, this 'woman' was staring blankly at her man's hand, and then shrank her body in fear, with a dazed expression on her face.

   It is indeed possible to randomly come to the victims of the Blue and White Club in the past, according to the existing information.

  But among the people who died throughout the ages, ordinary people and unknown people accounted for the majority. From the perspective of probability, it is very rare to randomly find a famous person.

  In addition, if the scope of Li Wen's personality is really so broad, it is also possible that there will be dead people from the Gaia Church or the Brotherhood of Brothers.

   Fortunately, it was discovered early. Now take Li Wen away, and live in the base of Lanbaishe from now on, and study it slowly.

   Master Qi and Xiaogou were discussing in low voices. Suddenly, Li Wen, who was cowering in the corner, stood up abruptly.

   "Huh?" Master Qi immediately said, "What's your name!"

  You don't need to think too much this time, and you know that his personality has changed again.

  Because of Li Wen's aura, the whole thing changed.

  Momentum, although illusory, does exist.

  At this moment, Li Wen's eyes are like eagles, and there seems to be a fire in his eyes, which suddenly rises up, and there is no hindrance in switching between movement and stillness.

  He just stood there, standing still, not moving, looking like an iceberg.

  Xiao Gou was speechless: "It became too fast, he didn't switch his personality so quickly in the hospital, right?"

  According to the hospital's records, usually two or three times a day, up to four times.

   And now, just over an hour before and after, it has changed twice!

  Obviously, this kind of personality switching should be regular, or conditional.

   Master Qi and Xiaogou should have triggered certain conditions many times, causing them to switch personalities repeatedly in a short period of time.

   "You... No, it's dangerous!" Master Qi has rich experience and immediately sensed the aura of danger.

  The hairs all over his body exploded, but he still stopped in front of the little dog.

   At the same time, Li Wen moved. He only took a step forward and placed his palm on Master Qi's chest.

   "Pfft..." Master Qi spat out a mouthful of blood, his chest sank deeply, and the sound of bone cracking continued continuously, as if he was hit by a train and flew out backwards.

   "Boom!" Master Qi, who flew upside down, directly broke six of Xiaogou's ribs, and then the two stuck together, and flew upside down, smashing the door of the carriage!


  The peripheral personnel who drove the car heard the movement and immediately braked.

  Get out of the car and look, the door of the carriage has been blown open, Master Qi and Xiao Gou rolled more than ten meters, limp on the ground, Master Qi is vomiting blood non-stop.

   "What!" The driver was inexplicably horrified. In his eyes, members of the club were extremely powerful. He didn't expect to be beaten to the brink of death at this moment!

  I saw a person pacing out from the carriage, with an unspeakable momentum overwhelming his face.

  His appearance and clothes are Li Wen, but is he really Li Wen?

   "Boom!" The driver froze for a moment, pulled out his gun immediately, and shot Li Wen in the head.

  Then an amazing thing happened. With his back turned to him, Li Wen suddenly tilted his head and dodged the bullet!

   "He dodged!" The driver was shocked, but also felt chills all over his body!

  The other party turned his head, and Li Wen, or the person in front of him, turned and walked towards the driver.

   The breeze blows, and there is a faint sound like the roar of tigers and dragons. He came slowly, his steps were sonorous and powerful like drumbeats, with a certain peculiar rhythm, and his momentum was rising with every step, like a great river flowing eastward, unstoppable.

  Although he was shot, his demeanor was calm and composed.

  Although the driver was a peripheral employee, he couldn't bear the overwhelming pressure of the iceberg. He fired repeatedly, but missed because of nervousness.

  It was only a few meters away, but the opponent seemed to know that he would not be able to hit him, so he still walked up and down without making any dodge.

   "This person..."


  The driver wanted to say something, but saw that the other party suddenly stretched his body, blowing lightly like a gust of wind, and stamped his palm.

   Then he turned around without hesitation, as if the palm just brushed his sleeves, and he didn't look at the driver at all.

   "..." The driver couldn't even utter a word, his mouth was already clogged with blood, and at the same time as his mouth flowed out, his body seemed to be deflated, and he fell limply to the ground without making a sound.

  Dead, with a palm strike, this strong peripheral personnel was instantly killed.

  Such a powerful strength cannot be explained by pure personality.

  Li Wen's body is not strong, but after switching his personality, he was able to strike such a powerful palm, knocking two members into the air in an instant, breaking through the carriage, and even dodging bullets.

  This is not a personality switch, does this even switch the attribute panel?

   All along, because the transformed personalities are just ordinary people, and because they have been tied to a bed in a mental hospital for a long time, they have not shown this.

   But now, there is no doubt that Li Wen's personality has switched to an extremely remarkable person.

   This character possessed extremely powerful power during his lifetime.

  After the personality switch, Li Wen, who is of ordinary physical fitness, has no changes in his musculoskeletal internal organs, but he still possesses such powerful strength.

  This feeling is like the forcible realization of attributes. It has the same nature as the song of the reversal turning into a child. The strong physical fitness of the members, even if the flesh is soft after becoming a child, is as powerful and astonishing in defense.

  With this precedent, it is not difficult to understand the sudden strength of 'Li Wen'.

  The body is still Li Wen's body, but the 'attribute' is no longer.

  Who the **** is he now? An ancient assassin of the Fraticelli?

   "Bastard!" Xiaogou only had six broken ribs. When he stood up, others could see that the lower sides of his left and right ribs were completely deformed and protruded.

   But under such an injury, he looked as if he was not injured.

  Xiao Gou drew out a short alloy blade, the ripples under his feet shook, and he charged forward like a cannonball.

  Whoever he is! Killing the peripheral personnel in front of the members, Xiaogou only wanted to defeat the other party at the moment.


  Xiaogou's speed is extremely fast, reaching over ten meters in an instant.

  The knife was stabbed in front of the eyes, but the opponent was still motionless.

  Seeing that Xiaogou was about to stab Li Wen's heart with a knife, suddenly... the situation suddenly changed!

  He only felt that his hand was cold, and the dagger shot back from his hand,

   "Uh..." Xiao Gou's hands were empty, and when he lowered his head, the handle of the knife had already been ruthlessly pierced into his chest, only the sharp end was exposed.

  'Li Wen' actually shot out a burst of energy, and hit the short blade, causing the short blade to fly upside down and let go, and the hilt plunged into the little dog's chest.

   "What the **** is this..."

   Not from the Little Brotherhood! Qi Jin, is this Qi Jin an air wall? The other party is a former member of the blue and white club? No, blue and white members don't kill people without saying a word.

  Little Gou endured the severe pain, followed by his strong fighting instinct, he felt that the terrifying attack was coming, and immediately jumped up.

  Stepping on the air, he swayed up, and in an instant with the help of the air wall, he stepped on the air more than ten meters away.

  'Li Wen' raised his head, his expression finally changed, as if he didn't expect Xiaogou's body to be so powerful, and his vitality so tenacious.

  At the same time, I didn't expect Xiao Gou to be able to stand upright in the air, so I couldn't help but admire: "It's wonderful light work!"

   This sentence contains a huge amount of information.

   Both of them were stunned, what the hell, light work?

   Master Qi fell on the ground and said with blood in his eyes, "What's your name..."

  The man said angrily: "Shangguan Jinhong."

   "..." Xiaogou was dumbfounded.

   Master Qi's pupils suddenly contracted, realizing the contents in front of him, and the threat was huge.

   What a joke! Personality switching comes with character attributes, forget it, because Master Qi has long thought of this possibility.

   It's just that, and the threat is only a beta, because no matter how strong the characters of the past are, they are only as strong.

  Even if the ancient super assassin is resurrected, Master Qi thought that he would still be able to fight, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

  But... Shangguan Jinhong?

   What the **** is this! How can there be such a person! Isn't this a character in a novel?

  A generation of heroes in martial arts novels, ranked second in the weapon spectrum, Dragon and Phoenix Shuanghuan Shangguan Jinhong?

  Although the weapons rank second in the spectrum, martial arts in its prime were already invincible in the world, and they are actually number one. There is no ring in the hand, but there is a ring in the heart! Li Xunhuan, the protagonist in the novel, would be instantly killed by him without even a chance to make a move!

   Of course, he died in the end.

  After all his plans are completed, everything is under control, he will dominate the martial arts world, be invincible in the world, he can kill Xiao Li with a flying knife and Li Xunhuan with just one shot, and the layout is ending.

  Shangguan Jinhong just wanted to know if he could catch Xiao Li Feidao...

   Then, he died.

   Master Qi's face was ugly. According to the existing information, Li Wen's personality switching is all dead people.

  He never expected that this kind of character panel switching is so wide that even fictional characters in novels can appear.

  Martial arts! The contents directly made Shangguan Jinhong's martial arts come true!

   This trivial matter can be done with absolute characteristics.

  Shangguan Jinhong is not bad! Just a martial arts character.

  What if there is an ancient demon lord here? Dye the sky with my blood?

  This containment is definitely not beta, at least gamma, or delta!

  Even if the containment is limited to switching humans only, the threat is still enormous.

   How about banning all novels with too high force value?

   Master Qi's thoughts turned sharply, and his face became more and more ugly.

   It was Xiao Li Feidao who defeated Shangguan Jinhong.

  But in reality, how can there be Xiao Li Feidao? That sky-defying flying knife, which is absolutely hit, doesn't even have a similar containment.

  Xiao Gou didn't think so much, the only thing in front of him was Shangguan Jin Hong, Xiao Gou only knew that the task now was to defeat him!

  He is human and can die!

  Xiao Gou pulled out the handle of the knife, applied the ointment, and gave himself a shot at the same time.

   "Don't be impulsive!" Seeing that Xiaogou was about to go up again, Master Qi hurriedly called him back.

   Master Qi's injuries were extremely serious. He received Shangguan Jin Hong's palm from the front, and his internal organs were all broken.

   This palm will kill him! Fortunately, his life was extremely tenacious, and he barely survived.

  But he also lost his combat effectiveness. Although Xiaogou was slightly injured, Shangguan Jinhong didn't use all his strength at all, and he was always calm and composed.

   Master Qi’s idea is to procrastinate as long as you can! He has already called for support. This is Suzhou, and there are many commune members nearby. I'm afraid they can arrive within ten minutes.

  However, Xiao Gou said to himself: "Shangguan Jinhong, right? I heard that you were killed by a knife?"

  He still knows something about Shangguan Jinhong. He is extremely ambitious and a hero of his generation.

  So it is impossible to expect him to be honest, let's beat him upright.

  Shangguan Jinhong's complexion changed slightly, of course he remembered, he remembered that amazing throwing knife.

  When he opened his eyes from the carriage, the last scene in his memory was his disbelief towards the power of Xiao Li's flying knife.

  That was an incomparably miraculous cut. He never thought that he would give Li Xun Huan the chance to strike, and he would never have the chance again.

   "A hallucination... no, I'm already dead..."

   "Now, is it a resurrection? Where is this?"

  Shangguan Jin Hong's mind wandered, full of confusion.

   And at this moment, Xiao Gou seized this good opportunity and touched him beside him unknowingly!

  Assassin pace! Stealth that loses its presence!

  This is an absolute characteristic, so what about martial arts?


  Xiao Gou did not hesitate, and stabbed Shangguan Jinhong's heart with a knife.

  However, Shangguan Jinhong's true energy rushed out on its own, the tiger roared and the dragon groaned, it surged for several feet, and counterattacked the little dog.

   Rao Xiaogou had expected it a long time ago, and immediately retreated a few meters after piercing the heart, dodging the ultimate move.

  He was still engulfed by the invisible energy, and the air power of the body protection was not broken. The so-called internal force actually directly penetrated the air wall and was introduced into the little dog's body.

  Suddenly, he felt that the muscles and bones in his body were shattered like an explosion. Xiao Gou spurted a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground in a spin.

   "I...didn't notice..." Shangguan Jinhong clutched his heart, the knife was still stuck in it, and he didn't pull it out.

  If Shangguan Jinhong lost his sense of existence under the influence of Shangguan Jinhong's aura, with Shangguan Jinhong's combat experience, even if Xiaogou couldn't be found, he would definitely be able to cover him.

  However, Xiao Gou stimulated with speaking skills in advance, leading Shangguan Jinhong to recall the memory of being killed by a flying knife.

  Resurrected from the dead, the environment has changed drastically, and the body is not his own. Even Jin Hong, a hero of the generation, can't help being distracted and can't calm down.

   In this way, when the little dog assassin disappeared, Shangguan Jinhong did nothing, so that he was stabbed in the heart!

  The tip of the knife pierced into the heart and pierced a few inches. After a while, he will not die.

  However, this is already a fatal injury!

  Successful, Xiaogou's life-threatening blow, if Shangguan Jinhong doesn't treat him in time, he will die.

   But he… also failed.

  Because Shangguan Jinhong did not die immediately.

   This is exactly the reason why Master Qi didn't want Xiaogou to come on, this is Shangguan Jin Hong, in his era, he was the most powerful martial artist.

  With the wisdom of the members, there are actually many ways to play him to death, and Master Qi also thought of many.

   But so what? The other party has internal strength with unknown intelligence, and he probably also has infuriating energy for body protection.

  If there is no corresponding weapon, the internal force penetrates through the weapon, no matter how powerful it is, it may not be powerful enough to kill him instantly.

  The martial arts masters in the ancient dragon world, unless they are instantly killed by the same masters, they can often counterattack before dying. And if he couldn't kill him in an instant, with Shangguan Jin Hong's terrifying strength, it would be very easy to replace one or two people.

  Master Qi doesn't want anyone to sacrifice anymore, there is obviously a better way, why should he sacrifice his life for his life?

  Like Xiaogou’s strategy in the first half is very good, using speech skills to match the situation of “resurrecting the dead”, leading the other party to be confused, thinking about themselves, and even asking about the current world situation and so on.

  This can greatly delay the time. When the support arrives, it will be handed over to more prepared reinforcements, and the fault tolerance rate will be higher.

   Unfortunately, Xiao Gou wanted to kill Shangguan Jin Hong with his own hands. After leading the opponent to lose his mind, he chose to take the opportunity to stab the heart with an assassin's step.

  Although Shangguan Jinhong was severely injured, he did not die immediately! Still standing!

   Still...too young...

  Master Qi doesn't blame Xiaogou, because this child has always been like this.

  People, after all, have to grow up, just like themselves.

   "Dog! You're not dead!" Master Qi said with difficulty, coughing.

  He is not pretending, and it is a miracle that he can still speak now.

   "I'm not a dog..." Xiaogou lay on the ground, his mouth moved slightly, his head turned slightly, and he was not dead.

   But he was completely paralyzed and could no longer move.

   The scariest thing is not this.

   It was Shangguan Jin Hong, with a knife pierced in his heart, still in a vigorous figure, with invisible vigor all over his body, and a terrifying aura, he rushed straight at him.

  Judging from the fact that the zhenqi broke through the body and burst the blood vessels, according to the novel, it was Sangong, and Shangguan Jinhong might have lost his temper.

  But even if he was insane, in this short period of time, he was even stronger.

   "Ahh! I'm dead! Hahaha! I'm dead!"

   "Xiao Li Fei Dao! Xiao Li Fei Dao! I can't catch it... Good sword skills! Good sword skills!"

  Shangguan Jinhong went mad, his meridians burst.

  Like a madman, he flitted past the little dog's body, and with a casual blow, the antelope hangs its horns, but the power is 120% terrifying!


  Seeing that the little dog was about to turn into a broken corpse, Master Qi stood up at some point and rushed in front of him.

   No, he wasn't standing up, it was the wall of air that was flying!

  The condensed air majesty, enveloping the body, flew to the side of the little dog, blocking the blow.

  A pure air wall can't stop the internal force, he has to resist it with his body!


   Shangguan Jin Hong's near-death blow directly pierced through Master Qi's lower abdomen.

  The terrifying true energy surged, Master Qi's body exploded immediately, countless pieces of flesh flew, his head and half of his chest rolled out tens of meters, and crashed under a tree.

  The little dog who was paralyzed on the ground, his eyes were about to split, and his liver and intestines were broken.

   "Grass!" The little dog angrily created a ball of air wall, which bombarded Shangguan Jin Hong's heart like a cannonball, blowing him up immediately.

  The short knife also penetrated the heart thoroughly.

   "Master Qi..."

  Xiaogou was dizzy, his body was in severe pain, and his consciousness was blurred, but he gave himself an injection before.

  The effect of that injection is still there, which is why he didn't die before.

  At this moment, the effect of the medicine was life-threatening, Xiaogou rallied his energy, once again condensed the air wall, and pushed himself towards the tree, and the small half of Master Qi approached.

  He was like a mass of rotten meat, being pushed over by his own air wall like sweeping garbage.

   After scrolling a few times, he finally came to Master Qi.

  At this moment, Master Qi is gone from the chest down. It was actually split in two by the blow just now.

  The Master Qi in front of him is just a head plus lungs and heart.

  Xiao Gou could see that his heart was shattered, and his lung lobes were also glued together, obviously he couldn't survive.

   "Don't die, you motherfucker." Xiaogou has never experienced the death of a teammate, and his mind is blank at this moment.

  However, Master Qi, whose vitality is extremely tenacious, is really not completely dead at this moment.

  He opened his eyes, unfocused, and seemed to have lost sight of everything, but a weak voice came out of his throat: "Smoke..."


  Xiao Gou is crazy, he is about to die, yet Master Qi still smokes!

  He searched for it quickly, but Master Qi's clothes were already torn, where is there still smoke?

   And Xiaogou himself will not have any, because he does not smoke!

   "Grass! Grass! Grass!"

  Xiao Gou cursed angrily, and kept looking for cigarettes in Master Qi's tattered clothes.


   p.s: Sorry. These two articles let you get used to this format first. I originally wanted to add an introduction to the contents in the form of a file, but I found it boring, so I didn’t add it. You can summarize it yourself. In these two articles, I selected two relatively simple containment objects, and I will write about particularly weird containment objects when I find time later. Fanwai has not been updated for a long time, mainly thinking about new books, and rewrote the beginning several times. However, it is generally ready. By March 1st, I can save about 100,000 words of manuscript (really). By the way, Master Qi is not dead.



  (end of this chapter)

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