Chapter 1062 Best File 2: Eclipse Ice Core (Part 2)

  Xiaogou drove the base engineering vehicle and searched the Antarctic land for two hours.

  Queen Maud's land is very large. In addition to him and Lord Qi, there is also a team of peripheral security guards guarding the Antarctic region who also participated in the search.

  The total solar eclipse did not last long, and it resumed in just three minutes. The headquarters said that the phantom of the moon in space disappeared abruptly after the solar eclipse ended.

   That is to say, it is really just a "tool moon", and after completing the function of "causing a solar eclipse", it will dissipate by itself.

  In this way, it further shows that the containment is most likely on the earth, and it is in the area where the solar eclipse can be observed.

  The appearance of double moons in space, and the solar eclipse seen in Antarctica are all just phenomena caused by the characteristics of the contained object.

   "Little Gou, are you in Fuji Ice Dome?" Master Qi asked in a message.

  One of the two is searching in the wild, and the other is responsible for contacting scientific research stations in various countries for investigation.

   Xiaogou said: "It's almost there, what's the matter?"

   Master Qi quickly said: "Immediately go to the Ice Dome F Observation Base. The scientific research base there has completely lost contact. The time of loss of contact was just over two hours ago, when the solar eclipse occurred."

   "Understood!" After Xiaogou said, he adjusted his direction and went straight to the observation base of Ice Dome F.

  Fuji Ice Dome goes deep into the hinterland of the Antarctic continent, extremely far from the coastline.

  Most of the scientific research stations in various countries are located in the coastal areas. However, the Ice Dome Station established by the Hiyori Kingdom is very remote. It is located at the southern end of the Fuji Ice Dome, and it is thousands of kilometers away from the nearest other scientific research stations.

   After losing contact for a full two hours, other Japanese scientific research stations responded and realized that something was wrong.

   Master Qi learned about this and soon realized that it might be related to the solar eclipse.

  Xiaogou is currently the member of the Lanbai Society closest to the Ice Dome Research Station.

   "Go and check the situation first, I'll be right there! Don't hang up, keep in touch!" Qi Ye said.

  However, Xiaogou only said one sentence: "Okay..."

   Then the communication was cut off.

  At this moment, Xiaogou has abandoned the engineering vehicle and is climbing the ice dome on foot.

   When he came outside the scientific research station, he realized that the communication was automatically cut off.

   "Signal shielded here?"

  Xiao Gou smiled, took out a 'polar' automatic rifle, and approached the scientific research base not far away.

  This rifle has strong penetrating power, and is also cold and frost-resistant. Even bullets and firearms are soaked in water without any problem. It is one of the special firearms for the Blue and White Society personnel in the Antarctic region.

  Whether it is a thick body armor or a 20-centimeter steel wall, it can penetrate.

   "Don't go near there! Who are you!" Just as the little dog was about to approach the observatory, a voice came from a distance.

  He turned his head and saw a person hiding in the raised part of the ice cap, who was probing his head and shouting at the moment.

   This is Hiyori, a strong man, wearing thick clothes, with a flustered look, and looks like an engineer here.

   "The United Nations Humanitarian Rescue Team." Xiaogou smiled.

  The other party was at a loss, but still came out. After all, in the uninhabited Antarctica, let alone encountering danger, even if there is no danger, if you can see other humans, you will instinctively form a group.

  The engineer looked around and said, "Are you alone?"

  Xiao Gou said: "I'm the only one for now, what happened?"

   "There are aliens! Aliens have parasitized Dr. Kurama! The doctor's hair has turned into ice crystals, killing people everywhere!" Engineer Hiyori said quickly.

  Xiaogou raised his eyebrows and said, "Have you seen aliens with your own eyes? How did they become parasitic?"

Engineer Hiyori said: "We dug out the ancient ice core under the ice dome. As soon as Dr. Zangma touched it, a total solar eclipse appeared, and then a laser shot down from the middle of the black sphere of the eclipse. After that, Dr. Zangma's The hair turned into thread-like ice crystals, as if the hair had come alive, the ice crystals were so hard that steel plates couldn't stop them! Many people at the scientific research station died!"

   "Another ice-digging core?" Xiaogou asked, and soon realized that this might be a long-existing containment object.

  Fuji Ice Dome is 3810 meters above sea level and has extremely deep ice. In 1995, a deep ice core drilling program was launched here, and an ice core with a history of 340,000 years was excavated.

  The ice crystals mentioned in daily life are the surface of the ice nucleus, and also refer to the ice nucleus. The function of the ice nucleus is to make the water molecules arrange on the nucleus surface according to certain rules to form ice crystals.

  Water vapor can also condense directly on the surface of ice crystals, making the ice crystals continue to grow. Generally, water droplets will freeze immediately when they come into contact with ice crystals.

  This year, the Hiwa Kingdom launched the second drilling program in Ice Dome F, and the ice core formed 720,000 years ago has already been excavated in the summer. It is the initial ice crystal where this ice dome was formed, and the huge ice dome now is the one that 'grew up' over time.

This ice crystal is called the ice core of Ice Dome F. Unexpectedly, it was actually a contained object. Judging from the historical climate data contained in it, it has a history of 720,000 years, and it was obtained by human beings. The second oldest ice core.

  As for the oldest ice core, it is an ancient ice core obtained in Dome C by the European Antarctic Ice Core Project in 1996.

  The reason why Xiaogou said 'another ice core' is that when the European Antarctic Ice Core Project dug up the oldest ice core in history, it also dug out a containment!

  Antarctic Ice Demon! The most threatening container in the Antarctic region is a huge monster that is bound to the magnetic field at the pole of the earth and carries the lowest temperature in the Antarctic wherever it goes, making the environment as cold as the Antarctic.

  The monster is immortal, has extremely strong regenerative ability, and is a threat of Delta level. Every day, it must spend a lot of money and use a large number of missiles to destroy it, so as to limit its pace of leaving the Antarctic.

   Such a monster was dug out from the deep ice layer of Antarctica by the way when European scientific research personnel drilled wells to dig out ice cores!

   "Unexpectedly, another ghost thing was dug up! This time, is it the ice core itself?" Xiao Gou was a little speechless.

  Antarctica is a treasure land. The earth has a history of containing objects. I don’t know how far it can be traced back.

  Until 60 million years ago, there were plants in Antarctica, and then drifted gradually, and it was not until 10 million years ago that it completely reached today's position.

  Became the white continent with the least people and the least amount of containment.

  Although it is the least, who knows how many things are buried under the glacier that have not been discovered?

  So far, all the contents in Antarctica have been 'discovered'. That is to say, I don't know when it was born, but it has already existed here silently.

  The last time an ice core was dug in Europe, an Antarctic ice monster was dug out. This time the Hiyori Kingdom dug the ice core, and the ice core itself was directly contained, and the formation history of this ice core is a full 720,000 years!

   "Isn't this thing a containment object 720,000 years ago?"

   "The reason why nothing happened is because it has been frozen underground and no one has touched it."

   "According to the description, I am afraid that it will trigger something only after being touched by people or animals..."

  Xiao Gou pondered while walking towards the scientific research station.

  Passing through the windshield wall, he saw a huge drilling well at first sight, which is the equipment for implementing the deep ice core drilling plan.

   "Huh?" The little dog listened attentively, and could hear a strange clanging sound under the drilling well.

   "Where is the ice core you mentioned?"

"It should still be in the warehouse of the site. This kind of ancient ice core was dug up and sent directly to the warehouse. In order to prevent the ancient virus, we kept it for three months, studied it for a long time, and stored it after making full preparations. The doctor just entered the warehouse to pick it up. It turned out to be a solar eclipse, and alien monsters came! I suspect that it is not a solar eclipse, but an alien spaceship blocking the sunlight!" The engineer of Rihe Kingdom was already a little nervous.

  Xiao Gou glanced around, saw the warehouse, and ran there immediately.

  As a result, there was a rumbling sound in the drilling, and the long and narrow ice crystals that looked like thorns flew out fiercely, like a blowout, and swished like spider legs around the drilling.

  Thousands of ice crystal hairs stood like a spider, and in the middle was a man shivering from the cold. He was wearing thick clothes, but it seemed to have been worn out due to too many bumps, and the holes leaked everywhere.

   "Don't kill me! Don't kill me!" The man was a little out of his mind and murmured tremblingly.

  Finally confronted with the so-called 'alien monster', and at the same time, Xiaogou also understood why the engineer described it in such a way, that it was actually a person parasitized by ice crystals, in a 'good' condition, and still alive.

  Only the hair of the scientific research personnel has turned into ice crystals, and the rest of the body has no abnormalities. The whole person is suspended in the air by the walking hair...

  The man in front of him was supported by the ice crystal hair, suspended in the air, his feet couldn't even touch the ground.

  Whatever Ice Crystal Hair wants to do, I do it directly, completely out of the control of the host, a living person is hung by her own hair, just like a pendant.

  Such a strange scene cannot be described as a mutation. It means that the living person was kidnapped by an unknown ice crystal creature.

  Combined with the solar eclipse and a laser hit, it is understandable for others to think that it is an alien parasitism.

   "Dr. Zangma... Hiss! Why is it so big!" The surviving engineer didn't follow, but Bing Jing's hair was too long, and he could see it from a distance.

   "Has it gotten bigger..." Xiaogou stared at the ice crystal monster.

   "Boom! Boo!"

  Thousands of hairs from ice crystals staggered into the hard ice like spider legs and crawled over. The overall height alone is 30 meters. Xiaogou estimates that the length of the hairs may be more than 50 meters.

  The hair of the ice crystal is hard and thin, like spikes that easily penetrate the ice layer, making a crisp sound, like a sharp knife.

   What's more important is that every time it is inserted and pulled out, the little dog feels that the ice crystals are longer!

  Look carefully, the ice cubes will adhere to the hair tips finely and finely, and finally evenly distribute on each ice crystal hair strand.

   This thing is absorbing ice cubes to strengthen itself every moment.

   Calculated from the time, it seems that it grows very slowly at the beginning, and then it grows faster and faster.

   "Damn, it will grow!"

   There are not many other things in Antarctica, but there is a lot of ice! It will actively absorb ice cubes to proliferate its own ice crystals. If it is not eliminated as soon as possible, it may grow uncontrollably and eventually become an extremely huge intercontinental level monster.

   Realizing the threat from the other party, Xiao Gou was a little nervous. This was the first time he had dealt with a containment incident in a real sense.


  The monster obviously had the consciousness of taking the initiative to attack, and immediately dozens of ice crystal spikes pierced it fiercely.

  Xiaogou knows not to touch the contained objects or derivatives casually, and immediately dodges deftly.

   "Puff puff puff!" The ice crystal is as tough as an alloy, but also powerful and heavy, full of impact. Every time it is pierced, a deep hole will be left in the ice layer!

   "The attack speed is not too fast!"

   "The attack power is very high, if you hit it, you will be pierced through it, um... there are too many ice threads!"

  Dozens of hairs are fine, Xiaogou can dodge with ease, but a person's hair has tens of thousands of hairs!

  How many hairs the suspended man once had, how many hairs of ice crystals will grow on his head at this moment.

  The ice crystal hair seemed to be intelligent, it swiftly collected the ice crystals, and then pierced down quickly!

  The speed is getting faster and faster, and the attack frequency is getting higher and higher.

  Hundreds or thousands of hairs of ice crystals fell like a violent storm, blocking all dodging angles, and each hair was a sharp thorn enough to pierce the steel plate.

   No matter how fast the reaction is, there must be room to dodge. If there are too many attack points, it is simply not enough for body skills to deal with.

   A few centimeters apart is a sharp ice crystal thorn, which covers a large area and stabs down at the same time. In fact, it is like the roof collapsing. It is impossible to dodge one by one, and the whole body can only escape from the attack range to survive.

  Xiaogou decisively chose to run towards the outside of the scientific research station. He was in a state of embarrassment, sometimes rolling on the ground, sometimes kicking his legs wildly.

  If you were an ordinary person, I'm afraid that this monster would kill you in just one face-to-face, thanks to Xiaogou's physical fitness beyond the limit of ordinary people.

  His speed can run 100 meters in less than eight seconds, and his strength exceeds one ton.

   And for members, grip is not a problem.

  The ground right now is icy. Ordinary people are prone to slippery and can't run at all, but the members of the commune can't.

   Members can run in the air!

  He was lying on the ground, instantly forming a layer of air wall under his feet, kicking suddenly, with his terrifying strength, with the help of the smooth ice surface, he slid dozens of meters away!

   This kind of place, not only did not slow down the speed of the little dog, but the little dog took advantage of its smoothness to move faster! Far beyond its speed on conventional runways.

  Being good at adapting to the environment and terrain is also a must-have ability for members.

   "Run! Run!" The engineer watched in horror as the monster chased and killed the little dog, and turned his head to run.

   Seeing him running away, Xiaogou stepped on the air wall, slid a few times, slid several hundred meters, and chased after him.

   "Come back!" Xiaogou shouted.

  The engineer turned back in fear: "No no! I don't want to stay here! Run! Run... Nani! How can you run so fast!"

  He didn't expect that when he turned around, Xiaogou was directly behind him.

   "I don't want to stay, I will die!" the engineer said hysterically.

"I didn't let you stay, you went in the wrong direction! I parked the car on the north side and ran over there! Find a place to go down the hillside over there, and you will see the car! Here are my car keys!" Xiaogou handed the other party the car keys, pointed in a direction, then turned around without hesitation, and rushed towards the ice crystal monster.

  The engineer was stunned for a moment, he didn't expect Xiaogou to be so brave and dare to turn around in this situation.

  Looking at the car keys in his hand, the engineer couldn't help but be comforted by the courage that Xiaogou naturally exuded, and his originally broken mood gradually calmed down.

   "You are running so fast, you can definitely escape! Run, tell the outside world about the situation here." The engineer shouted.

  Xiaogou didn't have the energy to answer him at the moment, and while drawing the ice crystal monster away, he shot at the root of the ice crystal hair.

  The man suspended in the air with a monster growing on his head should be Dr. Kurama.

   This person seemed to be in good condition, but he was a little scared and silly. Xiaogou thought that he might still be saved.

   "Ding Ding Ding!"

  The penetrating power is extremely strong, and it can penetrate bullets of 20cm steel plate and accurately hit ice crystals.

  But the ice crystals do not leave even a trace, they are extremely tough!

   "Chi..." Xiao Gou let out a breath through his teeth, secretly thinking that it was tricky.

   While running, he was also listening to something.

  Suddenly, his figure changed suddenly. The originally strong man disappeared, replaced by a little girl who was only a few tens of centimeters tall.

  Petite and charming, maybe not even the age of kindergarten.

  The Song of Reversal is normally on most of the time, as long as the members listen to the recording and broadcasting at the same time, they can transform.

   In this way, Xiaogou's speed soared again, his figure was light and flexible, and with a kick in the air, he moved more than ten meters in midair!

   "Kawahina!" The engineer didn't leave, he hesitated again and again, and stayed two hundred meters away, hiding behind the ice and watching.

  At this moment, his eyes widened, and he couldn't believe that the guy who thought he was a human would turn into a transformation!

   "Go to hell!" After transforming, his figure became smaller, and Xiaogou's coat naturally slipped off.

   The little dog dexterously pulled out two high-explosive grenades from the slipped jacket, and threw them at the monster.

   "Shua!" Unfortunately, the distance was a bit far, and the ice crystal hair easily cut off the grenade.


   This grenade is specially made, and cutting it does not prevent it from exploding.

  However, even with the high temperature and high explosion, the ice crystals still did not melt at all!

   "Absolute ice crystal?" Xiaogou licked his lips, thinking to himself that this ice crystal monster has no physical weakness?

  Looking at this posture, according to the urine properties of the contents, this is probably an invincible substance that absolutely maintains the state of ice crystals, and no physical or chemical properties can affect it.

  Thinking of this, Xiaogou suddenly shot at Dr. Zangma again!

  In the first shot, the root of the ice crystal monster moved sideways, and Dr. Zangma moved away an inch to avoid the bullet.

   In the second shot, the ice crystal jingled, and with its indestructible appearance, it blocked the bullet.

  Xiao Gou murmured: "The weak point is Dr. Zangma himself..."

  The target he attacked just now was deliberately aimed at Dr. Zangma, just to see the monster's reaction.

   If there is no response, Dr. Kurama will be seriously injured, but not dead.

   On the contrary, you will not even be injured.

   As a result, the monster blocked Dr. Zangma directly.

   This monster is obviously intelligent and observant. It protects Dr. Zangma, which means that this is probably its weakness.

   "The monster parasitizes the human body. When the host is injured, it is also injured. When the host dies, it also dies. This possibility is very high."

  Although he thought of the monster's weakness, the little dog couldn't easily kill Dr. Zangma.

   "There must be another way."

   Xiaogou gritted his teeth, took out an injection and injected it into his body, no longer keeping a distance from the monster, and went the opposite way, rushing into the attack range of thousands of ice crystals.


  Little Gou let out a meaningless cry and kicked the air wall fiercely. Something seemed to be broken in mid-air. A translucent ripple visible to the naked eye was stirred up, and the petite body was blasted more than 20 meters like a cannonball.

  At the same time, thousands of ice crystal spikes blasted towards him.

   Xiaogou smiled, and a wall of air appeared in front of his eyes. His soft body was twisted into a ball, his feet were raised high, and his knees were curled up against his chin to accumulate energy.

   "Boom!" Another kick!

  The small body bloomed with incredible explosive power, and the air ripples stirred.

   With the help of recoil, the little dog suddenly turned around in mid-air! Hit the ground!

   This time, he directly avoided the covering blow of the ice crystal.


   This little body hit the ice hard, and the ice shards flew! Slag splash!

  The hard ice is no less than a rock, and it was knocked out of a small hole by the little dog!

  The small body is obviously bone shattered, and half of the body is covered in blood.

  However, even so, the little dog still successfully completed the borrowing, stepped on the ice again, and flew upwards suddenly!

  Everything was within his expectation, he deliberately approached the monster from the air, luring the monster to stab himself with most of the ice crystals.

   And when he was about to be stabbed to death, an air wall was formed in front of his eyes, and then he kicked and rebounded.

   While hitting the ground and approaching again, he avoided the ice crystal attack.

   Then using the ground as the rebound surface, he bounced himself to Dr. Zangma who was suspended in mid-air!

   "Huh? Nana Nana... Ni?" The engineers in the distance looked dumbfounded.

  Because the speed was too fast, in the eyes of the engineer, the little girl was like a bouncing ball, rushing obliquely into the air like a cannonball, as if hitting an invisible wall, then suddenly obliquely rushed to the ground, and then bounced vertically into the air.

  This is a human, flesh and blood, how can it bounce like a ball?

  For members, of course, as long as they are not afraid of getting hurt.

  Xiaogou's strength is extremely high, and he has the air wall. After transforming, he has a petite figure and weighs only a few dozen catties.

  It looks weak, but it is actually just an appearance. Through the transformation of the song of reversal, his physical fitness has not changed at all, and his defense is exactly the same as that of his previous strong physique.

  Power is interactive, strong in strength, strong in defense, but small in size and light in weight, the combat power will naturally become stronger, and you can easily blast yourself out like a ball.

   This transformation into a child is called a combat form in Lanbai Club.

   And Xiaogou's fighting state is the most perfect one.

   Too small and too light.

   When he was so petite that the ice crystal spikes came back from chasing him in reverse, he slipped into Dr. Zangma's arms easily!

  The ice crystal spikes, every time they were about to penetrate the little dog, were blocked by the little dog with Dr. Zangma's body!

  Even if the ice crystal spikes bypassed, he was able to block Dr. Zangma's hands and feet!

  Dr. Zangma actually became a protection tool, used by the little dog to drive away the attack of the ice crystal.

   "Sure enough! Ice crystals won't harm the host at all!"

  Xiao Gou smiled, and found out a characteristic of the ice crystal spikes again.

   Absolutely no harm to the host, at least not directly.

   This is much easier. If there is something that monsters can't hurt, then that thing can be used as a tool to force and suppress the opponent.

  This is typical containment logic.

   "Can you try to control it?" Xiaogou is petite, pinching Dr. Zangma's hands and feet directly, forcing him to curl his body to protect himself, and actively block some tricky attacks of ice crystals with his strong reflexes.

   Once the ice crystal is about to stab Dr. Zangma, immediately withdraw it and attack again.

  Little Gou flickers around, very safe for a while!

   Dr. Zangma panicked: "I can't control it! I can't control it! Help me! I don't want to die, my child is only eight years old!"

   "Calm down." Xiaogou said.

   "What are you doing! Uh!" Dr. Zangma trembled, and was suddenly stabbed by the little dog.

  This kind of medicine can greatly replenish energy, and stimulate the body's potential, making people excited and strengthened in all directions.

  Of course, it is only temporary, and only two units can be injected in a short period of time. Once the same person is injected three times in a short period of time, he will undoubtedly die.

   But even so, it was enough to refresh Dr. Kurama.

  Don't say it's cold, even if he was cut in half, he wouldn't feel much pain.

   "The hair turned into ice crystals, hanging you running, will your head hurt?" Xiaogou asked.

   "Uh... no, no," said Dr. Kurama.

  Xiaogou narrowed his eyes and said firmly: "I'm sorry, the best way to eliminate this monster is to kill you. What's your daughter's name, and what else do you want to say to her? I will take care of her."

  Dr. Zangma hesitated to speak, and tremblingly said: "Yes... I understand."

  Scientists who can be assigned to Antarctica are more or less sacrificing. Now they have calmed down. After hearing Xiaogou's words, Dr. Zangma quickly showed his awareness.

   He trembled: "Please...please kill me."

  Xiaogou nodded, suddenly let go of Dr. Zangma, and ran away like a cannonball.

   "Don't go! Where are you going!" Dr. Zangma didn't know who Xiaogou was, but he also knew that this girl was not simple, she was an existence beyond common sense.

   Such people may be earthlings who specialize in dealing with aliens, or monsters.

  Just now he said he was going to kill himself to destroy the monster, why did he run away now?

   I saw Xiaogou said: "The person who can't even hurt the contained things, you should live well."

   After all, the little dog jumped out of the attack range of the ice crystal at high speed again in the form of a self-harming ejection.

  This time, his target is the warehouse.

   I approached Dr. Zangma just now, not because I wanted to kill him.

   On the one hand, Xiaogou is to test the degree of protection of the ice crystals for the host, and the result is obvious, it is about the absolute characteristic level of 'absolutely not directly harm the host'.

  On the other hand, Xiaogou wants to determine whether Dr. Zangma is still human, whether he has suffered from mental distortion, and whether he is no longer worth saving.

  After a short contact, Xiaogou believed that Dr. Zangma was just frightened, and his mind was not twisted. Except for his hair turning into a monster, he was still human.

   "In other words... being parasitized will not kill you."

  Little Gou fell to the top of the warehouse. There are many big holes here, all of which were pierced by ice crystals.

   At a glance, he could see the ice core inside, which was two feet square, almost catching up with his current height.

  Xiao Gou didn't hesitate, he jumped and was about to touch the ice core.

   "Stop! Stupid! Don't touch it!"

  Suddenly there was a whistling sound, and a small plane descended from the sky and passed over the observation station.

   At the same time, Master Qi jumped out of the plane and loudly stopped Xiaogou.

  However, it was already too late, Xiaogou only changed slightly when he heard Master Qi's voice, but the castration remained undiminished, and he still touched the ice core.

  In an instant, the solar eclipse reappears!

   "This is obviously a parasitic containment, how dare you touch it!" Master Qi said urgently.

  Little Gou hugged the ice core, blocking the stormy attack of the ice crystal monster.

   It is worth mentioning that this ice core is also indestructible. As long as the reaction is fast enough and the body is small enough, the little dog will not receive any penetrating damage except for being bombarded to retreat steadily under the clanging sound.

   "It's okay, I can't die! If possible, maybe the monster on the doctor's head can be transferred to me." Xiaogou said.

   Master Qi frowned and said, "It's more likely that you become the second monster!"

   "Here we come!" Xiaogou muttered.

  A laser beam suddenly shot down from the dark side of the eclipse, hitting the top of the little dog's head.

   Seeing this, Xiaogou threw away the ice core and tied his hair up with both hands.

   At the same time, Xiaogou's soft black hair suddenly turned into tough hair of ice crystals!

   These ice crystal hairs, like living things, twisted and wanted to run by themselves, but they had already been tied together by the little dog one step ahead.

   And with a pair of small hands wrapped in strange power, they tightly hugged it!

   "You are right, Master Qi, but so what?" Xiaogou smiled.

  Although it has become a girl, its hair is not particularly long. The newly born ice crystal monster is parasitic on ordinary people, and may be able to grow quickly with the help of the surrounding environment.

   But it is not that simple when it falls on the head of the commune members. The little dog has such great strength that he can't move by holding his hair.

   More importantly, the hair will not hurt him!

   This is an absolute characteristic, so the newly born ice crystal monster is short and weak. As long as it is faced calmly, even ordinary people can actually restrain it.

  Dr. Zangma fell into this state entirely because he didn't dare to touch it, and let it grow up indulgently.

   "Be careful!" Seeing the huge ice crystal hair falling like a thousand arrows, Master Qi hurriedly reminded.

  However, Xiaogou only made a preparatory posture to dodge, but did not move.

   Mengmeng's big eyes are fixed on the ice crystal spikes, extremely firm.

   "噗噐噐!" The ice crystal spike staggered away from the little dog, plunged into the ground fiercely, then retracted it silently, and turned its target on Master Qi.

   "This is..." Master Qi has so much experience, even though he has almost no information, it can be seen that he has figured out most of it after seeing this scene.

   "You become the same kind, the monster will not hurt you?"

  Xiaogou smiled and said: "The ice crystal derivative will never harm the host of the ice crystal derivative. This host does not necessarily have to be my own host."

  Absolute feature, as long as the conditions are met, it will be triggered absolutely.

  At this moment, in the identification of characteristics, the identities of Xiaogou and Dr. Zangma are the same.

   Absolutely not harming the host, and absolutely not harming one's own host, these are two characteristics.

   Which one it is, Xiaogou actually doesn’t know, he’s just betting on a certain possibility.

  Xiaogou made the right bet, he was betting that the ice crystal monster would not be able to harm any hosts of the same kind.

   In this way, he is already invincible.

   "Your luck is really good, but you are still too reckless."

   Master Qi didn't know that Xiaogou had confirmed that he would not die if he was parasitized, so he said that he was lucky.

   In fact, Xiaogou’s bet is not this, but that there may be only one monster. Touching the ice core by himself can make the monster transfer the parasite.

   Take ten thousand steps back, if you don't do this, maybe you can make the monster unable to hurt yourself.

   Take another 10,000 steps back, even if the monster on Dr. Zangma's head can still hurt him, at least he won't be hurt by the monster on his own head, and it won't make the situation worse.

  So, what can’t be a gamble? Worst case, not too bad.

   "Ha!" Relying on the fact that the monster won't hurt him, Xiao Gou rushed up to block the knife for Master Qi.

  Both are powerful members of the club, one is invincible and the other is extremely skilled. With the cooperation of the two, this monster is no longer a threat.

   Taking advantage of this time, the two quickly exchanged information and discussed countermeasures.

  After understanding the situation, Master Qi curled his lips and said, "You did a good job, but you were parasitized. Could it be that you have a head full of monster hair for the rest of your life?"

   "You can't go to humid areas in the future. Even if it is contaminated with water vapor, this monster can still grow."

   "This hair is disobedient, and kills anyone it sees. Except for yourself, ordinary things can easily pierce and cut."

   "Do you want to stay in the base from now on?"

   Facing a series of questions from Grandpa Qi, Xiao Gou smirked and didn't speak. How to eliminate the ice crystals, he still has no way.

  Master Qi thought for a moment and said: "Take it in! Let me see this ice core."

   "Okay!" Xiao Gou desperately protected Master Qi.

   I saw Master Qi pulling out his hair while approaching the ice core!

   "Puff! Puff!" Although Master Qi brought a knife, he still chose to pull out his hair by the roots!

   Not long after, his head was covered with blood, his scalp was almost peeled off, not to mention the hair, the hair follicles were all destroyed by him.

  With his **** bald head, Master Qi raised the ice core to study.


  The solar eclipse did not appear, it was like an ordinary ice core, let him touch and fiddle with it!

   "Sure enough, as long as there is no hair, the parasitic characteristics will not be triggered at all."

  Touch the ice core, trigger a solar eclipse, and then a ray of light falls down and transforms the hair into an ice crystal monster. The premise of this whole set is...the target has hair.

  As long as there is no hair, the containment can be touched normally.

   "Master Qi, do you think that cracking it would be related to the solar eclipse? Otherwise, I can't figure out why it needs a solar eclipse when it transforms." Xiaogou said while blocking the monster.

   Master Qi said: "It doesn't necessarily need a purpose, Xiaogou, remember, many of the characteristics of the contained objects have no purpose."

  "The solar eclipse phenomenon occurs during the transition. This can be just a phenomenon. What is required by the characteristics. As for why this is the case, there is no need for any reason at all. Having the characteristic of causing the solar eclipse phenomenon itself is the reason."

   Saying that, Master Qi took time to look at Master Gou, and found that he was still fighting with the ice crystal monster.

   Puffed a smile and said, "What are you doing?"

  Xiaogou said: "Ah? I'll stop it, it's okay, look at you, with me here, it can't get close to you!"

   Master Qi curled his lips and said, "Where's your Xudao crystal? Isn't it over when you put it in?"

   "I didn't bring it." Xiaogou said.

   Master Qi shook his head, took out the Xudao crystal from his arms, and then took out a bag of sea water in his portable insulation bag, and wrapped it around the lower half of the crystal ball with an air wall.

   "Shove it in!"

   After finishing speaking, he rushed towards the ice crystal monster with a crystal ball in his hand.

  Master Gou reacted immediately, grabbed a piece of ice crystal and stuffed it in, then he used his hand to catch the sharp ice crystal, and pushed it into the Xudao crystal one by one.

  The two of them worked together and quickly swallowed most of the ice crystal spikes with the crystal ball.

  The crystal ball pushed all the way to the top of Dr. Zangma's head. Near the scalp, Master Qi suddenly withdrew from the air wall and scraped off the frozen sea water.

  In an instant, the crystal ball closed.

  He wanted to use this method, using the characteristics of the virtual island crystal, to see if he could cut off the connection between the monster and the doctor.

   However, it failed. The moment it was closed, the doctor also disappeared, and was transferred to the virtual island.

   "Sure enough, it won't work, it's too tough." Master Qi had expected it a long time ago, and it wasn't surprising.

  Virtual island crystals can be used to store things, and you can also take advantage of this, store half of it, suddenly close it, and cut off the other half.

   It can be said that this thing is an artifact of most members, and its uses are endless. Otherwise, everyone would not be equipped with one piece upon graduation.

  However, this kind of truncation usage cannot be used on things with high hardness, let alone indestructible, many man-made alloys can be cut off.

  Virtual island crystals cannot cut off anything harder than crystals.

  In this case, if an item is stored more than 50%, if the virtual island is suddenly closed, the whole will be stored. Otherwise, it will be released as a whole.

   "It's indestructible, of course it won't work, why don't you try it?" Xiaogou complained.

   Master Qi smiled and said: "Invincible is invincible, hardness is hardness."

   Just because a contained object is invincible does not mean its hardness is infinite. This is two different things.

  The physical composition of most contained objects is very common, such as a mobile phone, it may be from the inside to the outside, every molecule is the same as an ordinary mobile phone, but it has absolute characteristics.

"I have seen an invincible bronze sword cut off by Xudao crystal. Because that bronze sword, although King Kong is not broken, its hardness is still only the hardness of bronze, only 3.5, while the hardness of crystal is 7, so it was cut The virtual island crystal is easily cut off."

  In the competition of absolute characteristics, unless it happens to be contradictory, the result is absolute in one's own field, so it is called an "absolute" characteristic.

  The space-time truncation of Xudao crystal is only comparable to its hardness. Even if the bronze sword is not damaged by nuclear bomb bombing, it will be easily truncated by it.

   "The hardness of the ice crystal is 6.5~7, and it may be truncated." Qi Ye said.

   "But it didn't work out." Xiaogou said.

Master Qi said: "Yes, the Void Island crystal is still too mediocre. The indestructible properties of this kind of contained ice crystal are likely to be higher than the space-time partition of the Void Island crystal. In turn, it can even ignore the destructive properties of other contained objects. It's very common."

   "In terms of indestructible characteristics, the most complete and most flawless containment that is known to ignore the effects of all Best Metal."

  The two worked together to contain the ice crystal monster.

  Xiaogou's virtual island crystal is used for farming, and he doesn't bring it with him in battle. And Master Qi is good at using the virtual island crystal, so the inside is empty, just used to store monsters.

   "Even Dr. Zangma is imprisoned, and we haven't rescued him yet." Xiaogou said.

   Master Qi said: "Containment is more important. Anyway, monsters will not harm the host, so there is no need to rush."

   "You, and Dr. Zangma, how to get rid of the parasitism, I will leave it to the research department."


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  (end of this chapter)