Chapter 1061 Best File 1: Eclipse Ice Core (Part 1)

  November 23, 2003, Antarctica, Queen Maud Land.

  On the glacier square outside the Antarctic No. 1 containment base of the Lanbai Society, a blade-like snowstorm is whistling.

  On the ice-snow-covered land, all eyes are white, the wind twists the snow, and the snow is scattered in pieces, instantly fascinating the entire field of vision.

  A strong and muscular young man, in such a severe cold and snowstorm of minus 46 degrees, with his upper body shirtless, enthusiastically performed various extremely difficult training movements.

   A few meters away, another man smiled and said, "Little Gou, extreme training will not improve your physical fitness."

  Different from the young man, this man was wearing a thick fleece jacket and an assault jacket, with a large down jacket on the outside, which was extremely warm.

The young man smiled while training himself: "I know, I'm just doing routine training, and I don't expect the ice and snow to make my body stronger. I just hope that this icy blizzard can make me flinch and roll back to the warmth." in the base."

  The man raised his brows and said, "Oh? Then why don't you go back?"

  The young man Xiaogou laughed and said, "I also want to go back to the warm room, but unfortunately, this level of wind and snow is not worthy!"

  The man’s heart said that’s the case, tempering the will?

   "Then what level of wind and snow will make you flinch?" the man asked.

  Xiaogou finished the last movement carefully before saying: "Uh, I don't know, sorry I can't imagine."

"Huh?" The man smiled and said: "The research department is developing a virtual reality device, and there will be a test machine soon. I heard that the pain simulation will be given priority to hone the will of the members. Xiaogou, wait for the machine to come out. Why don't you apply for a name later?"

  Xiaogou said: "No problem, I will be the first volunteer."

   "Hehe, it is said that the intensity will be terrible! Xiaogou, I don't want you to collapse." The man laughed.

  Xiao Gou excitedly said: "I'm looking forward to it even more!"

   "Also, Master Qi, how many times have you said, don't call me Xiaogou, my nickname is 'Crazy Demon'."

  As he said, he was still exercising vigorously, consuming his physical energy while maintaining his body temperature.

  The man named Master Qi sneered and said, "How can anyone give himself a nickname? You just got it, right? You're still crazy, if you continue to practice like this, you will become rheumatism for yourself."

  Xiaogou grinned and said, "I'm not just making it up. Everyone on Extreme Island said that I fight like a madman!"

   Master Qi clicked his tongue and said, "What? Should I praise you?"

  Xiao Gou smiled and said, "I'll take it as a compliment. Members must go forward bravely and dare to sacrifice."

  Master Qi kicked the little dog five meters away.

   "Why are there so many swear words? Going forward is the final decision. If you don't let you go forward at every turn, you can leave a way out. Who the **** likes to go to the dead end?"

  If there is no way out, one should keep going forward, but members should try their best not to let themselves fall into a situation where there is no way out.

  Xiao Gou also understands this truth, otherwise the instructor would not let him graduate.

   It’s understandable. Although the assessment of the internship period of the members has passed, Xiaogou is not outstanding in terms of strategy.

   It's not that he's not smart, but that at critical moments, he always prefers to choose the strategy of sacrificing himself.

   Sometimes, this is a necessary sacrifice. But sometimes, it is not necessary.

  Obviously there could be a smarter way to complete the containment and achieve zero casualties, but in the end they changed one for one.

   "You have already graduated, Xiaogou, do you think you can 'resurrect' like the internship period?"

  “Sacrifice is an important quality of members, but it is not the only one.”

  “The biggest gap between excellent members and ordinary members is not the difference in ability and belief.”

  Xiao Gou pondered: "What is it?"

  Master Qi's mouth curled up slightly: "It's alive."

   "Huh?" Xiao Gou was stunned.

   Master Qi said seriously: "Who is worse than anyone who can become a member? Whether it is wisdom, strength or talent, they are all the best choices."

   "When you become a member, you can't be a mediocre person. As long as you can keep growing, anyone can be the president."

   "What prevents ordinary members from becoming outstanding members is death, and whether they can live to that time. As long as they live long enough, anyone can be the best."

  Xiao Gou struggled with his facial features, and always felt that what Master Qi said was a bit too oily.

  Just a beta member, so slick, could it be that he was sapped by the contents?

  Seeing that he didn't listen, Master Qi frowned and said, "You only have one life, and you only have one chance to grow up. Do you know how many members died in the first mission?"

   "It is undeniable that most of them are too unlucky, but there are still some who could have survived, but in the end, the choice... Listen clearly, it is a choice! A choice! A sacrifice!"

   "This is the defect in the selection of members, and it is also the defect of the containment belief."

  Xiao Gou was taken aback, there are still drawbacks to the containment belief?

   Master Qi stared at him and said: "When there is no way to retreat, even if you die, you must take him in. This is a belief. And the reason why there is no way to retreat lies in your mission and responsibility."

  “It is wisdom to avoid falling into a situation where there is no way out as much as possible.”

  "Wisdom, responsibility, and sacrifice are the three basic qualities of members. Every qualified member has these three qualities, but the fact is that many members have not grasped the ingenious balance among them."

   "Too strong beliefs will eventually overwhelm the rationality of the members, turning the containment operation into the realization of their own personal value... Let the members who could have survived finally exchange their lives for containment. What a fool."

   "Little Gou, learn to control your own beliefs. If you should go forward, you will go forward. If you should leave room, then leave room."

   "Maintain the perfect balance between sacrifice and survival, gamble and prudence, victory even if you die and survival no matter what."

   "In extreme desperation, those who can still grasp a chance of life are excellent members."

   "Containment is for life, not death."

  Xiao Gou nodded, but he understood. I have to say, it makes sense.

  However, he laughed and said, "It would be better for everyone to survive. Unfortunately, reality is not always so perfect."

   "Okay, okay, I understand, don't say any more."

  Master Qi didn't know if Xiaogou had listened to it. As a team leader, he could only talk about it.

  Xiaogou graduated with a very excellent evaluation, both in terms of physical fitness and willpower, which is extremely high, exceeding the full score level by a lot.

  The only shortcoming is that the strategy is relatively mediocre, and it has an over-exuberant, reckless drive.

   In the eyes of Master Qi, as long as Xiaogou learns to control his beliefs and grow steadily for another ten years, he may become a member of the Gamma Club.

  If you are lucky, it is not impossible to become the top member.

  However, there is only one life, and it is hard to say whether he can live to that time.

  The three major qualities are all top-notch, and skillfully grasping that balance is easier said than done. Even if Master Qi himself didn't do it, he can only talk about it.

  The growth of members still depends on themselves. After all, every member is extremely confident.

  Confidence is a good trait, but it can sometimes become an obstacle to growth.

   "There is no perfect shelter in the world." Master Qi said with emotion.

   "Huh? Isn't the president of past generations the most perfect shelter?" Xiaogou asked with squinting eyes.

Lord Qi shook his head and said: "The president may be the best member, but he will not be the most perfect. The Lanbai Club itself is also growing and advancing with the times. The original president may have strong beliefs, but his wisdom Maybe not as good as us."

   "Hey, hey!" Xiao Gou's dream is to become the president of the company, and he is a little bit dissatisfied when he sees Master Qi say that.

Master Qi smiled and said: "Don't be dissatisfied. The original system of the Blue and White Society was not perfect. Generations of predecessors worked hard to correct it and adapt to today. The second-generation president only started to improve the mission and system, and the third-generation president only started to systematize it. The training method for members has been thoroughly established. The four generations have continued to improve, and constantly corrected the mistakes of the predecessors and some outdated concepts.”

   "Where are the Five Dynasties?" Xiaogou asked.

   Master Qi looked at the sky full of wind and snow, and said nostalgicly: "The fifth generation president is a real genius, you have never seen him, you don't know that golden smile when he led us to fight against the Zerg!"

   There is no doubt that he admires the fifth generation president very much. In his eyes, the fifth generation is amazingly talented and has an unspeakable charm, as if he can always give everyone confidence.

   "So according to what you said, the Blue and White Society has been improving and perfecting, getting stronger and stronger, and Wudai is the most perfect president?" Xiaogou said.

   Master Qi shook his head and said: "I respect the fifth generation president, but I still have to say that he is not the most perfect."

   "Isn't your request too high?" Xiaogou pouted.

   Master Qi said: "It's not that I am demanding, let me ask you, what is the goal of the Blue and White Society?"

   "Destroy all the contained objects?" Xiaogou said.

   Master Qi said: "That's right, so those who can't do this are not the best. Although one generation is better than the next, but until the ultimate ideal is realized, there is no best, only better."

   "The best president must be the last generation president!"

  Xiao Gou's eyes lit up and said: "I see, you are right. I have decided..."

   "Huh?" Master Qi looked at him.

  Xiaogou said: "I want to be the last president of Lanbai!"

   "Hehe, don't be the last generation president of the Blue and White Society that has come to an end!" Master Qi laughed.

  The last president who realizes the ultimate ideal, and the last president who is going to perish, although both are the last president, but the concepts are completely different.

   Xiaogou said angrily: "I must show you."

   Master Qi turned around and walked towards the base, and said with a smile: "The president didn't do it for anyone to see."

  The two returned to the warm base. In the lounge, Grandpa Qi happily lit a cigarette and started smoking.

   Then he handed it to Xiaogou and said, "Have a cigarette."

  However, Xiaogou waved his hand and said, "I never smoke."

   "Try it! The tobacco I cultivated by myself has special ingredients, and our physique can easily degrade its effects on the body without harming the body." Master Qi coaxed.

  Xiao Gou shook his head stubbornly, and said: "Members shouldn't have any bad habits. Although it won't hurt the body in the long run, it will take time to degrade, and there will still be short-term damage."

   Master Qi chuckled and said: "You can't be too tight at a young age, you have to have some bad habits to vent the pressure."

   "Where's the fallacy, I won't smoke if I say I don't smoke." Xiaogou was very stubborn.

  Master Qi loosened his shoulders and did not force himself. He happily smoked his cigarette and turned on a computer at the same time.

   "The handover will take place tomorrow. You can choose these tasks yourself. Or do you want to stay in Antarctica for another half a year?"

  The job of the two of them is to conduct routine defense at the Antarctic No. 1 base, and containment tasks are not always available. Newcomers like Xiaogou often follow the old members to guard at various bases to prevent accidents.

  Xiaogou asked to go to a place with harsh conditions, so the two came to Antarctica.

  It has been half a year since they graduated, and after the handover is completed tomorrow, they can go to other places to perform tasks.

  As soon as the task was mentioned, Xiaogou became interested and carefully examined the various "non-urgent tasks" on the computer.

  Since it is not an urgent task, there is no doubt that it seems that they are all defensive tasks, **** tasks, or training tasks.

   "Why isn't there even a survey task!" Xiaogou muttered.

   Master Qi took a look and said happily, "That's not a coincidence. I saw three investigation missions yesterday. Unfortunately, they were all in the northern hemisphere. I didn't pick them up. It seems that they were all picked up."

  The little dog nestled on the sofa, feeling that he couldn't exert all his energy. The investigation mission is a potential containment mission. Although most of the time, some anomalies are just hype or natural phenomena, but once it is found that it is the work of the containment object, it will immediately switch from investigation to containment mission. It's a pity that it's relatively peaceful recently, and I can't even receive investigation tasks.

   "Don't always think about having a containment object. You should be happy if you don't have one. Isn't it good to live in peace? The containment mission is to kill people." Qi Ye laughed.

   "Whatever, you choose one, I'm going to train." Xiaogou closed the computer, took a big mouthful of hot soup, and planned to continue to work hard in the severe cold.

   Master Qi stood in front of the window with a cup of hot tea, watching Xiaogou train in the wind and snow.

   In terms of hard work, Xiaogou is simply a machine. He can train all day long except for sleeping.

  Anyway, his physical strength is supplemented by the seafood soup in the club, so in the past six months, except for routine inspections, Xiaogou has been training himself crazily every day.

  Whether it is cold, windy, snowy or calm, his enthusiasm for training remains the same.

   It didn't take long for him to rest, and he went out again after taking a sip of soup.

   Gradually, the wind and snow stopped.

   Master Qi walked out leisurely, stood under the not-so-warm sun, and watched with a thermos.

   There is a kind of calmness of an old man basking in the sun and watching his grandson exert his energy.

  Suddenly, it got dark.

   Master Qi was taken aback for a moment, this kind of darkness was different from the darkness under the snow and wind before.

  It is winter now, the North Pole is white night, and the South Pole is daytime. It shouldn’t be so dark.

  He raised his head, only to see that the sun was being covered, and there was a eclipse, which was about to be... a solar eclipse!

   "Oh, I haven't seen the solar eclipse in Antarctica yet." Xiaogou completed the last movement of a set of training and looked up to watch the solar eclipse in novelty.

   Master Qi said: "Don't say you haven't seen it... This is the first time in human history that a solar eclipse has been observed in Antarctica."

   "Really!" Xiaogou smiled and said, "I'm lucky, I've caught up with this."

   "Your luck is really 'good'! This is abnormal..." Master Qi frowned.

  Xiao Gou was puzzled: "Solar eclipses can occur in Antarctica. There was no observation record before because Antarctica is uninhabited. What's unusual about this?"

   Master Qi said seriously: "The abnormality is not the location, but the time. In fact, the agency has already calculated this solar eclipse and made a forecast. You usually don't read much internal news, so you don't know."

   "The predicted Antarctic solar eclipse is tomorrow, not today."

  Xiao Gou pondered: "Is that so? A misprediction? Or... a containment incident?"

   It is normal to make mistakes in predicting this kind of thing, but the error of a full day is outrageous.

  The error is as long as one day. It is no longer a question of which day the solar eclipse is, but a question of whether there is a solar eclipse.

  The formation of a solar eclipse is very subtle, and any error may directly cause a total solar eclipse to become a partial solar eclipse, or even no solar eclipse at all.

  The two looked up at the sky, and they could see that the solar eclipse was taking shape rapidly, and it was very positive. Judging from this trend, it should be a total solar eclipse.

   Master Qi said: "The solar eclipse should occur on Shuo Ri, which is the first day of the lunar calendar."

   "Today is November 23rd, the 30th day of the 10th lunar month. There must be some special reason for the solar eclipse to appear on this day."

  No matter where the earth rotates, there will always be a meridian on the earth facing the moon. When the moon is in the full moon position, the same longitude on the earth is facing the round moon.

  The meridian runs from one pole to another, passing through both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. Therefore, according to the lunar calendar, no matter whether it is the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere, the full moon will be seen on the same day on the earth.

  Because the subjective feeling of 'circle' is different, the moon of fifteen can be rounded by sixteen.

  However, the new sun is different. The day when the moon moves between the earth and the sun and appears and disappears almost at the same time as the sun is called the new sun.

  This is the most basic condition for the formation of a solar eclipse. Therefore, all solar eclipses occur on the first day of the lunar calendar.

   Of course, it is not absolute, because the human calendar is not perfect, there will be errors if the time is too long, and the new day may also occur on the 30th day of the month.

   But the problem is not here. Even if there is an error in the Yin-Yang calendar due to the re-setting of the new moon, it is impossible for the Lanbai Club to make a mistake.

  The solar eclipse predicted by the research department according to the observatory is tomorrow, that is tomorrow. This is not a matter of calendars, but of calculations.

   It happened today, either the agency made a mistake, or the moon arrived at the expected position ahead of schedule.

   Master Qi didn’t believe that the club made a mistake, so he realized that this might be an abnormal event.


   Master Qi's bracelet rang quickly, and he quickly turned on the computer. As expected, the Containment Department sent an investigation mission on its own initiative.

   "It has been confirmed in the club that it is not the moon that covers the sun at this moment, but the projection of the moon." Qi Ye said.

  Xiao Gou hurriedly asked: "Projection?"

   Master Qi said: "Let's put it this way, the moon has a 'split' where it will pass in the future. You can understand that there are two moons. The real moon is still in its normal position, running silently."

  "The newly-appeared false moon is just a phantom, without mass, and it can't be touched. It can only reflect and block sunlight. It seems to exist only to create solar eclipses."

   "It appeared in the position where the moon should be in the future, triggering a solar eclipse in advance."

  Two months!

   One true and one false, both can be seen, but one has quality and the other has no quality.

  It has no mass and can still surround the earth. The detectors launched by the society cannot touch it, but it can block the sunlight. This is definitely a contained object or a derivative.

   "Is this containment with us?" Xiaogou has already rushed into the house, changed his clothes, and is ready to go at any time.

   Master Qi said: "It's just possible, and we're still investigating. The main investigators are the space crew on the moon base. They're investigating the phantom and whether there's anything contained on the moon."

   "In addition, this solar eclipse can only be seen in Antarctica. To be precise, only Wilkes Land and Queen Maud Land in Antarctica can see a total solar eclipse."

   "The rest of Antarctica, plus places like southern Australia, will only see a partial eclipse."

   "So Australia and Antarctica have members investigating this incident, and we are just one of them."

  The moon splits into a phantom, which does not necessarily mean that the contained object is on the moon.

  Because the phantom caused the solar eclipse in Antarctica and Australia, it is very likely that some kind of containment object appeared in these areas, and its certain characteristics, unreasonably, forced the phenomenon of solar eclipse in the area where it is located.

  Similar to this situation, several investigation teams are investigating this phenomenon at the same time in different regions.

  Xiaogou and Master Qi are in the land of Queen Mao De, and there was an abnormal total solar eclipse in their jurisdiction, so they were naturally asked to investigate nearby.


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  (end of this chapter)