Chapter 1 Arrow of the Sun

   On April 29, 2018, at 10:15, a "Battle Shadow" experimental reconnaissance aircraft in the United States flew away from the airport.

  Two hours later, it was found to have crashed in the eastern part of the Indo Ocean, about 170 nautical miles away from the military port. The nearest naval base sent a search and rescue force to the accident sea area.

  Pilot Bailey escaped by parachuting and was rescued safely.

  Afterwards, the cause of the accident was checked, and it was found that the reconnaissance plane hit a foreign object at an altitude of 6,000 meters while flying at high speed, and the wing was damaged. Because the speed was too fast, the damage continued to expand, and it failed to return to the flight, and finally crashed.

  A military employee investigating the accident found it odd that no flock of birds had been detected at the time of the accident, as described by the pilot.

   It was a very small thing that hit it. It was just flying at high speed. It was not expected that there would be foreign objects at high altitude, and the joint detector did not detect any metal reaction.

   Fortunately, in the cockpit video, through the reflection of the pilot's helmet, he saw a blurred image of the thing that hit the wing when the incident happened.

   "It's a stick, it's definitely not a bird."

   "How can there be a stick at an altitude of 6,000 meters? Could it be space junk falling?"

   "Even if it is space junk, if it falls to a distance of six kilometers from the surface, even if the surface is not burning, there will definitely be a falling airflow trajectory."

   "But these are not. That is to say, when it hit, the stick flew horizontally in the sky? It's a pity that we only saw a little bit of it in the video, so we can't judge its trajectory."

"Anyway, space junk must be excluded. The reconnaissance plane failed to detect any metal products at the time of the incident. It may be that the metal content of foreign objects is too small. If this is the case, then it is impossible for objects that are not made of heat-resistant materials to fall from space. At an altitude of 6,000 meters, it should have evaporated long ago."

  Several investigators analyzed for a long time, but failed to figure out what was going on.

  Foreign objects at high altitude, flying across the sky, the plane hit the target at high speed and damaged the wings. I don’t know how to write the cause of this accident in the report, because it is more like being attacked.

  After they reported this honestly, a military weapon expert quickly paid attention to this matter.

  The Dr. Robert said: "It may be some kind of special invisible alloy material, which escaped our joint detector."

   "The foreign object had its own propulsion, which made it rigidly stressed in the unsupported air, smashing the wing."

   "It's probably not an accident!"

  The bystanders were surprised: "That is to say, it may be a stealth missile? Or a micro-aircraft?"

"It is very likely that this is a new type of weapon that we don't know about. Theoretically speaking, the propulsion is most likely the acceleration of the fall, but the video proves that this is not a high-speed falling object, so it must have self-propulsion. It should be a Aircraft," said the doctor.

   Soon, the ships still in the accident area reported that no foreign objects were found in the nearby waters, and there were no foreign objects in the wreckage of the plane.

   "It is possible that it is still in the air, sending more air search forces."

  Although the flying object could not be detected, the aircraft searching the formation still found the foreign object.

  Because the speed of foreign objects is supersonic, as long as you search carefully at a certain height, you can still see objects that pass through the clouds and cause sonic boom shock waves.

   It's just that this thing doesn't emit any signals. If it hadn't shot down one of their planes and locked on a rough trajectory, it would really be impossible to find it passing such a high place.

   "It's a supersonic stealth fighter... No, it's not a fighter, it's too small, it should be an unmanned aerial vehicle!"

   "This supersonic stealth unmanned micro-aircraft technology, even we do not have, the volume is too small, how to solve the problem of fuel storage?"

   "Is it the latest drone?"


  After discovering a foreign object flying at high speed, the military quickly judged the flight trajectory.

  Send a supersonic fighter plane from the military port to pursue.

   "The target speed is about 500 meters per second, and it is expected to catch up in five minutes."

   "There is such a high-performance unmanned aerial vehicle..."

   "Its target may be above the base, can it be shot down?"

   "No, it's too fast, and the detectors can't detect any signal from it..."

  The American military quickly sorted out a lot of information about the mysterious flying object.

  Although the speed of this mysterious flying object is supersonic, it is still far behind a real supersonic fighter.

  The truly scary thing about it lies in its small size and incredible radar stealth function.

  If it wasn’t for its straightforward flight at an altitude of 6,000 meters, the trajectory would be too obvious. But if it is pulled up to an altitude of 8,000 meters or even 10,000 meters, there is no way to find it.

   No electromagnetic wave was detected, no trace of control signal was intercepted, and even the metal did not react, and its material was completely unknown.

   "The previous video showed that the stick-shaped flying object broke several pieces during the impact. Why can it still maintain such a high flying speed?" Dr. Robert wondered.

   "Does it have the function of nano-repair?" Bystanders said in amazement.

  Just as they were wondering, five minutes passed in a flash, and a message came from the pursuing plane: "I have caught up with it, and its trajectory is very straightforward. I can attack it. Are you allowed to shoot it down?"

Dr.    said: "Didn't it change course? This may not be an aircraft, but a warhead?"

   "Try to be parallel to it and send the image over."

   Soon, the supersonic fighter was about 20 meters close to the target. If the target exploded within this distance, there was still time to dodge it.

  Flying in parallel, the image of the mysterious flying object can finally be seen clearly.

  After careful observation, the pilot was completely stunned, and immediately sent the image of the foreign object back to the base.

   "What? Arrow?"

  The so-called foreign object is a pure carbon arrow.

  Because of the previous impact, this arrow has been shattered. The shaft of the arrow broke into more than a dozen pieces, and the arrowhead fell off.

  However, these fragments still slanted towards the sky at a speed of nearly 500 meters per second.

   This is completely inexplicable, and everyone in the base who saw this scene was dumbfounded.

  What they were looking for was a mysterious aircraft, but what they found was an even more mysterious flying arrow.

   It was still a broken arrow, obviously without jet stream and rocket propulsion, yet it flew at supersonic speed.

  At high speed, the arrow body is obviously hot, and there is a small amount of steam lingering on the surface, but the pure carbon fiber material is very heat-resistant, and less than twice the supersonic speed is not enough to burn it.

   "It didn't burn, but it was followed by steam... Is this steam the gas that evaporated when it hit the 'Battle Shadow'? Why did these gases follow the broken arrow at supersonic speed?"

  Dr. Robert looked at the impact in astonishment, feeling the absurdity of the picture.

  What propels this arrow?

  Why is it still able to advance when it is broken?

  Why is the gas still propulsive when part of the substance evaporates?

  Where is this inexplicable flight going?

  Many doubts stunned the weapons expert.

  When the hall was dead silent, a colonel said solemnly: "Dr. Robert, please sort out the information for me. This matter is listed as a 3A secret."

  Dr. was stunned: "Ah? It's..."

  The colonel then sent out the information compiled by the doctor, and quickly ordered: "Two other supersonic fighter jets have already gone to meet it, and let the chasing pilots cooperate to capture it."

  The colonel who received the order immediately communicated the order to the pilots near the flying arrow.

   Not long after, the other two fighters were also parallel to Feijian.

  One of them was an unmanned aircraft, which launched a tight capture net and successfully captured the pile of scattered flying arrows at once.

   "Slow down gradually!"

  The unmanned aircraft began to slow down, but just after slowing down, the unmanned aircraft lost its balance!

  The place where the bottom of the plane was connected to the metal catch net was stretched straight, and the flying arrow dragged it to maintain its own speed, without dragging it down at all.

   "Out of balance! Out of balance!"

  The plane responsible for towing was spinning behind the flying arrow, but no matter which direction it flew, it couldn't stop the flying arrow from slanting towards the sky.

  The nearby parallel plane measured the speed of the flying arrow, which was still 500 meters per second.

   "Cutting the catch net!"

   In desperation, the superior ordered to abandon the catch net, and saw that the pile of flying arrow parts continued to fly with the net, and it took a long time for the drone to stabilize again.

   "My God, what is this?" Dr. Robert looked at the screen, a little collapsed.

   Can't help but ask: "Is this a UFO?"

  The colonel shook his head, but did not speak.

  The superior in command has also heard nothing, and seems to be discussing how to deal with it.

  The three planes responsible for the pursuit could only follow along, and the time passed by every minute.

  The flying arrow gradually crossed the base of the United States in the Indo Ocean. After a while, the planes could no longer follow it. Whether it was fuel restrictions or free flight zone restrictions, American planes were not allowed to follow the flying arrow around the earth.

  At this time, Dr. Robert gradually calmed down. The instinct of a scholar allowed him to continue to analyze and think on this absurd basis.

  He seemed to think of something, and suddenly said: "Huh? It seems to be chasing the time zone all the time?"

   "Time zone?" The colonel was taken aback.

  Dr. Robert controlled the computer, pointed out the path of the flying arrow, and said: "Comparing carefully, it can be found that it is always facing the sun, and its speed is about 500 meters per second, which is just a little more than the earth's rotation speed at 35 degrees north latitude."

   "If the arrow flies from east to west, if it keeps this speed, it can circle the earth in 24 hours. And in this process, it is almost always at the same local time."

He recalled the time when the combat shadow was hit, and said: "The impact time was just past twelve o'clock noon. The flying arrow passed over Indus at this speed, and it was exactly twelve o'clock when it reached the west coast. Keep going, cross When crossing the Indo Ocean and reaching the sky above the peninsula, it will also be twelve o'clock in the local area."

  The colonel was surprised: "What does this mean?"

  Dr. Robert shook his head and said, "I don't know, it's like an arrow chasing the sun..."

   "Chasing the sun? Shouldn't chasing the sun fly straight out of the atmosphere? Why do you want to orbit the earth?" The colonel was puzzled.

  Dr. Robert seemed to have thought of something, and was calculating crazily. After a while, he stood up abruptly and said, "Actually, it's not circling the earth!"

   "I know why it is so fast! It is not following the earth's rotation! So that for us, its speed has reached supersonic speed! And it is always shining in the sun."

  Robert quickly constructed a model, and saw that in the model, the flying arrow remains unchanged as an abnormal point, while a sphere rotates on its own side.

  The sphere represents the earth, and its rotation represents one day, then, for that abnormal point, after one day, it also passes through the sky of the earth once.


  Robert quickly overturned this model, because he found that the flying arrow is not stationary relative to the earth, even if the speed of the earth's rotation is removed, it still has a speed of several meters per second.

  This speed is exactly the speed at which the arrow moves away from the ground.

   That is to say, its inexplicable propulsion is not simply due to the earth's rotation. Even if the earth does not rotate, the flying arrow still has a strange propulsion that drives it away from the earth.

  It is an arrow flying upwards, because the earth is rotating, and its rotation speed is obviously faster than its upward speed, which makes it seem to fly across the sky.

   "Stay away from the surface...stay away from the surface...I get it! It's ascending!"

  Robert quickly started building new models, but he was not very good at this project, he was just a weapons expert.

   Can only verbally explain to the colonel: "Colonel, you are right, it is indeed flying out of the atmosphere 'straight', but its speed is too slow! The speed of departure is only a few meters per second."

   "If an object is in a state of continuous propulsion, and at the same time does not exceed the second cosmic velocity, then it will circle the earth and continuously increase its orbit."

  Robert drew a 'mosquito coil' pattern at random, and then at the end of the mosquito coil pattern, the line directly pulled out a straight line, symbolizing breaking away from the shackles of gravity.

   "I can't explain this inexplicable propulsion, but if this propulsion can be maintained, its height will gradually move away from the sea level at a speed of several meters per second, and finally leave the atmosphere."

   "For some reason I can't understand, it always faces the sun, so it doesn't follow the earth's rotation, and the trajectory of the rising orbit is just an illusion that the earth's rotation makes us feel."

   "When it escapes the gravitational pull of the earth, it will continue to move towards the sun in a vacuum...and move forward...until it is swallowed by the sun in the distant future."

  The colonel immediately reported this idea, and his superiors soon approved the conjecture.

An old professor appeared on the screen and said to Robert: "Your idea is correct. Although it is absurd, it may be true. This rushing towards the sun an extremely slow speed. "

  Robert said with an ugly face: "I just thought about it casually, but this is too absurd. This propulsion out of thin air allows it to break through the resistance of the air and the rotation of the earth."

"Existence makes sense. We can only speculate based on the facts. Just now, the flying arrow suddenly rushed to the outer space at a height of 40 kilometers at an extremely fast speed. Our plane could no longer keep up. Fortunately, we were capturing On the Internet, we have placed detectors, which will continue to report to us the position and speed of the flying arrow," said the old professor.

  Robert frowned and said: "Suddenly accelerated? No, isn't this overturning my guess? If it can reach a speed of 40 kilometers per second, why doesn't it just rush out of the atmosphere?"

  The old professor explained: "No, your idea is right. This is still not its own speed, but the speed of the earth's revolution... It's not that the flying arrow is accelerating away from us, it's just that it suddenly stopped following the earth's revolution..."

   "Although this is more absurd, we can only make a series of conjectures about it."

   As he spoke, a more rigorous model appeared on the screen.

  The old professor said: "The idea of ​​the Arrow of the Sun you mentioned is one of the dozens of conjectures we have listed, and it is also the most likely one."

  On the plane model, a dotted line is drawn between the sun and the flying arrow, and the revolution of the earth is not a perfect circle. It has times when it is closest to the sun and times when it is farthest from the sun.

  If the earth is revolving close to the sun, then the flying arrow will accept the help of the earth, so the force pushing itself toward the sun and the force of the earth approaching the sun appear superimposed. Make it look like it follows the constraints of the earth's gravity and revolves with the earth.

It can be seen from this that the previously observed speed of several meters per second is not its own speed, but because the earth was slightly close to the sun during that period, and the direction was the same, resulting in the flying arrow hardly moving away from the surface .

   But if the earth is orbiting away from the sun, even just a little bit, the flying arrow will not follow. Under this condition, its propulsion force seems to have increased by a certain value, and after offsetting the gravity of the earth, it can still maintain its own speed away.

  Then from the observation point of view of people on earth, the flying arrow will suddenly move away at an extremely fast speed.

  Actually, the flying arrow did not accelerate, but the speed of the earth was too fast, and the two parted ways.

"The distance between the flying arrow and the sun is not enlarged by the gravitational pull of the earth. On the contrary, the flying arrow is always facing the sun and shrinking the distance from the sun at a very slow speed... This value, through calculation, roughly throws away all influences Afterwards, the flying arrow will fly at a speed of forty-five meters per second in a vacuum."

   "To put it simply, no matter how much you give this flying arrow, it can't prevent it from flying to the sun at a speed lower than 45 meters per second. On the contrary, it can help propel it."

   "This unstoppable 'constant propulsion', whether there is a way to stop it, we have been unable to explore, it has moved away from the earth."

   Speaking of this, the old professor felt a sense of loss.

  Robert was also a little absent-minded. He has been engaged in engineering all his life, and he has never seen such a weird thing.

   It's just... almost alien.

  After the serious thinking based on the absurd reality ended, he began to fall into a state where his world view was somewhat collapsed. The physics in his heart was completely destroyed by this arrow.

   No matter how good the analysis is, the basic premise is simply broken!

  God’s constant propulsion, whether it is classical physics or subversive physics, can’t explain this weird phenomenon.

   "God, where did the arrow of the sun come from?"


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  (end of this chapter)

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