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After receiving his terminal illness diagnosis, Chu Xun could finally let go of everything. The most important thing of being alive is after all, one’s own happiness.

Dumping a jerk, getting back on his retarded colleagues, firing his dumbass boss, staying in a luxurious house, enjoying a feast and bedding a young, energetic and handsome guy—Chu Xun very coolly did what he didn’t dare to do in the past!

All his savings were spent and as he laid down waiting for his death, the doctor apologetically told him, “I’m so sorry, we misdiagnosed.”

“…” Chu Xun felt faint.

He did another checkup and thought, he did feel unwell recently though?

The doctor looked grim.

Chu Xun’s heart skipped a beat. “Don’t tell me it wasn’t a misdiagnosis after all. Am I sick?”

Doctor: “You do not have a terminal illness, but you are… You are pregnant.”

Chu Xun: “???” Ermm, he’s a guy?

And later, the child’s father, that young, energetic and handsome man, who also happened to be a 26-year-old billionaire, Lin Yanchen, appeared and handed out a marriage certificate already signed by him. “I’ll take responsibility. Let’s get married.”

Chu Xun only realised now that his 30-years-late love life, as though blooming blossoms, was flooding in.

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Short Title:BR
Alternate Title:桃花汛
Weekly Rank:#4997
Monthly Rank:#5438
All Time Rank:#4186
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Complex Family Relationships, Cute Story, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Marriage, Modern Day, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Shounen-Ai Subplot, Wealthy Characters, Younger Love Interests,
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10 Comments on “Blooming Romance
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  1. It's funny and enjoyable! There Will be a sweet misunderstanding that will be resolved quickly. This story is suitable for sweet family matters. The ML is very rich but not powerful like every Chinese novel. He can be silly but persistent. The MC is more mature than him. But overall, they matched each other.

  2. oml the embarrasment when the child said 'dad crys in his room at night because of work' and the mc goes 'huh when do u hear me cry???'...ahem ahem if you know you know

  3. men cant but its a chinese novel. what do u expect. if you could transmigrate into an interstellar world, ride on mechas and fall inlove with a zerg. why the hell can men not get pregnant. 😂😂😂

  4. oh haha well i read this article thing on like bl omegaverse stuff and basically the male also has a reproductive system in his body like how females do. and it is shrunk a little so it can fit and that means all males can produce eggs and when a ahem sperm appears into the reproductive system, it would work the same way as if the male was a female...yeah hope this helped

  5. Thank you very much for posting this title here, but there is one chapter missing. Chapter 123-124 here are supposed to be 122-123, so there's still missing (the correct) chapter 124.

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