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The blood succession limits development to the peak of the realm only to find that everything is just a new beginning.

“All kinds of worlds? I can conquer the Naruto world, and I can do the same with other worlds.”

The world of Naruto has become the dominant world, Liu Hao thought ambitiously, and see how Liu Hao conquered one powerful world after another, how from the beginning of the blood succession limits as a start, step by step efforts, and finally create their own lineage, enough to intimidate countless worlds only belong to his Liu Hao’s lineage.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:BSL
Alternate Title:血继限界
Weekly Rank:#108
Monthly Rank:#89
All Time Rank:#467
Tags:Ability Steal, Action, Adventurers, Bloodlines, Childcare, Childhood Love, Complex Family Relationships, Early Romance, Eye Powers, Familial Love, Fanfiction, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Incest, Interdimensional Travel, Lolicon, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Mature Protagonist, Naruto, Netori, Older Love Interests, One Piece, Polygamy, Pregnancy, Romantic Subplot, Strong Love Interests, System, Tragic Past,

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83 Comments on “Blood Succession Limits
  1. i think its not worth reading except from the first world, the mc changed his personality in the DragonBall world to be a babysitter for the guys there, and after Bleach World the novel turned into cultivation and martial arts, you can't know if the mc is good or evil, if he is smart or stupid, the author changes his personality and words every time, he don't have any emotion to his people except buma and Dragonball guys as for his harem..well they are like vases he collect. i can't belive i read 1000 chapters!!

  2. there are +- 500 missing chapter no ??? from 1920 it is not digimon, there is one or more world, I know there is the world (continent of gods) before digimon !!

  3. Tbh, i dont even fucking know that chakra need cultivation method in canon. I thought simply train the body then voila we have chakra, use them up then rest and eat food, you restore you spiritual and physical strength, then get chakra again. Dont they all just train to use chakra proficiently? Not this dumb thing increasing chakra limit right? Or am i wrong?

  4. the leaf village is called the leaf village for the way they train chakra using a leaf it is not some Chinese cultivation stuff

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