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In the year 917 of the gods calendar, the dormant mentor Nerola initiated a plague revival;

In the year 921 of the gods calendar, the legendary mage Merlin read the Declaration of Human Rights in the New White Pagoda;

In the first year of the Dusk Calendar, the Ring of the South Wind launched religious reforms around the world…

Roland came to Farnes, the land of the gods. In order to prevent himself from being rolled back by the wheel of fate, he had to use the advantages of the prophet to choose his thighs and hug him firmly, vowing to become the strongest priest in history.

“Dusk is approaching, and I have begun to pray—”


PS1: To put it simply, it is a story of Shen Jingbing who has three wrong views and gradually regains friendship, justice and love.

PS2: Non-DND, the protagonist is neutral and evil, and does not like to stray into it.

PSP: New book for recommendation and collection!

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Short Title:BM
Alternate Title:水银之血
Author:Do not pray for ten strings
Weekly Rank:#9053
Monthly Rank:#9494
All Time Rank:#9331
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Elemental Magic, Fantasy, Fantasy Magic, Game Elements, Level System, Magic, Male Protagonist,
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  1. Mc is a drama queen, that needs affirmation for his actions, come on.. Is just killing that s all where there are so many n reasons. The religious staff killed it. I didn't see a point to it, more like a cheap imitation of lotm. The sister stuff is kind of disturbing, the same is the scheming stuff with the girl account.. Mc is mentally sick and immature, the story flow is slow and many elementa are scattered, it's a broken story flow, if there is on That a my opinion anyway, give it a try if you like lotm stuff

  2. I have returned, It's time for me to dig once more in this endless pile of china #1 to search for some humanity left in them.

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