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In fact, Hongjiang's figure still paused for a while, and what Sal Apollo said last had some influence on him.

"Haiyan, is it the name? You should worry more about that little devil. He is facing an old acquaintance, Lord Diezuka."

Asido was thinking about this sentence too, not knowing whether it was the other party’s ‘good intention’ or a false suspicion.

"What did you think about that sentence, Diezuka?"

Hong Jiang replied without hesitation: "He is scared, he is more like explaining to me than warning."


"Explain why he'betrayed' me. Of course, guys like Sal Apollo have no heartfelt things in themselves. I guess my attitude just made him feel that it is necessary for me to understand his attitude."

Hong Jiang smiled helplessly when he finished speaking. He didn't think it was a proud thing to make a perverted fear. This only shows that you behave more perverted...

Asido has always been hostile to Sal Apollo. Like him, there is no morality or conviction except for himself, and he can manipulate the lives of others at will for a small matter. It is really impossible for people to regard him as a companion.

For this reason, Asido also knows Sal Apollo relatively well, just as he would never be sincere to Hongjiang, and he should be the same to Ai Ran.

And thinking from this angle, his attitude at this time is not like Asido's first thought, he is completely falling to Aizen's side.

"That guy wants to stay out of the way?"

Hongjiang nodded affirming Asido’s thoughts, and added: “To be more accurate, he wants to re-select a collaborator between me and Ai Ran. But now he should understand how arrogant this idea is. ."

"Then he will be biased towards us now?"

"Unfortunately, I think he is still a resistance to us. Don't forget, he just explained to me just now, in case I win the final victory, he can rationalize his behavior."

Asiduo was quite disdainful, "There is no reason to support his behavior. It was revealed that Lesen was provoked by him on his own initiative."

"I'm sorry to say that..." Hong Jiang sighed and continued: "But there are indeed reasons to support him betraying Lesen at that time, and reason told me that his choice was not wrong at that time."

"I do not understand."

"Because, when Sal Apollo clarified Lesen’s identity to Ai Ran, someone told Ai Ran that he and Lesen had obeyed my orders. Of course, they may not have been told, but there is a high probability that these things will be affected by Lan Ran. Ran learned."

Hong Jiang turned his head and smiled reluctantly, "Sometimes, self-protection is not shameful, and it is even more natural for Sal Apollo. If it weren't for him, any one of you would choose self-protection under the same circumstances. Hope to see."

Indeed, if things are as Hong Jiang said, what Sal Apollo did is not hateful, and even just telling him that Lesen exists, he helped him to some extent.

"How is this possible! Only Lesen, Thrall Apollo and Seth are left in the Palace of the Void. Who can expose Lexen in front of Thrall Apollo? Seth! Have you already discovered something, Butterfly mound!"

I can only think about it this way, but there are still many contradictions.

For example, if Seth had the possibility of rebellion, how could he take Lesen away? Continue to stay on your side to obtain information?

Just when Asido's mind was full of thoughts, Hong Jiang interrupted him in time and didn't let him continue thinking in strange directions.

"No, no, none of our people have any problems, at least for now."


Hong Jiang didn't answer, but instead asked, "Through Lesen, we actually obtained a lot of information about Ten Blades, right?"

Asiduo nodded, and Hong Jiang continued to explain: "Isn't there a guy inside, who can bring our dead "old people" back from the Yellow Spring."

"Bailegang!" Asido blurted out: "His body..."

"At that time, it was left to Thrall Apollo for the experiment. The once king of the virtual circle, he knows who actually pulled him from the throne."

The dead will not reveal any secrets. This is almost unwritten common sense. Therefore, Asido did not think in the direction of exposing Lesen to the enemy at first.

Now, the body of Bairegang was not destroyed at the beginning. As the custodian, Sal Apollo, as Hongjiang said, it is entirely possible to tell Aizen some secrets for self-preservation.

"Are you sure?" Asiduo's face became hard to look like, if Balegang was really pulled back from the Yellow Spring, the impact would never end there.

"It's not 100%, but the guy did have a familiar feeling when he was in Dianjie. Moreover, according to the intelligence, if you don't get the ability of Bailergang, a mere ninth blade is not worthy of blocking. I, plus what Sal Apollo said just now, so there is at least a 90% chance that the body of Balegun was obtained by him."

Asido's face is hard to look, the reappearance of Bairegang's ability is bound to produce variables in the next battle, and besides Hongjiang, can anyone really handle such a tricky ability?

No, according to Sal Apollo, it was Shiba Haiyan who had to face that ‘acquaintance’!

"Go and support Haiyan." Asiduo took the initiative to ask Ying: "Your only chance to make a move is definitely to stay on the real Kuza Town. I will support Haiyan alone, Diezuka!"

"Yeah, the only chance I have to make a move is for Kuzamachi..."

Hongjiang muttered to himself thoughtfully. Although Asido was anxious, he didn't bother him anymore. The two of them moved forward like this for a long time.

As for Haiyan on the other side who understands what his side is going to face, he has discussed with Sun Sun and Jia Ji in the team, and they have to face the next ten blades together.

Passing through a corridor that seems to be upward, pushing open a huge stone gate, an unimaginable picture is displayed in front of is this! "Jia Ji couldn't help but exclaimed. It's not that she is a little gaffe, but the things in front of her can't be connected with things like palaces at all.

In the blue sky, white clouds walked leisurely, and the cool breeze was blowing, bringing a faint smell of dust in the boundless desert below, and what appeared in front of everyone was like a world of another dimension!

Haiyan was also amazed by the magnificent scenery in front of her, but a slender white figure on the bridge in front quickly attracted his attention.


The man didn't answer, but chuckled and waved to the three of them, then turned and disappeared in place. When he reappeared in the next moment, he would be in front of the white towers at the end of the bridge.

Is there a place where one of the Kuzachos is hidden?

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