Genius remembers this site address in one second: []The fastest update! No ads! "Okay, okay, let's be patient." Sal Apollo in the field lowered his head, trembling slightly, as if desperately holding back a smile.

On the other side, his real body is in the same state. Even if they are far apart, the dangerous aura belonging to Hongjiang still excites him, and at the same time, he is also afraid of it.

"Of course, this is when you really lose patience."

Sal Apollo suddenly raised his head, his golden eyes staring at the person on the other side, Hong Jiang with a calm face couldn't be associated with the words such as anxiety and gaffe.

It's just that the feeling just now makes people feel very real, which makes you unable to know, the man in front of you is using a calm appearance to protect his heart? Or do you not even want to finish talking about a lie?

Sal Apollo searched for the answer in his heart, and he blurted out: "Are you really concerned about those little ghosts? No, I should say, are you really concerned about this kind of emotion in your heart?"

"Or, those little ghosts, at least one of them is very important to you, no less than the original Lorca. Well, I admit that a few are still a bit interesting, but they are all too weak and small."

"Of course, of course! You are the kind of person who can break the mediocrity and create miracles. Lesen's waste can reach the present level. It was beyond my imagination at the beginning. You can see the potential of human beings!"

Sal Apollo’s speech is fast, and faster and faster, which makes him seem a little crazy: "But now is not a good time to stimulate your potential. You are trapped here, and they are about to fend for themselves. Up."

"Could it be that this is what you want to see? The coldest and most urgent survival of the fittest, Aizen seems to really put you under pressure..."

Sal Apollo was complacent, looking forward to Hongjiang's response, and Hongjiang did not disappoint him. He raised his hand with a slash, cutting off the opponent's legs.

"I said I didn't have time to take care of your strange curiosity, Thrall Apollo."

Sal Apollo seemed to slip to the ground, smiling while propping up: "What use is it for you to get angry with such a body? Hahaha, it's too embarrassing, Master Diezuka!"

"Besides, didn't I tell you what you wanted to know? Then you won't be able to intervene in the fighting of those little ghosts."

"You made two mistakes, Sal Apollo."

Hongjiang interrupted the other party in a cold voice: "First, I am cutting off your leg not to get angry, but to warn! If I kill this'body' now, then no matter where your soul escapes, I will take it. Obliterate!"

"Second, I know that Ai Ran doesn't want me to intervene in other people's battles, but even if he is here, he can't order me to do so, let alone you?!"

Seeing Hong Jiang approaching step by step, the room and the front of the screen belonged to Sal Apollo's face, and his smile solidified a little bit. He didn't dare to make any noises, and could only respectfully listen to what the other party said.

"If you want to watch me take the stage, you have to sit down obediently. Be quiet when you should be quiet, and clap when you should applaud. You can not figure out where you are, but you must know the rules you must follow. Do you understand, Sa Apollo?"

Sal Apollo in front of the screen only felt a bit dry in his voice, and nodded quickly. After a while, he controlled the body over there and said, "Ming...White..."

"In this Xuye Palace, there are five empty towns, of course, only one is real..."

The three-digit defacement is really not to be underestimated. Ichigo ran through the long tunnel panting heavily, thinking of solving the opponent without relying on the 卍卍, but in the end he went all out, which made him consume a little bit.

However, the physical pressure is not as good as the psychological pressure after all. This pressure has been there since entering the Void Night Palace, and this pressure has finally arrived until the person who broke the face and said the information about the location of Kuzacho. vertex.

There are five Kuzachos in the Xuye Palace, and only one is real. But it is a pity that each of them can only choose one to take. This is a rule, a rule that cannot be broken!

If he could find the only real Kuzacho, it would be the best choice for his side, Tsukishima thought secretly, for which he also used his abilities, but he did not obtain any information.

It's no wonder that Aizen, who is comparable to Chozuka Hiroe, and even faintly stronger than the other, how can the game designed by him make their chess pieces find flaws?

The current situation, the trust between the team and the team, and the trust between people are facing severe tests. A simple victory is meaningless. A meaningful victory is a victory. Can anyone other than yourself be able to take on this responsibility?

Even the trust in oneself is undergoing tests. After all, whether or not he can take the real Kurazacho, all he has to face is a complete ten-edged sword!

Tsukishima thought about it, and really had to face such a monster that he was not sure of victory. The same was true for everyone else, except for one guy-Hiroe Chozuka.

If the other party did not force him to make a move, then Hong Jiang would also have a choice. According to the man's approach, Yuedao believed that the other party would do his best to choose where the real city is.

The question is, is there really a way to detect it? If there is no alternative, which side will Hongjiang choose?

"Even if it is you, whether it is a ghost or other means, it is impossible to save everyone at the same time as it was a hundred years ago. It may be difficult to escape, but we want to destroy one before you kill us. Things are still very simple."

"So, this is not a joke, you only have one shot, where do you want to go?"

Sal Apollo chuckled softly. UU reading looked at Hong Jiang with full expectation. He didn't believe that the other party would really be disturbed by that boring half of the city. There was only one factor that affected Hongjiang’s judgment. , That is the importance!

Which of those little ghosts is the most important and can't give up?

Tell me, tell me, Chozuka!

"That's it?"


Sal Apollo was a little puzzled, the other party's reaction was too normal, and he didn't seem to be thinking at all.

"It seems that that's all." Hong Jiang calmly seemed as if nothing had anything to do with him. Without looking at him again, he continued: "Let's go, Asido."

"Hey Hey hey!"

Sal Apollo turned his head desperately, "Do you think those little ghosts can beat us? We are ten-edged!"

Unfortunately, his words did not have any impact on Hongjiang. No matter how Sal Apollo yelled, it seemed that he couldn't affect that figure at all.