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The person holding the chess should have a certain consciousness. When you want to fiddle with the chess pieces, you may have invisible hands hanging on your head.

Just like Hongjiang who can manipulate the fate of others in the eyes of others, he can only move forward with Asido at this moment.

Since entering the Void Night Palace, there has never been an enemy in front of them, and until now, at least there are humans in their direction that need to be rescued, and it is most likely just a lie.

Ninety-nine percent of Hongjiang's mind was sure of this idea, but until the hourglass that represented an hour was really lost, he was like a chess piece on a chessboard, and he could only move forward along a fixed route. The hand that manipulates all of this is not visible, and its name is Aizen.

As for why Airan was like this, Hongjiang could roughly guess that Xuye Palace should largely be an assessment of Ichigo and others, a place to test their potential. Airan didn't want him to interfere too much.

Both sides have maintained a certain degree of restraint at present. It is like two opponents who are far apart, will not suddenly swept away the chessboard in front of them, and follow some conventional rules to decide a victory or defeat that is just a game.

Of course, Hongjiang belonged to the forced side. If Lan Ran really sat opposite him, and there was a chessboard in front of him, he would have thrown it on the opponent's face long ago!

What's helpless is that this kind of game that has to be watched seems to be going on, and if you want to break the game, you can only wait quietly.

Asido's performance was a little more uneasy. He also noticed the unusual when he thought about it. From time to time, he turned his eyes to Hongjiang, but couldn't ask anything.

"Are you worried about Ten Blades defeating Ichigo each one?"

"This is a loophole we laid out. It seems that the enemy will not take this step. Moreover, this is the Palace of the Night of the Night after all."

Hong Jiang was silent for a while before he continued: "Lan Ran is not going to bully the little ghosts so much, besides, pure slaughter is very boring from the audience's point of view."

Asido did not say any more. From the current point of view, Hong Jiang's statement is not wrong. If the opponent's goal is to defeat each one, then other directions, such as Silver City, will not face a three-digit attack.

And as everyone keeps advancing, the distance between each other is also shortening. Although it is not clear what kind of calculation the other party is making, for one's own side, things are indeed moving in a good direction.

The two continued to move forward, and in the process they could sense that the other battlefields had ended one after another. No accidents were expected, and they also came to a giant gate.

In terms of time, if there are no humans in the previous image behind the door, then they don't have to move on.

There was no expectation nor the ease of liberation, Asido took the lead in pushing the door to enter, followed by Hong Jiang, which was a room with a circular arc roof.

Surprisingly, isn't the huge cage in the center of the room the human being who they almost consider to be a lie?

Asido's face was happy, but Hongjiang was about to step forward, but he stopped in front of him with his hand, and before he could ask the doubts in his heart, the sharp light of the knife burst in an instant, cutting off the distant cage, whether it was a human or a virtual one. Separated!

"Butterfly Mound!"

"See clearly, Asido, those are not humans."

Hong Jiang's voice didn't fluctuate at all. Following his calm gaze, Asido found that the humans and Xujing were spraying black blood.

"Trap, it's despicable." Asido gritted his teeth.

Hong Jiang didn't care about it. He moved his eyes to the left and right, and finally stared at the center of the room, "Don't hide, come out!"

There was also an ambush. Asido held the handle of the knife subconsciously, and his body gradually tightened.

After a while, no one appeared or responded in the room. Is this a temptation of Diezuka?

Just as Asido thought this way, Hong Jiang said impatiently: "Do you want me to ask you to come out!"

Before he finished his words, Hong Jiang lifted his palm, and the pale blue Yan Zhu shot towards the center of the roof, but suddenly exploded in the air, as if touching an invisible wall.

"Oh, oh, did you find it?"

Some sharp and neutral voices came from above the head, and the owner of the figure walked through the scattered fireworks and landed on the ground and politely bowed to the two Hongjiang.

"Sal Apollo, I should have killed you at that time!" Asido said coldly. If it weren't for this traitor, Aizen's plan to seize Kuzacho would definitely not be successful.

"It's not up to you, Asido, sir?" Sal Apollo sneered, and his eyes only stayed on Asido for a moment, before returning to Hongjiang: "Master Diezuka still needs my words. , I won’t die, otherwise, you won’t be so polite to me.”

"You only dare to control a body and stand in front of me. You are not as confident as you said, Sal Apollo."

Hong Jiang dismissed the other party without mercy, and there would be no danger if the real body was not here. This was the safety guarantee for the other party to stand in front of him again.

"Your mind is still too difficult to figure out. Who knows if you have found a replacement for me?"

Sal Apollo was also frank, and continued to ask: "It's just that there is another question below, how did you see that those humans are traps? It's not because I'm on top, so just do it directly?"

"You always do extra things and like to label your own work, even if those are fakes to deceive others." Hong Jiang pointed to his eyes, "Why are there so many humans like you, there are Strange pattern."

Asido was stunned, and the situation in the cage that he had just seen in his mind flashed past. It seemed to be the same as Hong Jiang said, there are strange patterns around the eyes of people who have impressions.

But in that situation, UU reading could find this and act instantly. Although he had already had a psychological expectation, Asido still looked at Hongjiang with a perverted look.

"No way, who called those human beings are too ugly, so ugly that I can't bear it." Sal Apollo closed his eyes, spread his hands with an expression of disgust, then opened his eyes and continued: If you can be so calm for a while, those humans are still dispensable to you, Lord Chozuka."

"Such words do not make any sense to me and Asido, Sal Apollo." Hong Jiang did not intend to spend more time on this topic: "You will appear here, it shouldn't be to tell me the old days, or Show off your power."

"If it's because of your strange curiosity, I don't have time to take care of you. Or, you are here to tell me the rules that I need to follow next, then I can just listen to it."

"So, don't waste time!"

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